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Free Sample of Vita Jellies


It's on again! Get a free sample of Vita Jellies.

New Cenovis Vita Jellies are great-tasting, bear shaped jellies with no artificial colours or flavours and no sugar coating.

As parents you already know it's not always easy to get your child to eat a balanced diet. As kids grow they often pass through periods of fussy eating and it can be difficult to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need. The Vita Jellies range is a great way to help top up their vitamin intake, and in a great tasting, fun way they'll love!

It got Ozbargained 4 months ago but they still sent samples of other products instead. http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/70738

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  • Yeah, they sent me some "Kids Omega Bliss" to tide me over while the Jellies arrived, but I still haven't got them :(

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      My Jellies sample arrived yesterday. Five jellies in total - now only one left!

    • I got that Omega Bliss thing. It's pretty big too. Would probably last you over a month. The jellies only had like 4-6 inside…


        Crap. I drank it all in one day and I felt sick…

        There were no instructions on it, at least none that I thought were there.

    • Dw you're not missing out on much that Omega juice is NASTY

      • first time it was quite alright, but if u taste it properly, its quite fishy, esp after its been opened for a week or more

      • Most gross thing I tasted lol, but I manage to finish most of it over 2+ weeks

    • The full 230ml omega bliss was an awesome freebie . The 5 jellies gave me a laugh .
      I'll definately be buying the cenovis omega bliss again . My son loves it .

      • You don't happen to live in Melbourne west do you?
        I've got two bottles (I got it and my parents did too) and a whole teaspoon got used, it's revolting and I wouldn't dream of giving it to my daughter.

        • Agreed! I had a tiny taste of mine, & then made my poor partner have a whole tablespoon of it just so I could see his reaction. I gave the bottle to a friend with kids.

          Received the jellies a few days ago. They were yummy!

      • yeah you can have my bottles too

    • I got the same thing…

  • Previous recipients are not eligible to receive another sample of the vita-jellies.
    Not exactly on again if we can't get them again, though I guess this is a good post for people who missed out the first time

  • As a heads up;


    60% sugar.

    VitC one is the same.

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      yeah, but the serving size is 5g. 3g if sugar is nothing. you should be more concerned about letting your kids drink softdrinks

      • My youngest doesn't like soft drink, and the other 2 rarely drink it.


        serving size is 5g. 3g if sugar is nothing

        Recommended serving is 2 jellies - 6g of sugar - that's a teaspoon. Seems like a lot when you look at it that way.


        ROFL - as if FIVE tiny little jellies are gunna cause childhood obesity

        Sure. But if you're going to get something that is good for you, why get the ones with sugar? Plenty of sugar-free vitamins out there, even kids ones. We've got some kids multi's that don't have any sugar in them - they have no problems taking them…

        Basically - why put sugar in something that doesn't need it?

        • Kids shouldn't need multi vitamins.

        • Not sure if you have kids but they can be incredibly fussy.
          I know I worry when my daughter refuses to eat her meat/fish and veggies I worry about it, it helps me feel a smudge better about it if i can coerce her to eat a couple of extra bites in return for one of these little vitamin lollies which she loves.

          So I give my daughter a lolly, she eats better.
          She's happy, I feel a bit better about it seems like a win win.

          (No I don't do this every night my daughter generally eats well but it is comforting on the occasional night when she is digging her heels in.)

        • If Mary poppins says it's okay, it's okay!

    • ROFL - as if FIVE tiny little jellies are gunna cause childhood obesity

  • Mine actually came last week, there were 5 in the sample pack. Not bad.

  • I literally just got mine last week, haha.

    I actually didn't end up using them, though, because there's a preservative in them that's not suitable for kids (or adults), imo.

    • Which one? I'm preservative aware too.

      • 220, which is sulphur dioxide.

        As johnno said below, it is of particular importance to anyone who is sensitive to sulphites, though there are studies that link children being exposed to sulphites in preservatives to actually developing an intolerance to them, so that's why I commented above about this product's unsuitability for kids.

        Can the people who negged care to explain what was it that I said that was so wrong? I personally think this is useful info, especially with so many ailments nowadays. Better to prevent than rely on our health care system, especially in the future.

    • Are you talking about sulfites? If so - then they are only not suitable for people that have a sensitivity to them.

  • i got my jellies from the last promotion a couple of weeks ago (as well as the fish oil they initially sent out)

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    Cenovis = Sanofi-aventis Healthcare Pty Ltd = French Sanofi SA = World's largest vaccine company.

  • Me too got them this week. Only took 5 months. Also got a liquid mango fish oil a while back which was really disgusting

  • thanks op!

  • This mob's pretty good. Last time they sent a bottle of mango goo along with a note explaining they'd run out of the jellies. A few months later the jellies rocked up.

    Thought the goo was cordial and drank half the bottle before seeing "serving size 1 teaspoon"…

    • Did any thing happen to you?

      • He turned into a mango fish

        • +1 vote

          Yeah, same shit happened to me. I got really sick. x_X

          It smelt like petrol and at one point I thought I was drinking petrol…

          They should put in bigger writing, one teaspoon a day…

          I guess "ozbargainers" were the Guinea Pigs…

          The small sample of jellies were however, more pleasant.

  • Anything free is good, don't care if and when it turns up. Thanks poster.

  • I still have the mango fish oil, i'll open that soon. As for the jellies, I ate them all in one go. Too tasty not to.

  • I'm going to sign up for the freebies again, not for the jellies but in case they send another $18 bottle of mango omega.

  • i just received mine today from last time. they are very yummy. 5 gummy bears. the kids omega bliss was awful it was like a mango smoothie with a tonne of fish in it

  • Got mine last time, was raspberry flavoured multivitamin, actually tasted good! :P

  • its not worth the hassle for the 5 tiny little jellies you get

    • +1 vote

      It should last 2 and a half days..

      I guess none of us are reading the instructions. lol.

  • I never received the first offer they had…

  • yeah they sent me fish oil few months ago.. and then i got my jellies few days ago. everyone at work loved them!!! i thought it'd come in plastic bag but instead its a cute bottle.

  • Those jellies are good!!

  • Amused at all the OzBargainers not reading instructions!

  • Ditto, loved those jellies and I'm 35!

  • Never got those sweet jellies. =(