LG 42-Inch C3 4K OLED Evo Ai Thinq Smart TV $1,388 + Delivery ($0 QLD C&C) @ VideoPro


First post here, this seems cheaper than the up and coming jbhifi sale.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Read the posting rules. Needs price and store in title.

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    For anyone else wondering

    LG 42-inch C3 4K OLED evo Ai ThinQ Smart TV $1,388 + delivery @ VideoPro


    LG 65-inch C3 4K OLED evo Ai ThinQ Smart TV
    $2,770 + delivery.

    • $99 delivery kills the 65 c3 for me… Hoping for sub 2500 65inch s90c or C3 during BF/CM

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    Price match at jb and 15% Gift cards

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      Doesn't burn-in easily tech

  • waiting for sub 1300 dollars!

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    They will take your money, service is another matter.
    Last item, called up under warranty for them to help and they said don't bother bringing it in, even to check / turn on / validate.
    They said problems are the manufactures issue. Wanted original packaging, you name it, which we had, still no interest.
    Worst part, we have purchased other items, now hoping none have issues.
    Raised with management, didn't help.
    Avoid at all cost.

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    Has anyone managed to get JB Hi-Fi to price match successfully

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      I have just had JB price match. I then used 5% off JB Gift cards through my work to get it for $1338 delivered

      • Really? That's tempting then. Will try

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    Welcome to ozbargain OP. Thank you for posting this deal.

  • Anyone know what the actual size with box is for a 65" Inch for this tv? As I have a store within 15 -20mins drive away

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      1600 x 950 x 200

      • Thank you

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          They likely won't give it to you unless you can fit it vertically because of the structural requirements of large TVs - had this happen to me at a JB with my 65" Sony.

          • @SnootyAl: what if you bought it and.. walked out with it?? "My mate and I are carrying it home in the box"

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      Not sure if people in the market for a 42” OLED are likely to consider an 85” entry level LCD as an alternative lol. It’s also the same price that JB will have the 85 CU8000 for starting tonight, so I’d expect most places to have it for around the same price all week.

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    I do alot of productivity office work, alot of static screens and text…. Would this be a mistake as a monitor?

    • You'll get different opinions. I've read that due to the subpixel layout, text rendering isn't as good as on an LCD, some people say it's fine.
      Some say they don't suffer burn-in, but rtings show's that in their not-real-world test, the panel does suffer burn in.

      I'm considering buying one, but if I do it will be on a monitor arm together with an LCD monitor so that I can use the monitor for work and move it out of the way to game on the TV.

    • Nah don't get this for use as a productivity monitor. It's mainly for gaming and content consumption, which it excels at. The OLED and HDR capabilities are 100% wasted if you just use it for office work. Save your money and get a decent IPS monitor instead for 40% of the price or less.

  • This deal is finished, looks like the last of the C3 deals for now :(

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