[eBay Plus] Motorola Moto G54 5G $198.90, Viomi A9 Vacuum $130.20 (24/11), Anker PowerPort 45W $21.44 Delivered @ eBay


Kicking off the Black Friday mayhem is some of the tech and household equipment that are a must-have in a generic OzBargain’s household

All of the items offered in this deal are all time low on OzBargain!

Please note: quantities are limited and coupons are different, so best dressed wins! eBay Plus membership is required to get the prices in title

Item Quantity Price Code
Viomi A9 Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 200 units $130.20 Available 24th November 10am
Motorola Moto G54 5G (Dual Sim, 6.5'', 128GB/8GB) - Midnight Blue(Black) 200 units (on backorder) $198.90 BFEX30
Anker PowerPort III 45W Pod USB-C Charger - White 200 units $21.44 Available now

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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      The ebay Plus deals usually go live at 10am from memory

      • Ah good to know, will check back later.

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      This is a Black Friday offer by eBay, and the code will go live from 10am onwards

      eBay will be doing 30% off and 20% off selected items as part of the weekly deals

      • Just adjust the code price for V9 since its 20% off only

  • Do you have to be an eBay plus member?

    • Yes, hence the [eBay Plus] in the deal title :)

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    Will moto g54 receive any update at all???


    • +1

      Looks like no further support

      • Hmmm…that's bummer. I thought it won't get new Android but at least security updates

    • +1

      even the promised updates are rare, so the phone you get out of the box is what it remains throughout

      • that is interesting….i think in one of the other deal posted there was some discussion around this in the end they do get security updates. Android update itself is bit sketchy. Mind you I am using Android 12 on my POCO currently…no obvious issues.

    • +3

      Motorola Moto G54 5G will receive Android 14 and Bi-Monthly Security Updates until September 2026

      Currently receiving regular security updates.

      Device launched on September, 2023
      Security updates will stop on September, 2026

      Launched On: Android 13
      Next OS: Android 14

      *This device will receive at least bi-monthly SMRs updates


      • that is bit conflicting from one of the other link shared…

        • +2

          Yes. That link needs to be updated by Motorola.

          It mentions when Android 13 is being released to your phone.

          Motorola need to update it to when Android 14 is being released to your phone.

          Hence the Motorola Moto G54 5G is not listed as it launched with Android 13.

          • @fmanzi: thanks. I am bit less worried now…

  • Combined with GC and shpback?

  • will pull the trigger of G54….Allphones have Au stock I assume and hows the support if something goes wrong compare to Mobileciti

    • +4

      Mobileciti owns and is Allphones.

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    Hoping to see Dyson v8 around $300 mark in next few days/weeks.

    • This is much better than a Dyson: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/404312770474

      I've had the G10 for over 2 years and sucks much better than a Dyson V8 I had previously.

      • Thanks mate looks like its for AU $343.20. Hopefully it goes below $300?

        • $334.62, maybe if there's any available by then.

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    Anker PowerPort III 45W Pod USB-C Charger - White(ebay.com.au)

    $21.80 with $5 discount already if anyone doesn't want to wait

  • +1

    Does the g54 have dual physical sim?

    • +2


      • +3

        Sad :(

      • Reviews I have seen seem to suggest it DOES have dual physical sim - but you lose the SD card space if you use 2 sims… Do you have different information??

        • +5

          i am using it right now.

          1 physical and 1 esim. the sim tray can only accomodate a physical sim and a sdcard. the sdcard slot is not hybrid.

  • Is the A9 any good? Got a relatively small studio so not too worried about running times.

    • I can vouch for it. Not good for carpet as the head is too small but for hard floors it does 90% of my 4x2 house. Easy to use and hasn't lost power in the 2 years I've owned it.

      • What size is a 4x2 house?

        • +1

          4 bedroom, 2 bathroom. So standard new build with roughly 140m2 of internal space

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    Thanks OP. got G54 thanks.

  • +3

    voimi a9 showing as 148 after discount

  • +1

    A9 comes down to $148 for me

  • Code for Viomi?

  • why does it show $148.80 to me after the 20% discount for A9? Do I miss anything?

  • Thanks OP

  • Vacc is actually $148.80.

  • Code missing and OP has not updated.

  • Vac only 20% discount, not 30% as anticipated in this deal title

  • Is it worth it at 149?

    • I started Ebay plus subscription for it, then paid $149, don't feel like I got an bargain

    • Yep. Nothing else comparable at this price. I paid a touch more a while back and I think it is great. Just bought a second one because who knows if stock will last to the 24th, to get the 30% off coupon.

  • +5

    I’m checking with my resources for the Viomi A9, will update here once I hear back

    • Thanks. Pls advise if will have different code or just $148 :)

    • +4

      Yes please, my lunch is in your hand now.

    • Waiting for an update then

      • Is 150 worth it tho

        • No, it's $1.20 cheaper than $150. Worth of 2 cans of Pepsi.

        • I have watched some videos and they do perform well on hard floors and I like all the features. I think it'd be a good bargain at $130

    • +6

      The price is launching 24th Nov per the update from eBay @lilkid28 @OMG @anamul

      • +1

        Thanks mate, I will have my tummy empty till the 24th just in case.

        • In the mean time grab some free Kirin to fill the stomach.

      • What about the Anker?

        • Checking now, I have sent a pm to the deal organiser

          • @BargainsGrabber: Thanks. I updated the vacuum to the 24th, please update the Anker once you know or let me know.

            • @hamza23: I’ll update the post once I know more, and thanks for editing earlier to reflect the new deal date for the Viomi

              Cheers :)

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    Code BFEX30 doesnt work

    • No, it is not working

  • Limited one per person?

    EDIT: Can buy another but need to do a second order

  • +1

    I find the Viomi A9 to be terrible on carpet compared to my Dyson V6. The Dyson practically lifts the carpet but the head of the Viomi A9 seems to be more suitable for hard floors. I'd go for a Dyson over the Viomi for sure

    • +2

      Thanks for the information as I only have a timber floor. So, it's safe for me.

      • Yep the Viomi works great on timber floors. Dyson would be a total waste of money if there is no carpet in contention

    • Agreed 100%

  • +1

    the link for the anker charger is with mobileciti not allphones

  • code not working

  • Code for vacuum not working

  • Delivered between Dec 15-21. Is that an error or?

    • +2

      I've emailed them to check but am yet to get a reply

      • Great, do share their response when you get it, if you don't mind.

  • The Moto g54 is showing an Est. delivery: 15 – 21 Dec. Not in stock?

    • +2

      Must be on the boat from China

    • Ahh I think my current phone won't last that long. Need a deal I can get sooner.

  • Is Oppo X5 better than G54?

  • +1

    Ordered the G54. Thanks!

  • G54 oos

  • iPad mini 4 $167 refurb not bad

  • +2

    reply from allphones "The estimated time of arrival would be 1 - 5 working days after dispatch of the order. for your order's ETA it stated December 15-21 due to the stock allocation since we are currently chasing up & securing stock for this item from our manufacturer."

    • +1

      chances they cant secure more stock at that price?

      • Yes, I wonder/hope they can! I ordered in haste, not wanting to miss out, as I had the item in my watchlist, but didn't notice the back-order note added (my mistake), and I sprung for express post too xD
        Can't believe I missed out by less than an hour!

  • +1

    interestingly, mine's on way to be delivered tomorrow…i was expecting 200 units to go away quickly. so bought at as soon as deal gone live.

  • Back in stock if anyone still wants it. Back order though.

  • +3

    I have been watching this phone like a hawk since missing out on the past discount offers.
    Had one in the bag, ready to go with Big W, who have it in stock near me, using my 10% off code, but that only reduced it to $269.
    Was shattered when I saw this just now and it had a big strike through it!!
    Forked out the $9.99 for 1 year ebay plus, and code was accepted (cheers for the heads up johnlui), so made the impulse buy, as I did not want to miss out, despite it saying estimated delivery only mid next month.
    I just hope that there are no delays, or I will be spewing xD (I forked out the $15 for express postage, as I am in WA, and want it as quick as possible!)
    Will be a MASSIVE upgrade from my P.O.S. Nokia C30 which just dies exponentially faster each day! I will finally have a phone that can handle more than one open app and has NFC xD!

  • Really tossing up between this moto g54 and redmi note 12 pro.

    The only thing i'm especially wanting is a quicker charging phone

    moto g54 - 33 watt - "50% in 33 minutes" - someone says full in 1 hour 50 minutes

    Redmi Note 12 Pro - "filled up the battery in only 57 minutes" - someone says full in 56 minutes

    Who these days wants to wait 2 hours to charge a phone?

    • +1

      There's always the option to carry it around with a powerbank to charge it. An hour or two goes by fast.

      Bought another one to replace my mom's Samsung A20. Thanks Op. I'm impressed with the phones capabilities - comparable to my old Samsung A52 5G and it feels just as snappy as my S23+. My son tested Minecraft on his and it runs very well.

      This has to be the best budget phone for under $200 with premium features.
      8gb ram, decent CPU/GPU, 120hz screen, near stock android, comes with a clear silicon case and the best feature - shake to turn on torch!

  • +1

    Grabbed the G54 for mum. Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Has the code expired, can't use it on the phone.?

    • +1


  • +3

    Price/code for vacuum still not working.

  • Vacuum code is now live

  • BFDEAL code is a discount of $37.20
    Is accepted by Shopback and Westpac Shopack for 10% + 15% cashback
    This brings down to $111.60 after Shopback cashback.

    Is this a safer bet given that BFEX30 is not a listed code on shopback?

  • @BargainsGrabber Viomi A9 is displaying as $156.87 for me as applying the BFEX30 discount code. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

    • You did nothing wrong, seems like they have reached the allocation for the promo :/

      • Darn, bummer! :(
        Do you know if there's discounts in the near future? Or more stock to be allocated to this sale?

  • +1

    shiett thats a good deal. thanks for sharing op!

  • Code no longer works for the charger

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