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Gaming PC: RTX 4080 16GB, Ryzen 7 7800X3D, 1TB Gen4 M.2, 32GB 6000MHz RAM, MSI B650M-P, 850W 80+Gold $2998 + $50 Del @ Nebula PC


Morning Legends!

It's getting hot in here indeed… We've pulled some strings absolute last last last minute to get this deal over the line for the community. This was not possible whatsoever a week ago. Today we've got a monster 4K gaming rig as part of our early access Black Friday deals. This deal is strictly very limited stock - RTX 4080 stock is scarce!

1% bank transfer discount also is back - select bank deposit in checkout and we'll manually send an invoice with the discount for you!

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  • All necessary drivers and software installed
  • Each PC is quality controlled seriously before despatch, we run checks on all components multiple and stress tests including 3DMark and MemTest86 - your test results will be saved to your desktop for you to view
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Introducing the Deadlock – RTX 4080
GPU - PNY NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 VERTO Triple Fan - 16GB
CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D | 8 Cores | 4.2 GHz (Max 5 GHz)
CPU Cooler – DeepCool AK500 Air Cooler - Liquid cooling options available also!
Motherboard – MSI PRO B650M-P - DDR5
SSD – 1TB MSI SPATIUM M450 GEN4 M.2 (R: 3600MBS | W: 3000MB/S)
PSU - Cougar GEX 850W 80+ Gold - Modular
Case - DarkFlash DK352 Mid Tower ATX - Black

Below is the PCPartPicker list and prices for this build:

PCPartPicker Part List

Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 4.2 GHz 8-Core Processor $639.00 @ Centre Com
CPU Cooler Deepcool AK500 68.99 CFM CPU Cooler $85.00 @ MSY Technology
Motherboard MSI PRO B650M-P Micro ATX AM5 Motherboard $195.00 @ BPC Technology
Memory ADATA XPG LANCER RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL40 Memory $179.00 @ MSY Technology
Storage MSI SPATIUM M450 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $86.00
Video Card PNY VERTO GeForce RTX 4080 16 GB Video Card $1859.00 @ Centre Com
Case darkFlash DK352 ATX Mid Tower Case $75.00 @ BPC Technology
Power Supply Cougar GEX 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $135.00 @ BPC Technology
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $3253.00
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-11-18 10:22 AEDT+1100

As always, any questions please let me know!


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  • +5

    Thanks champ

  • +9

    That’s a whole lotta PC for the dollar.

    • -8

      When the 7800X3D is being sold in the US for an AUD equivalent of $500 with GST and NVIDIA are about to price drop the 4080 to sell alongside a US$999 MSRP 4080 Super? Not really.

      $2500-$2600 under that paradigm.

      • +2

        Paradigm a better deal

      • +1

        7800x3d only being sold at that price at microcenter in store which most us people can't even access, if we compare everything to microcenter in store deals everything is overpriced

        • -3

          Even then you're still looking at $550 as a likely BF offer at least, and this system isn't exactly swimming in expensive parts, especially considering they'll be buying them at volume.

          Can we agree on $2600-$2700 for a sound margin standard build if you price the CPU at $550 and GPU at $1600 when sourced as a consumer?

          Personally I see that as a joke this late in the GPU cycle, 4080s should be well below $1400, doubly so with the way VRAM/DRAM prices have plummeted.

      • +2

        NVIDIA are about to price drop the 4080 to sell alongside a US$999 MSRP 4080 Super?

        Yeah, keep holding your breath.

        OEMs have been laughing all the way to the bank with the rampant price-gouging since 2020 and they're not going to give up that charade anytime soon.

        • -2

          No, that's really not what's been happening since the cryptocrash, but the AI boom has softened, certainly in terms of people acquiring consumer cards other than the 4090.

  • +1

    Great base deal Nebula. Upgrade path still a little pricy. Particularly for mobo.

    • +8

      Price error on the B650M Mortar board should've been $185. Dropped it down now from $235.

      Thanks for spotting that.

  • +6

    Insane price, makes me feel guilty about building my own and paying the same for worse specs ahah

    • +2

      Feel you bro.
      Same boat. Built a 3070 deal earlier this year for similar price

      • +1

        Same boat but gave up yesterday and got the I9 deal with techfast, even after buying parts over the last two months on sale, the build would still have been no where close to prebuilt prices.

        Now to sell off some parts that I cant return will be a hassle.

    • I already had a 3080Ti and built my own going the X670E way, I think I should have sold my 3080Ti and gone for pre-builts instead, could have gotten a 4080 for the same price albeit with a B650 board. Could have gotten one hell of a performance increase.

    • +1

      I personally still prefer choosing my own parts after research and assembling a system (I'm particularly picky about motherboards, Ram, and case, the latter since most cases have little or no room for optical drives or 3.5 inch HDDs). Since I currently use application more than game I would be better with a non-3D AMD or an Intel, but for people who are almost exclusively gamer, this is an excellent system for 4k gaming. A 2TB SSD option might be useful; 1 TB isn't much when there are multiple 100GB A-list games.

    • gone are the days of DIY PC to save money

      There is something very satisfying about opening each component and putting it together though
      Can you send me unassembled & I'll do it myself. Save you some labour costs too

      • +3

        Hi @ChatCPT,

        Yes, if you want parts only we can do that for you. Could you please message me on our live chat and we can organise it?

        • wow awesome - will do
          Play time! Its like the adult lego sets for me

  • +1

    With PSU and motherboard upgrade it ends up slightly more than this deal with PSU and motherboard upgrade:

    PSU is tier B and motherboard won't fit a wifi card if that's important to you. I prefer the BPC case and other upgrade prices from nebula seem excessive. But nebula anecdotally has more reliable customer service.

    So if buying here I'd upgrade to the MSI PSU for $70 (and I'd upgrade to a wifi motherboard if needed after bad experiences with USB WiFi, even if the upgrade cost is excessive, but YMMV)

    • :), just really need a little bit extra room for the 3 years warranty and customer service.

      From the deal you linked, looks like the board is the same I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong though!

      • Yes, it's more the difference in upgrade pricing to a wifi motherboard (~$180 vs $130)

        • +2

          Oh right yeah that’s correct. They’re different models that’s why, the B650M Mortar has more features like USB ports and better VRMs. It costs more for us compared to a board like the B650M-P with the same features but with Wi-Fi and bluetooth. I’d suggest going with a Wi-Fi usb adaptor for the best cost :).

    • Isn't the MSI PSU in the C tier? Or am I mixing it up with another PSU.
      Turns out I was. The MSI MAG A-BN is C-tier while this MSI MAG A-GL is unranked at the moment but will "probably gonna be in A-rank" according to a reddit comment I saw for whatever that's worth.

    • If anyone else happens to be having recurring dropouts with USB wifi dongles, try the following:
      Open device manager, find the dongle, right click properties, select the Power Management tab, and then clear the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" check box. If that doesn't help, try doing the same for the USB Bus.

  • -2


    • +3

      Please use OZB_DEADLOCK_SPECIAL in checkout! :)

      • This is a Great PC at (current) Great Prices.
        Do you guys remember the builds and prices with the GTX 1080Ti (2017), what about the R9 290 (2013) ?

  • this or Alienware 13700f 4080 for 2500 after cash back?

    • +4

      X3D CPUs are better for gaming but Intel CPUs will do better in productivity tasks in general.

      Check out this comparison - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pEP9pCh8s4

      • Alienware is supposed to be inferior in terms of cooling and upgradability

        but the look is Better

        • I'm trying to get out of my alienware because of these 2 reasons.
          Can't sell it at a decent price

        • You can't really change out the custom motherboard on the Alienware, so that makes upgradability very limited. The cooling on the model is supposed to be a lot better, check the reviews. Also of note the Alienware can only fit 1 3.5" drive if that is a concern.

          I think if you could have stacked all of the discounts and got the alienware for $2200 it would be a hard choice. If you can budget the extra $550 I think this system is much better.

        • The looks of the AW being better is debatable

  • What's the difference between the two upgrade mobos?

    • B650M has more features like USB ports and optical outs, it’s better value as it’s mATX. The latter is ATX in size.

  • Good effort but the 13900k techfast deal yesterday was better. For the power/heat in this build, better psu/liquid cooler is a must and upgrade path makes it less of a deal vs 2999 from yesterday. But they have stock so this should sell just for cpu/gpu alone. Win-win.

    • +11

      I’d highly recommend going with them if you’re price driven! They’re super super good at what they do. We personally prefer air coolers, it’s subjective but we have our reasons haha. AK500 is superb for the 7800X3D. Pros cons for both.

      Stock for us is looking good as well :).

      Typically our deals will always have a little less value than others as we really need to factor in our 3 years warranty and customer service. Hope you understand legend!

    • +1

      The 13900 also gets way hotter than the 7800x3d and draws much more power. It honestly depends on use case. I was pissed I missed out on the 13900 as it was a hot deal, but you'd probably be losing a bit of that value to power consumption.

    • +2

      Amd doesn't need liquid cooling, don't embarass yourself
      This is a top deal if your in Sydney as warranty is more important then $100, I'd hate to send the whole pc back to Adelaide if there's an issue

    • +2

      You will see zero in-game performance difference between ak500 and a 240mm water cooler. Ak500 will cool a 7800x3d just fine.

  • Going to China in a month. Will see how the prices here compared. Would love to buy a decent graphic card

    • +2

      China amd card is cheaper. NV card quite expensive specially after 4090 ban in China

      You should be buying mb and CPU combo which is way cheaper in China. Dont expect bargain for GPU.

      Because you already miss the big sale event (11th of Nov) . Just for reference 7900xtx cheapest was 6300 rmb in China. 4070ti around 5300 rmb. 4080 now 8000+ .

      You can do the conversion yourself.

  • Any chance of fractal North as the case?

    • +2

      Yes for sure! Send me a message on our live chat and we’ll sort it out :).

  • Woow this is an actual insane deal no?

    Kind of feel stupid for paying nearly this much for an i7 12th gen 64gb ram 4000mhz 3080…

  • +1

    Hi guys, what would you upgrade in this deal. I think MB to wifi? Or would you juts use an old card if you have one ?

    • PCIE slot for Wi-Fi cards is covered by the GPU. I’d say really just the motherboard for more features and Wi-Fi/BT.

      • Thank you, juts saw your new post, this sold out now ?

    • +1

      I think it is fine as it is but MB would be first thing I upgrade. Also much harder to change mb yourself later.

      While CPU cooler and storage is much easier to do yourself.

  • Is this deal expired (from above link)? No more PSU?

    Gaming PC: RTX 4070, Ryzen 5 7500F, 500GB M.2, 16GB 5200MHz DDR5 RAM, MSI B650M-P, 650W $1588 + $50 Del @ Nebula PC - AM5 4070 Still Available

  • Can the parts be sent out separately in the individual boxes? Happy to pay postage for a big box with all the parts chucked in it?

    • +2

      No problem, we can sort that out. Send me a message on our live chat and we can arrange the additional postage charge, it will just be two separate cartons. One for the case and one for the parts.

  • Any 4070 deals coming up?

    • One is live still, new deal will be a refresh of existing. The Astra 7800XT is still live, stock has been good. It performs better than the 4070 :).

  • Decisions decisions decisions… you guys are not making things any easier for us…🦧

  • Ordered with some upgrades for pickup.

    Fantastic deal. Thank you.

    • Cheers Ruckus! :D

  • Hey Nebula!

    Can you please clarify something.
    It states "All Nebula PC systems come with an operating system installed with all necessary drivers and software preconfigured to run smoothly. Choose whether you'd like us to install and activate Windows on your PC, we would recommend this for the best experience and features." yet you can select Windows 11 for $149 extra.

    If you buy the PC without selecting Windows 11, what does it include?

    Thanks :) :)

    • +1

      We can’t install Windows unactivated due it being a breach of Microsoft’s licensing policy. If you’d like us to install Windows you’ll need to purchase a Windows license.

      We will install an operating system for you that’s plug and play if you don’t select the Windows options :).

      • If you don’t select an OS, how do we install all the necessary drivers and software that you would have done? Would you provide all these separately or do we just run with the generic drivers windows installs?

        I ask cause last time I switched out a HD in my PC, I obviously didn’t install everything that came with my PC and now my sound is quieter than it used to be. I’m definitely missing some audio software that had come pre configured. If I purchased one of your PC’s I wouldn’t know what to install exactly (correct chipset drivers, is there anything that needs to be installed in a specific order etc)

        • It will be installed for you, by default an operating system is selected.

  • Close to pulling the trigger on an ITX build (below) with Scorptec, but with all these ~$3k pre built deals popping up, the bang-for-buck appeal is tempting.
    I'd prefer an ITX build, but its not a sticking point.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


    AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D Desktop Processor
    ASRock B650E PG-ITX WiFi Motherboard
    Crucial P3 1TB M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe 3.0 SSD
    Crucial P3 Plus 2TB M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD
    XFX Speedster MERC 310 Radeon RX 7900 XTX Black, 24GB
    Corsair 2000D AIRFLOW RGB Black Mini ITX Case
    Corsair SF-L Series SF1000L 1000W SFX Power Supply
    Corsair H150 RGB 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler
    Corsair CMT32GX5M2B5200C40 DOMINATOR® PLATINUM RGB 32GB 5200MHz DDR5

    Total: $3871

    • We can do this system in an ITX form factor but will need to replace the PSU, motherboard and case. Overall price will still be a little higher. If you really want ITX and are okay with the airflow, we can do this for you. Otherwise, your best value is what is listed as we mass stock those items for the best price!

  • any chance of a 4090 deal?
    So much 4080 lately

    • +1

      4090 there's no chance, supply issues and the US ban on them have increased the price even more. I would suggest building yourself if you can for best pricing!

  • This play planet coaster, Microsoft flight Sim, and Virtual reality games on high setting with low fan noise? I have a pc atm that is very loud even when not playing games and terrible specs, also does it come ready to go or do I need to purchase windows aswell, very new to this

    • Yes, it will smash those games. I'd recommend a case upgrade to the DeepCool Matrexx50 or Antec AX90 where the case fans are PWM variable speed meaning the speeds will be adjusted according to the temperatures of your PC. The air cooler is much quieter compared to liquid, the GPU isn't that loud either.

      If you'd like us to install Windows you'll need to purchase a license, yes.

      • Sweet, is there a way to contact you throughout the process? I'm interested in buying it with the upgrade you suggested but not 100% on how to do that

        • Yeah for sure, hop on our live chat and I'll guide you through the process. All the options are on our website :).

          • @Nebula PC: bought with a few upgrades, support is very helpful, good deal, thanks

            • @Planes are cool: Can you please share your upgrade options and total price? I'm interested to purchase, too. Thanks

              • @AXXO: Total price was $3518, upgraded power supply, case, motherboard and added windows 11. Yes I may have been able to get cheaper elsewhere but customer service was very helpful and I don't mind paying a bit more for that

  • If only there were any good ITX deals.
    There's definitely demand for it and I'm sure an enthusiast would pay slightly higher for an ITX build. But I just don't see any decent deals. Just like the comment above, there's less value in building it yourself these days because these deals are so much better.

    • I'll look into it, it's really really difficult for ITX. Might be more expensive for us to build it with ITX haha.

      Another thing to note is the build time, it will take longer for our operations team to build and we need to factor that cost in. It really is a double whammy here. If I could, I would with ITX.

  • @Nebula PC

    i am seriously interested in this deal.

    Are you able to send everything in it's original box without it being pre-built?
    reason is i want an ITX build so i want to get the case and motherboard for it and will most likely sell the mobo and case from this deal.

    • Yes, we can do that. Message me on our live chat and we can organise that. There will be a extra freight charge as the there'll be an extra carton and weight.

      • Don't you have a store in Bankstown? Can I pick up from there by any chance? Thanks again

        • Yes, we do. You can pick up from there, no problem at all. Just select pick up in the checkout once you’ve ordered. If it’s just parts only it’ll be ready same business day :).

  • +2

    I think a lot of people (myself included) would be interested in some upgrade bundles to make the jump from ddr4 setups to ddr5. Ive got a good case, psu, and graphics card. Bundles of am5 or intel 13th/14th gen cpus, atx motherboards, and ddr5 6000 cl30 (pref on the qvl list of the supplied mobo). Not something that ive seen a lot advertised on ozb, but i think there would be sufficient interest.

    • If you're after an upgrade bundle, I'm happy to help out! Let me know what you're after and we can sort it out :).

  • hi op, another sub 1k deal for black friday? been tracking your posts for a while :)

  • Could I pick up the pc from Bankstown store?

    • Yes, there's a pick up option in checkout.

  • Decided to pull the trigger. Upgraded the MB, PSU, SSD and Case.

  • not too familiar with pny gpu brand, is it any good or better to upgrade ?

    • PNY is very good, we've had the least warranty issues with PNY. No need to change the brand, they're great value.

  • ahh sorry Lawrence, I'd probably be jumping on this if not for the scuttlebutt about a 16gb 4070ti on the horizon, that'd make more sense for me so I'm gonna hold out just a bit longer

    • +2

      :) coming soon

  • Question - do you ship to New Zealand?

    • We'd prefer not to because of warranty issues, will make it extremely different going back and forth with our return to base warranty.

      • Ah that's a shame, would have loved to order one for shipment to NZ!

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