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Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Headphones $319.20 ($311.22 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Sennheiser Australia eBay


Stack with the 6% off GCX gift card deal for a final price of $300.05 ($292.55 eB+)

All time low
Back to 2016 prices and even cheaper than the 6XX
Listing says 5 available but Sennheiser are manually adding stock based on sales like Scorptec

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    Fantastic deal.

    The cheapest i ever bought them was when the aud was very strong vs the euro, and it ended up being about $220 aud and there was no import duty and you removed their vat as well.

    i doubt you will see a cheaper price than this for the next 5 years.

  • If I used these next to someone in bed would they be loud enough to wake them up ?

    • +1

      Yes, they are open back, its like hearing static noise about 1 meter from you.

    • -1

      Would probably be alright probably unless you are cranking them too loud. Probably not that comfortable wearing over ears for bed when anything else would do, but I do sometimes.

      They are Worth getting, along with a DAC and Amp if you are going to get something like this, to get the most out of them.

      Great deal.

      • you cant use these at any reasonable volume in bed with someone else that is trying to sleep.

        • OK. If they are asleep they wouldn't hear it.

          keep in mind people usually listen to headphones too loud, but as i said there would be better ones around for that sole purpose.
          I'd still get them for home set though.

          • @G-rig: I have two sets of open backs and if I have a game/music playing and step to my kitchen at the other side of the room I can clearly make out the dialogue or parts of songs, and Im only listening at around 60% of the total volume of my headphone amp (around 80db by my rough apple watch decibel meter calculations)

            it would absolutely wake me up if it started making noises at listening volume.

            Podcasts might be fine. music or game or action film? no chance.

            • @Laserface: True.
              Well one pair of headphones for everything isn't usually the answer.
              Any cheap pair of stock in ears would do for 30min. in bed.

  • +2

    Thanks, just bought. I signed up for ebay plus for $10 for the year, lucky the offer was still there for the extra discount which covers my yearly sub.

    Every time i see this posted, ive always hesitated buying. Will replace my ath adx700x.

  • Back to 2016 prices and even cheaper than the 6XX

    6XX is currently $179 USD + delivery, so it's a much tighter race.

    Two different flavours anyway, with the 6XX being a timbre-focused version of the 600 at the expense of a small amount of imaging capability, originally designed to synergise well with tube amps.

  • What about HD800s?

    • +3

      I own the HD800S (and HD 600) but really, they are 5 times the price for about 5-10% more in terms of audio quality. They also require higher end amps to get the best out of and tame the treble. I am still chasing an endgame AMP to use with the HD800S.

      The HD 600 are excellent and don't require as big an investment in DAC/AMP setups. But will require a dedicated headphone DAC/AMP setup to drive at 300 ohms they are high impedance.

      • Thanks mate. I have HD800, Gustard x16, and a tube amp 2000 euro plus hundreds of dollars in tubes to tame stuff. I was just wondering if HD800s is near all time low, I can try :) It's all about that 1%, you'll notice it for a few days. The your ears would get accustomed to the new sound and it would feel the same.

        I can tell you one thing, every upgrade that I did, improved the sound. I am getting older, so maybe I won't be able to enjoy that 1% anymore.

        • I hear you I have an organic sounding R2R DAC / Apm (Hifiman EF400) but there are still some artists who are too sharp on the treble even with EQ. Also tried some AKM based DAC/Amps but they are too analytical with the HD 800S. Two that bug me are the Pixies and Nirvana as they are still harsh with the HD 800S.

          To be honest I think the HD 800 overall give you more choices with Amps as the low end has been boosted on the HD 800S it does mean they don't mesh too well with some tube amp as the bass / low end is too prominent.

          I need to consider if I can find or afford a good enough AMP to really get the best out of the HD 800S.

  • I'm looking for something with good quality to watch movies on my TV and play games on my PC. I have a lot of Bluerays and I'd really like to take advantage of their sound quality. Is this a good headphone for that?

    • Sure, go for it. May need a headphone cable extender for the couch though.

    • Honestly, just get the 560S. It has a somewhat similar signature to the 600 but with a wider soundstage and more bass, which is perfect for games and movies.

      • Thanks for your comment. Does the 560S need an amp?

        • Nope not at all.

    • I think most headphones would be fine for movies and PC. Something easier to drive perhaps (35 ohms), as it sounds like you don't have any dedicated DAC or headphone amps etc. The headphone output stage on most soundcards and even AV receivers are pretty average.

      Just need to decide if you want open or closed too. Perhaps look at the Beyerdydamic DT990 / DT770 pro.

  • Your assumption is correct, I don't have an amp.

    open or closed

    What's the difference?

    DT990 / DT770 pro

    Which one's better? They're about the same price.

    • What's the difference?

      Google it, depends what you want.

      • Just did. I live near a noisy street, so definitely closed back. Thanks.

        • Good thing you checked, these Sennheiser don't seem suitable anyway then.

          • @G-rig: The DT770 pro is closed back, so should be fine right?

            • +1

              @DontNeedThis: Yep. Have a search for those and gaming I think people like them. Beyerdydamic are very comfortable too.

              • @G-rig: Great, thanks.

                • @DontNeedThis: No worries, they seem to be about $249 at the moment and come in 80 or 32 ohm.
                  Maybe do a search which is better, but much easier to drive than Senny 300ohm headphones.

                  • @G-rig: Will do. Thanks. They do look comfortable, which is very important for long sessions.

  • +1

    Dang. Would have been a great deal but they're out of stock now on ebay @ChatGPT

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