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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K $37 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU


I'm no longer a fan, but for those who are, $37.00 seems a good deal.

Described as "All New", which might mean that the past ssues I've had with Fire TV Sticks have been fixed.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    $2 cheaper than JB

    • … and possibly free delivery. JB charges ~$25, IIRC.

      • +1

        JB is quoting me $5.99 for delivery. Still that's via Australia Post vs Aramex which Amazon tends to use. I've had issues with Aramex in the past.

        • +2

          I replaced two borked Fire TV Sticks with Google TV ones recently. When comparing prices at JB they wanted $24.95 for delivery. I'm out in the sticks, maybe that's why.

          • @ArskinF: I think some one screwed up because there's no way it would cost $24.95 to deliver a Google TV device or even two of them. The real price is $5.99 for Australia Post. Even to Perth WA it's quoting $5.99 delivery through Team Global Express. You can check the delivery price for your area online by selecting the delivery under availability or through the checkout.

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              @hollykryten: Doesn't matter. I didn't buy from them. Found a free delivery elsewhere.

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    What's new with this generation?
    - 1.7 GHz processor and more than 25% more powerful vs. 1st Gen

    • 2GB memory- 33% more powerful vs 1st Gen

    • Wi-Fi 6 support for smoother streaming

    • Having more RAM doesn't make a computer more powerful unless it had a severe lack of it to begin with. And that was causing it to thrash through a swap file slowing it down. That the 1st Gen was a bad design when it came to a lack of RAM.

  • What issues did you have with it?

    • +2

      This: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/807212

      The circumstances under which they failed did my head in.

      But, I'm happy with the replacement GoogleTv/ Chromecasts

      • +10

        So you had a random hardware failure after you lapsed a subscription and think Bezos remotely killed your devices out of spite?

        • No me, mate. It's the little guy on my shoulder pissing in my ear ;-)

          Seriously though, coincidental or not, it was weird.

  • Heads up that they may be removing Android as OS on this device and replacing with their own OS, which is bad news if you want to run apps -

    • I think the new vega operating system needs different hardware than current sticks

      • Thanks that makes sense

    • That will be implemented on the next generation of Fire TV devices. The current devices will keep the current Fire OS which is based on Android.

  • Got a Firestick Lite for my parents. Very sluggish when I have to use it compared to my Google TV/Chromecast
    Is this a decent upgrade on the Firestick Lite (2020ish?) or much the same ?

    • +5

      Same can’t be said for this one

    • +1

      The very small saving for the lite was a terrible deal. I started there myself.

      The 4k max ones have really fast snappy processors and better wifi to boot.

      I stream Bluray rips to a projector just fine over wifi6.

    • +4

      Yes, I owned both. Lite is very laggy (it was OK when it was released but with the new interface, you click and it will response like a couple of seconds later.) This one is WAY faster, when you click Play, it starts playing within a couple of seconds (instead of 5 to 10 seconds with the lite).

    • +2

      I also had both, FTV-lite was slow, FTV-4K was faster than any other device I've used including Chromecast-GTV.

    • +1

      I also own both: Lite (2023 version) and 4K (2021 version).

      We use the Lite at grandma's house, it's fine but definitely slower.

      The 4K we have is at least one revision behind this, and it's great. Still feels snappy and fast.

      • Is the lite only slow when navigating menus etc? or does it lag/stutter when you're watching actual videos lol

        • +1

          Video payback is fine with the lite. if you click fast forward or backward, there will be delay in response.

        • +1

          It will play okay once running but has a lesser wifi chip so if you are on fringe coverage it fails at.the wifi level vs the ability.to play level.

          Small money really to upgrade to the 4k max for a much better experience.

  • +6

    Spend $20 more for the 4k Max.

  • Are you an Air Mover now?

  • do these need dedicated power cable plugged into a wall charger, or can they operate from a USB port on a TV like the Chromecast Ultra's could?

    Not fazed about 4k as its an older HD TV, but as its an outdoor wall mount setup, being able to use a USB port to power it is what I'm after.

    • +2

      Mine running ok from tv’s usb port.

      • sweet, thanks. Will give it a crack as have only dealt with Chromecasts previously!

  • What is the difference between 4k and 4k Max?

  • I had bought this device before, but couldn't use it because newer TVs are smart. It was just sitting in the corner. However, the TV remote got damaged. Yet, I paired it with this device's remote, and now I use only this remote. It's worth the money just for that.

  • Has anyone used this for IPTV? Any good?

    • Yes absolutely fine

    • I had Kodi with the IPTV addons installed on a 4K stick - it went OK.

    • I use the lite for IPTV with TIVImate, only have occasional buffering issues with channel 10 which happens on my GTV as well so i assume it's an issue with the host. Otherwise works well.

    • i think it depends largely on ur provider, my previous used to do smth that it lags on tivimate but works fine on thier app

  • Thanks, grabbed. My Mibox is dying slowly on older TV so this is perfect upgrade for it, on 1080p Kogan so don't need anything more. Using a 2021 4k Fire Stick on other TV and happy with it.

  • Love these even if my first gens got obsoleted. Trying to work out if I need more..
    Also obligatory comment letting ppl know Kayo and Binge now work (without sideloading)

    • What about Foxtel?

      • Only side loading works via the Downloader App Foxtel (Android TV) 1.6.3 works for me.

      • What's Foxtel?

        • Foxtel is an Australian pay television company—operating in cable television, direct broadcast satellite television, and IPTV streaming services.

    • Kayo and Binge work as well as any Streamotion app works anyway.

  • Can these read NTFS partitions on an ext HDD? Im aware you need the Y cable to power and storage.

  • How do these compare to the last gen 4K Max?

  • Get the 4k max it's definitely faster and has an apps button on remote so you can go straight to your apps without all the advertising.

    • I bought max with the gift card deal on 2022, doesn't have the apps button, is it because of the older gen?

      • You've got the older version of the Fire TV remote control. The latest batch has the newer remote control model with an Apps button where the Disney+ button used to be. All they did was remove the Disney+ shortcut button and replaced it with the APPS button. You can see it on this picture from Amazon that's of the latest Fire TV 4K Max.


        • Thanks, is it the latest version can still power up with TV USB port? Unlike Google Chromecast TV?

          • @superforever: It's powered through a micro USB port on the device so yeah it should be fine. Shocking i know that Amazon is still using micro USB on their Fire TV stick devices. It should have USB-C.

    • Still hoping they release one with the remote that has two scene buttons on it.

      Kettle on as an ad approaches. Lights on then off again.

  • +1

    This is what people use for streaming games 2k 120hz or 4k 60 from a PC to the TV. It has the lowest decoding latency (lower than Chrome-cast). Imo it's much better than routing a long HDMI 2.1 cable to be able to just turn the TV on and stream games.

    Google Moonlight and Sunshine :)

    I use it for Moonlight and Plex, works wonders, Youtube and other apps run fine too performance wise but the user experience is very clunky, it doesn't even have a QWERTY keyboard, I much prefer the Chromecast for everything else entertainment wise.

    • Been considering getting one for this (plus Steam link streaming). Would you recommend spending $20 more for the 4K Max version or is there little difference in terms of performance for game streaming?

      • I have the 4K Max no issues with it but i don't think there is much difference besides if you have Wifi 6e the 4K Max would be better. If you plan to use it for multimedia as well then the extra ram may be worth it

  • How would effective would this be as a travel device? Ideally would have it logged into all out streaming services as well as Plex and just connect to a TV in hotel or airbnb. Ideally would also be able to log into provider wifi as well. Anyone using this or google chromecast for similar use case? We travelled recently with a mates AppleTV and it was useless as it couldn't parse the wifi login details,

    • The stick is somewhat tied to the hardware; when first set up a number of controls need to to be specified; TV on/ off, volume/ external speakers etc. - migrating to different hardware will (probably) need reconfiguration in the settings.

      But if it is only tied to a TV then reconfiguration should be trivial.

      NB: Sometime ago I tried moving a fire tv stick from a JVC tv/ Edifier speakers setup to a Yamaha Audio/Video receiver amplifier. Just would not drive the screen. Had to factory reset the stick and away it went.

    • +2

      I use it to travel. I have one stick specifically for travelling. I don't set up any interconnected devices except for a Bluetooth portable speaker. Once you set up all the apps, all it needs then is a WiFi signal..

      Even better if you run a portable router like a mango, set this up to connect to the router. The login to Wi-Fi would only need to happen once on the router. All your devices will then log on to the router.

  • -1

    For $20 more, and an extra 8GB ram, take the Max (16GB) over this any time of the day. The problem with Firesticks has always been memory. In order for for apps to function properly, the stick needs as much memory as possible. Coming from the 4K to the Max, big difference in terms of performance and having to constantly clear memory space.

    • +1

      What are you talking about. The Fire TV Stick 4K Max has 2GB of actual RAM but 16GB of internal data storage space (it's like an internal flash drive storage). You're confusing the internal data storage for RAM. It would be like saying a Solid State Drive is RAM.

      The Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Stick 4K Max both have the same 2GB of RAM. There's no difference there. The actual reason the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is faster is because it has a faster CPU.

  • Has anyone tried connecting an external usb thumb drive through an adaptor into the fire stick micro usb?
    I have an outdoor projector for family Christmas movies - with no phone service or wifi… looking for a local way to play video files on the projector that supports multiple codecs…

    • Can be done with adapter's and software but then you have drive and formatting and file size issues etc. A bit of a pain. Vs
      4k max with wifi 6 and a shared folder on a PC that also has good wifi and just streaming. I just point to a share drive with vlc.
      Can you hotspot with a phone or just a wifi router (no internet)?

  • +1

    Any leads on replacement remote for this ? Kids broke TV remote and now this one too.

    • Go on Amazon but its almost the same price as a new device. Get a speaker, put it high and do voice command for a while.

      Went through this with kids when they were young. I set hard rules about remotes (locked them away) and put my wife on a $10 learning remote because she was the worst offender (leaving them out or jamming them into the couch cushions and wondering why they were flat…….again. Then crushing buttons to get that…..one……last…….use. Rather than get new batteries). It used to drive me crazy. She also used to fall asleep with remotes on the covers. Wake up to pee and fling them accross the room to smash.

      Still traumatised.

    • How about this 3rd party replacement remote control. It's currently $23.95.


      However if you insist on the official remote control made by Amazon itself. Costs a lot more.


    • I have two remotes from my extinguished Fire Tv Sticks.

      I assume they are all the same. DM me if interested. Yours for a beer.

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