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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte RX 7800 XT Gaming OC 16GB Graphics Card $818.22 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Original Coupon Deal
Stack with $800 of 6% off gift cards and $45 cashback for ~$730 ish final price

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Would be tempted if AMD's ROCm team had their shit together…

    Edit: keep downvoting me, maybe it'd make you feel better about Intel A750 being 6x faster than 6950 xt in SD and LLMs on Windows. Joke of the century that Intel built it from scratch to final stable (that is actually useable) release within a year, AMD is nowhere in sight after 10 years.

    • I would agree with you if you weren't such a whiny lil bish lol

      • -1

        I'm honestly not sure what part of my comment had any room for agreement or disagreement, but ok, noted.

    • AMD's 6000 series doesn't really have any AI acceleration so I don't think that's really on the ROCm team at all as much as it is a design limitation. Maybe they could extract more performance if they focused optimisations on it but anyone doing any real AI work on AMD would be using the 7000 series (or professional cards) so focusing on them makes sense.

      • Probably true, but IMO it's also odd for RDNA GPUs to not have AI acceleration since ROCm hyping/marketing has been around since GCN days.

        • ROCm isn't just for AI, it's for tonnes of other HPC workloads that can't use the lower precision anyway.

  • Tempting, but I want to play Quest 2 and ASA.

    • Are these really that bad with VR?

      I remember using an RX480 with the quest 1 and ran plenty of PCVR games fine, so surely this beast can cope, right?

      • 7000 series is still bad with vr, 6000 series worked fine.

  • Comes with Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora too, great deal.

  • +1

    Cashback capped at $20

  • How do you do the 6% gift cards?

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