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SKIL PWRCore 2x20V Brushless 430mm Lawn Mower Skin $199 Delivered / C&C @ Total Tools


Get industry-leading performance and power in a cordless mower powered by PWRCORE 20™ lithium technology. The digital, brushless motor combined with 2 x PWRCORE 20™ lithium technology provides 40V Max Power to deliver unbelievable power and cutting performance. You’ll have control from start to finish with a push-button start. Your battery will be ready to go, charging 0-25% in 10 minutes (based on a 5.0Ah battery). And, when the task is complete, the telescoping handle folds down completely allowing for vertical storage. Lawn Mower Kit includes 2 x 5.0Ah PWRCORE 20™ Lithium Battery for max run time and a Dual Charger.

SKIL PWRCORE™20V Lithium-Ion technology: no memory effect, no self-discharge and always ready for use
Brushless motor: faster, stronger and extra run time
43 cm cutting width for quick mowing and mulching of large volumes
SKIL 'Grass Guide' for mowing close to walls and edges
Central handle for convenient height-of-cut adjustment between 25 and 75 mm in 6 positions
Easy Storage! Foldable, telescopic handles allow compact, orderly storage together with collapsible grass bo
2-in-1 Function (Mulching & Rear Discharge): Yes
Collector Capacity: 50L collector capacity
Cut Height Number: 25mm to 70mm
Cut Height Settings: 6 cutting height settings
Cutting Capacity(Deck): 43cm
Grass Collector: Yes
Handle Telescope Adjustment: Yes
Mulching Plug: Yes

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  • Any comments from people in the know ? Been wanting to get into battery system but because of the cost of adding more tools, been holding off for the right eco system to get into. Basically I would like to have a lawn mower that can mow a 800 m2 lawn with 65% of area covered in grass, also need the trimmer to trim the edges after mowing.

  • Never use this brand before. Is it any good ?

  • Skil = Bosch?

    • Skil = Ozito ?

      • +2

        Ozito = Bosch

  • it's a shame the similar battery interface doesn't fit ozito's

  • Can i use Ozito batteries on this?

    • +1

      Unfortunately no, but it's only $70 more for the 5Ah batteries.

  • +1

    I have this mower, and am very happy with it, solid peformace folds up pretty small, you need the batteries and charger, but at this price is nearly half of what they were asking for it.

  • +2

    I just bought the kincrome katana Brushless lawn mower only for $179 using the code in this link - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/822947. They have a promo on the front page for free 2 x 5.0 ah batteries aside from the 40% discount. With the leaf blower I think it is $269 (plus another free battery for the blower) but I did not need the blower so I just ordered the mower. It comes with 5 year warranty. There is a review on YT on the Katana mower.

  • +2

    It'd be nice if they expand more into Australia and widen up their tool range - looks fairly promising some of their tools on offer and wouldn't mind a competitor to Ryobi for common tools DIYers would use around the house to either force Bunnings to price match or offer a viable alternative because Ryobi tool prices have become insane.

    Truthfully hard to see how for $199 or ?$269 for the kit how this isn't fantastic value compared with Ozito/Ryobi - Look at Bunnings selling their 18V x 2 mower for $599 with a single 6.0HP battery - barring ease of warranty at Bunnings.

  • Anyone else order this for click and collect and still waiting for pickup notification? Apparently they are special order, but ordered on the 27th December.

    • Yes, still waiting here. Also ordered on the 27th.

      • @pibloktoq Are you still waiting to get this mover? I'm still waiting and I ordered on 30th, Total tools Blacktown.

        • Got it on 30/1. Yet to test it because it's been raining here.

    • +2

      They rang me the next day after ordering it saying it'd be about 2-3 weeks, but a few days later I was notified to come pick it up. So I've had mine about a week. I'm in Perth.
      Beware when attaching the handle with the 2 hex bolts that you don't overtighten them. Feels to me like they're screwing into plastic, so don't try and tighten them up fully like I did after you feel resistance. Also, if you want to use the catcher instead of mulching, you need to remove the plastic piece underneath that blocks the catcher.

      • I'm keen to get the kit with two batteries and a charger. Is the mower any good?

        • +1

          Honestly I'm not sure. This is my first mower of this type and I've only used it once so far, but it wasn't a great success. My previous mower that I've had for nearly 40 years is a Scott Bonner reel mower which is completely different to use. Here's the 4 main usage issues I had.

          1: I couldn't get the height adjusted to what I wanted. Setting 1 is way too low but setting 2 is slightly too high for me. Why there's such a significant height difference between those 2 settings makes no sense. Whereas the higher you go the more fine the settings become.

          2: Mowing around the edges was difficult because the wheels on one side would come off the lawn causing the mower to tip and the blade to rip into the lawn leaving a messy hole. All mowers of this type would have the same issue, so it's not just this mower. I'm not sure how to get around this unless I don't cut right to the lawn's edges.

          3: I assumed the extendable handle could be adjusted to whatever you want, but from what I can tell it's either fully retracted or fully extended. Anywhere in between the locking tabs don't close and the handle doesn't stay in place.

          4: To remove the catcher it seems to require being tipped up at the rear to unhook it, but then the clippings partially fall out leaving a smallish pile on the lawn.

          It does seem quite powerful but I didn't have much lawn to cut because it's currently not really growing much in the heat. I thought for the price it was worth a go and I haven't given up on it, yet.

          • @Rogerwilco: Amendment to point 3 that I made above. The handle doesn't lock in it's retracted position, only fully extended.

      • Update to what I said above regarding installing the 2 hex bolts. I took the top off the mower and the nuts that these bolts go into are metal but the nuts are held in place by plastic and it seems that if you keep trying to tighten the bolts, that plastic gives way and the nut spins.

  • I purchased 16 Jan and collected yesterday
    The machine is solid , I noticed when grass is too long the machine stops and I have to run away to unclog

    If you have lots of grass start with high level then smaller

    I am used to my old 1200w corded mower felt more powerfull but this mower is wider and got to finish my garden quicker

    The power adjust automatically and sometimes doesn't increase with high volume of grass

    There is a place that blocks the grass to go into collector 😂 I was mowing and the bag is not getting filled and later realised there is plastic blocker

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