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Tegel Take Outs Chicken Portions 1kg: Nashville or Louisiana Style $7 Each (1/2 Price) @ Coles


Same as previous popular deal
Found these are back again at half price during shopping today

Tegels Take Out Nashville Chicken Portions | 1kg
Tegels Take-Out Louisiana Chicken Portions | 1kg

Retail limit: 20
Promotional limit: 12

Title credit to previous post.

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  • Thanks. Im a few min from a coles. Going to stock up

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    Finally tried these after constantly seeing them posted here…Can confirm they live up to the hype.

    • They're pretty good, though quite greasy. A lot of batter as well, and sometimes you get unlucky and get pieces that are primarily bone with not much chicken. I find that a 1kg bag is only really enough for 2 meals.

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      They don't. You're better off doing the KFC hack for $7.45

      Tegels chicken pieces of a ton load of batter and hardly any meat. Also it takes 30mins to cook in the airfryer

      • Takes 30 minutes to drive to and from KFC

        • Takes 30 minutes to drive to and from KFC

          Only if you live 15 minutes away

      • +5

        It’s edible, but for people to say it’s as good or better than KFC is laughable. It’s like frozen pizza, we eat it, but it’s never gonna be better than from the store

      • Agree. It's the same as the Woolies equivalent ones. They'll make you sick.

      • KFC is absolute crap

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      I got some after being talked up in the previous deal. Maybe I just got a bad batch, but they were awful. Lots of hard/dry/clumpy batter. Lots of bone and skin as well. I got two bags and will probably throw away one of them

      • It was definitely overhyped

      • Same I didn't think much of them. Followed the instructions for air fryer and it was dry AF… but apparently you're supposed to disregard the instructions and put them in for less than it says /shrug

      • Yea they're very overrated. Their burger products are great though, and tenders pretty good too.

      • I second this..after the hype from the previous deal..this is the 3rd time I tried them and they are very average…and aweful lot greasy…
        in an airfryer they take 45 mins at 180c to cook…but if you get a bag of small and big pieces..than some will cook quicker than the rest..and to mee..both flavours of them are mild..not spicy at all..just ….muh..my Mrs make like 💯 % better than these..when she can be bothered…that is

      • Yeah same - super salty. Wouldn't buy again. I don't get the hype.

    • +1

      I have tried these too (twice) and had to chuck it in bin. It's weird taste. I would rather KFC $7.45 hack.

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    Shame they don’t do 50% off the burgers anymore.

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      That was a good few months of easy lunches that I've missed.

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        Yea I bought 6 packets total from Coles then Woolies, they're so good. Get so many burgers out of them.

    • My local woolies had 50% off the burgers a few weeks ago randomly, but it was only 500g bag for $7? I still got one, but I thought they were kilo bags in the past? Maybe not

      • shrinkflation

      • Wasn’t the same product

      • He may have been referring to these which weren't half price. Their burger products were never 1kg.

        • Just checked my ereceipts at woolies, I actually bought the tegal take outs xcrunchy burgers 550g for half price at my local $6.5. That was 4 weeks ago

          • @Capitalshark: Yeah same, I bought 3 each of the crunchy and steak, both great but prefer the crunchy so will probably stick to them next time.

            • +1

              @MiscOzB: I recall I only took the crunchy as it said it was breast meat and the other didn’t say that.

              • @Capitalshark: Never noticed that… interesting. Wonder what they're using in the steaks then.

    • "anymore"? Source for that? Woolies ran them at half price a few weeks ago as mentioned above (shortly after half price at Coles). Will probably be half price again, but rarely.

      Edit: Ah just realised that you might be referring to these ones.

  • Yum.

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    Are they new to Coles? Could only find them at Woolies up here in Brisbane in the past.

    • Previous post in OP was from September and is for Coles

    • As per Bing Chat with GPT - 4 - "According to the Coles website, Tegel’s Take Out Nashville Chicken Portions have been available at Coles since at least August 7, 2023"
      Source was OzBargain - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/792381 😁

      • Wait, Bing Chat uses GPT 4? It accesses the internet?

        • +1

          Always has. Even ChatGPT 4 (the main one) can access the internet with a toggle It seems to be always on now

          • @Zythyx: Forgive my ignorance, but you have to pay a subscription to use ChatGPT 4. Right?

            So you can just use Bing Chat instead?

            • +1

              @Emerald: I don't know why anyone uses Chrome anymore 🤷

            • @Emerald: It's free in edge browser (and supported in chrome I believe via an extension). Bing chat has been recently renamed to Copilot Chat. Found in the top right of the edge browser.
              I use it on the daily.

              • @Sendthegoods: I found the edge browser buggy after there last upgrade so now have swapped to chrome.

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    The tenders are my favourite but they rarely go on special

    • They go on special, just rarely half price.

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    Tried the Nashville a few weeks back. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. Better than KFC and Red Rooster fried chicken I reckon.

    • I will fly the Red Rooster flag. Have you tried their Spicy Fried Chicken, or the Hot Honey Fried Chicken? Goddaaamn it's good.

      • +1

        I have tried the spicy fried chicken, too salty for me. Not sure whether it is because my local Red Rooster is a bit heavy handed with the salt. I haven't tried the hot honey fried chicken.

        Anyway, if you like spicy fried chicken, I do recommend the Nashville chicken pieces, just make sure you cook them thoroughly. I will go and try the hot honey fried chicken and we can compare notes, purely for scientific and research purposes, of course. :)

  • I had one of these and the chicken piece was oozing out with a fair chunk of red liquid. I assume some kind of blood clot or tumour or something in the chicken. Nasty.

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      Yeh i noticed that too, horrible

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      Probably because your chicken piece was not cooked fully yet. I did notice that the chicken was frozen raw, so I had to cook the big pieces longer, maybe an hour or so at 180degC in my air fryer. The smaller pieces were quicker at around 40 mins.

      • -5

        i cook mine for 20-25mins. Any longer I'll starve to death

        And my airfryer only maxes out at 30mins

        • Yea, 20-25 mins is not long enough. Had the same issue when I tried making them the first time. Just be careful though, uncooked chicken and all. I suggest maybe chicken nuggets. They cook in less than 20mins from frozen and you don't get sick if they are "undercooked". :)

          • -3

            @geek001: my one seems to be cooked if its 20-25mins. The skin meat is bright white and not opaque

            Chicken nuggets? lol i cook them for 12 mins

            • @Homr: Pretty sure it says on the Tenders bag to cook for 200°c for 20 minutes so I'd be a bit worried about leaving the bigger portions in for less than 30

        • +3

          This is an /r/ididnthaveeggs/ worthy comment.

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      You have to cook them. You do understand that don't you ? Cook them longer !

      • -3

        Cook longer and it is still covered in dried blood and discoloured.

        You do understand that don't you

        Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    • 50 mins at 200 in my conventional fan oven turning half way through and they come out perfectly cooked.

      • -2

        50mins?? wow! How you survive waiting that long?

  • Am i the only one who thought this was a misspelling of Steggles?

  • Ah good chicken better than the "finger licking ones".

  • +2

    An absolute lucky dip with these.

    In the same bag you may get a delicious piece of chicken and a heap of grey jelly shit.

  • I expect OOS on my local Coles by now.

    • U can still get rain check at coles

    • Thankfully my Coles had the $7sale price on the spicy ones and an on sale for $12 tag in the mild ones. When I scanned barcode( with Coles app ) it said $7. So there were still plenty there at 7pm .

    • Actually I found that this time I can still grab the last one at around 8pm. Lucky

  • Omg, now I have to buy more again.

  • For me it was very greasy but worth the price

  • +1

    Feel like there needs to be sub section just for these dam chickens.

    Coles and woolies rotate this price every fortnight .

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    Absolute crap. Bought 3 bags last time they were 1/2 price at our local Woolies at Bargara. I'd noticed there was heaps of stock which made me a bit suss. We'd had some in a previous sale and were not hugely impressed. But thought geez for $7 a kilo bag what could go wrong.

    We - wifey and I - worked our way through them and decided finally that we will never bother with them again. Frankly too much heavy oily batter, fatty chicken pieces with very little meat, and too many broken bones to be pleasant to enjoy. The flavour of the chicken was ordinary at best. Not value at any price in my view.

    PS The Woolies oven roasted Southern Style Wing Nibbles, around $10-11/kg are far superior in our view.

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    Good to be on the list of my next 4-weeks $50 spend

    Struggled to find what to buy last week

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    These are super salty

  • +1

    Salty AF. Disgusting.
    Servings Per Package: 4 to 6
    Sodium: 1068 per serve
    LOL just don't do it

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    These are pretty bad, I can't understand why they're getting so many upvotes.

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