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Silicon Power US75 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD $135 + Delivery ($0 SYD C&C) @ Mwave


Good price for a 2TB unit. (Lowest at Black Friday sale for around $133?)
Online Only. Limit 1 Per Customer. Ends 18/12/2023.

Same controller and NAND as the Lexar NM790
Maxio MAP1602 controller with YMTC 232-layer TLC NAND

Might be of interest to some.

See here for review: https://www.tomshardware.com/pc-components/ssds/silicon-powe…

At time of posting, price on Amazon is $179.99 and UMart / MSY is $178.00

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    At this price, no DRAM I guess?

    • +2

      no DRAM

      • -4

        Not a problem if don't fill it more than up to a half.

        • +12

          then what's the point of getting 2tb if you're only going to fill half. might as well get a 1tb with DRAM for cheaper if that's the case

          • @ironworthy: The point, at least for me, is that I can control the use of the disk wether I need speed or size, and there's more space for bad sectors when the time will come.

        • +1

          Is it really that imperative to have DRAM? About to pull the trigger on a 2tb drive which i'll fill with games and video recordings. Cheers :)

        • You can fill it near full and suffer no issues.

          • @Clear: what issues do you suffer if its more than half full?

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              @cumova: Dunno I didn't make that claim. If you were to copy a significant amount of files in one go it would slow down temporarily once the pSLC cache is exhausted and it has to write to the NAND directly. After the copy it would speed back up.

            • @cumova: None.
              Once it gets to more than about 90% full, you'll start cutting into the pSLC cache size, so writes will become even slower.

              There was a time when SSD's with no cache were slower than HDD's when sequentially filling. This still happens OCCASIONALLY, but is getting rare.
              Most at least match HDD write speeds, while still having the SSD advantage of zero seek times.

              • @MasterScythe: Have you read the review? Those slower than hdd ones are using qlc, this at least uses tlc.

                • @garfield0018: I have indeed :)
                  Why do you ask?

                • @garfield0018: Amazon buyers show screensots where these actually had QLC instead of advertised TLC.

                  • +1

                    @Ozzster: I think that review and the screenshot is for the P34A60 instead of the US75 (they do have the different models listed under the same listing).

              • @MasterScythe: Steady state write speed (i.e. after cache is exhausted) according to Tom's hardware is around 850mbps

  • is this better or worse?:
    Team Cardea Zero Z440 M.2 NVME PCIe Gen4 SSD 2TB $129 + $15 Delivery

    • +2

      I used the carder in a mates build, very neat drive.

    • +1

      Z440 uses a Prison E16 controller. So it has DRAM cache but it is also an older controller. Sequentially it will not be on par with the US75 but random read / write might not be that far off between the two.

      • i am subscribed
        had my p5 plus deal cancelled by Amazon 😭
        then was offline during last Friday's ssd bargains
        might have to wait till boxing day to snag a deal

        • Why did they cancel your order..?

      • How do I subscribe?

        • +1

          click the link, hit the subscribe button

          • @congo: I can't believe I didn't see the subscribe button. One of them days…

      • @ChatGPT How is this one? https://www.amazon.com.au/Patriot-Viper-VPN110-Internal-Heat…
        I ordered it on the 10th (ships from Japan) for $135, it was not showing as special so didn't post (only 3.0 x4), but now it's $201. Only putting it in my refurb Dell Optiplex 7060 as a boot and to run Home Assistant (if I ever figure that out) - this should be ok? There's a lot of talk about controllers and what-not, but /whoosh Camels saying always$289, maybe was just relisted, I didn't check, before I bought - it just met my needs (I hope). Thanks in advance.

        • +1

          1. Will this drive be OK as a boot drive in a refurb server?

          2. Is the VPN110 2TB at $135 good value?
          No, it is on par with the Z440 for $144 shipped as both drives use older Phison Gen 3 controllers. The main issue with your drive is the 3 year warranty - standard is 5 years

          3. What Gen 3 drives should I keep a look out for in future deals?
          Samsung 970 Evo Plus, SK Hynix P31 Gold and Western Digital Blue SN570

          • @[Deactivated]: Thanks for this feedback, unless of failure I won't be in the market for a while though 😊
            Much appreciated!

  • +5

    Don’t trust Silicon Power.

    The UD3030 I got was a Realtek controller and an entirely different NAND chip.

    Bait and switch is real.

    • +1

      Ya, they have a tendency of part swapping. Usually the first batch are fine though. It's the batches a few months after release that I would be worried about.

    • +1

      Everyone is doing it now. Samsung was caught by Toms Hardware too.

      • +3

        Samsung was caught by Toms Hardware too.

        Completely different situation

        Samsung upgraded the 970 Evo Plus with the 980 Pro controller, updated the firmware to a caching strategy better for 99% of users except those constantly writing 40GB+ files and updated the drive model number

        Silicon Power OTOH consistently do stealth downgrades under the same model number, sending top tier components as review samples and then shipping you the garbage

  • Got $20 credit on mwave same as this deal

  • UP90 2TB and 4TB were $97 and $208 before. Kinda regret not getting 2 of the 4TB back than

    • +1

      UD90 are slower with QLC NAND though.

      • I see. A bit strange to me that the UP90 is actually slower than the UP75. Anyway, I'm still happy with my UP90 as a steam library drive so far - bang for the buck.

        • Ya, I thought the same as well initially. Then I realised that they are from two different series - UD and US.

          • @systema: Ohh right, this one is US. My bad.

  • Back to $178.

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