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Rage Against The Machine - XX (20th Anniversary Edition Deluxe Box Set 4 Disc 1LP) Only £16.91 ($26.46) Shipped!


Hey all, My first post. An obvious error on part of Amazon UK.

Rage Against the Machine - XX (20th Anniversary Edition Deluxe Box Set)
2 x CDs + 2 x DVDs + 180gm LP
12" lift-off box
40 page booklet
2 sided poster

This sucker is going for 136 US dollars on the us amazon. Hopefully they honour the preorders, worth a shot. Just got 2 for just under 50 bucks AUS.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • Great if you can get it…

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    Wow that's the greatest bargain i've ever seen. Nice Find Stevil. Will have to get 2 myself. You know it's going to retail in Aust for $200

  • Just ordered, I hope it's honoured.

  • Just ordered, thanks

  • Probably won't be honored, but hey, can't blame anyone for trying.

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    180gm goodness

  • Just ordered a couple - really hope this comes good. Now to find a bargain on a LP player…

    • 'Bargain' 2nd hand Turntables can be had for anything from about $50 through to $500 from eBay & Gumtree depending on your overall quality expectations. I've scored quite a few very hard-to-find and rare Turntables this way and they sound incredible both through brand new Amps and vintage Amps just as long as the Amp has a TT input. If not you'll need a pre-amp in between (not the end of the world, just extra clutter).

      Resist the temptation to buy one of those new $50-$200 cheapies with LCD screens and USB ports as they're really just toys. Use that money to get yourself a much nicer 2nd hand TT with far better sound output plus it will last for decades to boot!

      • 2nd hand? Nah, go new. Pro-Ject Carbon with a 2M fitted is the way to go. I'll probably be waiting forever for one to show up on OzB… :)

        • Ooh PinzVidz, yr makin me DROOL!

          I was THIS close to taking the plunge on a that exact PJ Carbon myself but I stumbled across a mint condition Yammie PX-2 Linear loaded with an MC-3 Cartridge and as the rest of my gear is Yamaha from that exact same period I just couldn't let it pass… especially as it was slightly cheaper than the PJ and was only a suburb away to boot :)

          Nothing like a decent TT tho, so so nice.

    • it does come with CD's too you know.

      • +3

        Really? Oh geeeez. Gotta find a CD player too?! :)

      • Yeah but RATM on 180g vinyl played through my mid-80s semi high-end Yamaha gear will make your head explode and (hopefully) even better when I get my valve monoblocks restored ;)

        • Don't get me wrong, the vinyl will kick ass, but no better than cd if played on a crappy turntable.

        • True, very true.

  • Awesome catch but Amazon always honor their item. Pre order price guarantee :)

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    Whoa yeah! Nice one Stevil :) Just got myself a couple. One for me and one for my mate who is THE biggest RATM fan… ever. Hope this works out :|

    • ah..so there's 3 release types. Deluxe Box (the works), Special edition (2xCD, 1xDVD), or normal (CD only). looks like some muppet put the CD only price on the box set.

  • Huge RATM fan! Just bought two!

  • 2 for me. thinking about getting more. christmas is coming up.

  • Bargain, thanks :D

  • +1

    HAD to order one… these guys were great last time they were in Melbourne.

  • Crazy good deal - hope it's honoured!

  • 20 Years of RATM…NOW i feel old. ;(

  • Great deal. Fingers crossed!

  • What's on the lp ?

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      Hard to say for sure, but CD 5 and 6 (listed as saying 2x CDs and 2x DVDs) have the following:

      Disc: 5
      1. Bombtrack
      2. Killing In The Name
      3. Take The Power Back
      4. Settle For Nothing
      5. Bullet In The Head
      Disc: 6
      1. Know Your Enemy
      2. Wake Up
      3. Fistful Of Steel
      4. Township Rebellion
      5. Freedom

      Looks like a double sided LP version of the first album. Again, can't say for sure though….

  • Not a fan, but a bargain's a bargain.

  • Scratch my previous
    Awesome bargain, thank you

    Picked up 2!

  • +2


    Pre-order Price Guarantee does not apply in the case of mispricing, described in our Pricing Policy, or to orders cancelled by us in accordance with the Conditions of Use & Sale. Our sale of products to you is subject to the Conditions of Use & Sale and to our Pricing Policy.

    "I was saying Booooourns"

    • +1

      still bought 2 though

    • Sorry about the Amazon newbness with this question, but obviously if it's a price error and they make it the right price, they will allow you to cancel your preorder? Cos I don't want this at full price!

      • yeah mate they will contact you to ask whether you want to go ahead with full price or cancel

        • Amazon will charge you around the time of shipment, you'll have plenty of time to cancel it before hand. Just log into the order history and you should be able to cancel it should you need to.

  • not working now?

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      Yeah "Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available." Looks like they've either run out or they've realised the mistake. Fingers crossed for those of us who managed to place an order!

  • damnit! its expired!! too slow :(

  • I won't do what you tell me.

  • +1

    Fark!! Anyone who bought extras let this ozbargainer if you're willing to let one go, I'd be much appreciative.. cheers!

    • -4

      Yeah,I'd be up for a spare, at a non-astronomical price lol

  • +3

    This has to be the most disappointed I have ever felt missing out on an ozbargain tip.

  • I am shattered too. :(

  • +4


    • +4


    • +4

      Insert righteous fanboi comment about that riff being from a different Rage Against the Machine album. Question LoopyLou's sexual orientation.

  • Ah balls… missed this one. I've seen amazon honor some wacky stuff before… hopefully this is one for those of you that managed to score one (or more lol)

    I'm only really interested in the DVDs they sound amazing… unless their "Remastering" makes the album sound somehow better…

    I recently picked up the Japanese "Live and Rare" cd for $4 in a Dixons closing down sale, score.

    • +3

      I really think that mastering could not improve that album. For the time that albums production and sound was ahead of its time.

  • +1

    would have got this if i could have done it on my mobile, but alas, amazon didn't let me enter cc details from mobile website. by the time i got to a pc, it was gone. FAIL. but great find OP, hope they honor it for you all.

    • Ordered one but I'm not holding my breath. If you google "Amazon" and "pricing mistakes", you'll find that in almost all cases, they cancel the sale.

  • !&@&??.!!0
    That my friends, is the symbolic conversion of me kicking myself in the face for missing this deal…
    Sad day indeed..

  • Didn't come good. They didn't even email to say they made an error and offer to purchase at full price.

    • Just checked my pre-order and it's still the same price. Not sure what they did to yours.

  • received a cancellation email and got a $20 voucher that can be used to buy this item at the correct price

    • +1

      It's GBP 20.00.

      Here's my code if anyone wants it (not sure if it's unique or not):

      Claim Code: SMZG-FTHDX2-W5VDYD
      Expiry date: November 30, 2012

      • Got the same. Stupidly, it's still listed as unavailable.

      • got the same, my code is different.

      • +1

        SMXC-RDR3R7-KRQV64 anyone

        • DarwinBoy, just used your code, cheers buddy!

  • Yeah sorry everyone, it was too good to be true. 20 pound ($30.95 AUS) gift certificate was pretty nice to ease the pain though. Still a decent buy knocking 30 bucks off, christmas present to myself.

  • This now appears to be showing at the normal price of £74.00. I also got the voucher so would bring it down to£54.

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