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1st Month FREE - Best Value $11= $500 Talk&Text, 1.5GB Data, No Fixed Contract, $20 Starter Pack


1st Month FREE is attractive offer to offset their ridiculous $20 "Starter Pack" fee or if changing your current LC plan.

Applies to any VAYA plan inc $39 'unlimited' 4G LTE as noted in previous posts http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/77140. Worthy alternative to LiveConnected current offer of no starter pack fee ($20) http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/79537. Considering same price, similar offer but these guys dont hide online with Phone and email support at http://www.vaya.net.au/?option=Contact Us

Was considering changing plans on LC but for $16 plan change fee I might forgo that and just port to VAYA for better access to support all still on same Optus network.

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    Am I correct that VAYA doesn't allow the credit for overseas call while LiveConnected can?

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      LC doesn't include international calls in their credit

      TPG does though

      if VAYA does.. I am willing to jump from TPG (only reason why I'm staying with them is because of international calls are included in the cap)


      the only 2 providers I know of which allow credit for overseas calling are TPG and Virgin


      Does the plan include international SMS? This is usually standard but I couldn't find it on their website.

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    I'm on Vaya. Noticed the reception is a bit low at work and internet can be a bit slow at times. Tolerable considering I'm paying $11 per month!


    "inc $39 'unlimited'"

    are they really unlimited? their fair use policy says 2000 talk minutes per month (about 1 hour per day) and 500 texts per month (about 17 per day) is excessive…

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      From Whirlpool- I was wondering what your policy on 'fair use' was on the Unlimited offer?

      Ben-Vaya- TRUE Unlimited :) As long as it's from a mobile phone device (as opposed to SIM Box or any other network manipulation device) then it's fine.

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    But they charge for voicemail DEPOSIT!

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    They also charge a $30 disconnection fee, so be aware. Here

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    LC compared to Vaya

    • Vaya $1 Cheaper per Flexi Plans
    • Vaya has telephone support number
    • 30 second billing
    • Vaya doesn't charge to change plans downwards (and is currently working with the upwards one to so they are fee free to change)
    • Vaya offer Global Roaming
    • Vaya almost instant billing of data usage (Vaya is 15 mins behind, versus 48 hours)
    • Vaya ability to implement hard limit data barring when you reach your data limits (just in case) for the month
    • Vaya overspend on the Vaya to Vaya calls comes out of the other CAP inclusion for the month. (This is awesome. Live connected doesn’t do this and charges you on top of the monthly fee.)
    • Cheaper International Call Rates

    • Vaya active Rep on Whirlpool (That receives a +++ :) )


    • LC free voicemail deposit
    • LC cheaper MMS (50c vs 55c)
    • Better website with more information about plans and rates
    • More apps that support them for usage on your phone (for the moment until these App programmers like myusage etc add Vaya)

      Thanks for taking the time to type that up.

      As someone who just purchased a Galaxy S3 outright, I'm looking to go on either the LC or Vaya (essentially BYO plans).

      Quick Q's - 1) Are there any apps on Android that support usage for Vaya? Worse comes to worst, I'm assuming I could just log into their website from my Galaxy S3 to check my usage?

      2) I didn't realise voicemail deposite was charged. At what rate is it charged at?

      3) If I don't like Vaya after a month or so, am I able to port away relatively straight away? I'm not locked into a contract (i.e. 12 months, etc)?


    i think theyre equal
    Over 24 months LC is 12 X 24=$288

    Vaya is 11 X 23=$253 + 20 SIM + 30 Disconnection, although its unlimited SMS and $20 can be avoided if you go on a 24month contract

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      If you plan on cancelling your phone number then LC is cheaper (but not better in terms of features). If you port away Vaya is the easy (and cheaper choice) as there is no $30 fee.

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    Just saying, unrelatedly, 4G's coming to Vaya soon. Saw it up on their website the other day before they hid it.
    No SS so i cant prove it, but the $11 plan goes up to $16 for 4G - from memory…


    Can't believe LC free starter kit for 200+ votes, as per Spizz post, VAYA clearly better off from start and even for existing LC considering the 16$ change plan fee+no international roaming (read i ripped too many consumers now TIO kicked me up backside)

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