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Hisense 100” ULED Mini-LED 4K Smart TV 100U7KAU $3995 + Delivery @ Master Buy


Great price for a 100 inch TV!

From Hisense webpage:

Whether you’re a film buff, sports fanatic, obsessive gamer or just a regular person who likes to watch TV – the U7KAU series has it all. It’s all around the best all-rounder with next-level sights and sounds in every sense for every scene.

Mini-LED, a unique Mini-LED backlight technology, paired with Hisense’s ULED™ technology and Quantum Dot, create vibrant, realistic colours, impressive contrast, and its trademark bright picture.

144Hz Game Mode Pro (HDMI2.1, Variable Refresh Rate, Auto Low Latency Mode & FreeSync Premium) is the best option for gamers.

Dolby Vision™ IQ & HDR 10+ Adaptive deliver incredibly vivid details that adjust to the changing light in the room.

Hi-View Engine processes and fine-tunes your picture into a crystal-clear image.

VIDAA Smart TV - A simple, easy, customisable entertainment experience.

As models may vary from country to country (even though products may have the same model number), please check the specifications. This is the Australian model.

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  • +1

    I really want one, but there's no space at home unless I get rid of some other furniture.

    Power Consumption 500W
    Product Width (cm) 223.5
    Product Depth (cm) 50.0
    Product Height (cm) 132.2

    • +1

      Mini LED is a bonus. I purchased the TCL 98" QLED for about $3,310, $700 less than this, from the Bing Lee deal.posted on cyber Monday.

      • -3

        Sounds like buyers remorse

        • +1

          No not at all. Happy with the purchase.

    • Wait, that can’t be the depth right? Are we back to CRT days?

      I’m in the same boat. I would literally have to clear an entire wall to fit it, but would be wild.

      • +2

        depth of stand I think

      • +9

        2235×1322×500 mm including stand.
        2235×1286×90 mm without stand.

    • How much does 500w cost per hour?

      • +2

        Energy is between 22c per kWh and 65c depending on time of day and where you live

        Or free from solar during the day.

        So that’s 11c to 32.5c to run this TV every hour…

        • +1

          Not too bad at all

          • +13

            @Circly: What lol thats awfully high

            • @Xizor: For such a big screen though? Lol I guess it could add up over a year if you leave it on for hours a day..

              • @Circly: Yes, its like 3 x the amount of a 77" OLED. Might as well crank out the old Plasma lol

            • +2

              @Xizor: Eh. I finally binned my old Panasonic plasma last year. Had it for 14~ years. It was 50" and chewed 500w p/h

        • The power tests are done at a certain brightness % and aren’t equalised across TV’s. Highly likely you won’t be running this at full brightness all the time as they are 2000+ nits

          • +1

            @cille745: No shot this is 2000+ nits

          • +1

            @cille745: My 65inch hisense uses 250w/hr watching 4k content at half brightness lol. So yes this would use 500w easy.

      • +3

        That’s some pretty easy maths.

        If you pay 30c per kw and the tv draws 500w then it’s 15c an hour for example.

      • Are we likely to see TV's 90' or above become more energy efficient in the next few years, or will they always going to consume around this level? being LED I can't see how they can make it more energy efficient without reducing the amount of LED or backlighting.

        • More energy efficient LED or another lighting technology will be the next thing.

  • Great price. Have one on order from TGG for a bit more than this. Never heard of masterbuy?

  • how much would a 100" tv cost say in 2015? 20k?

    • +5


    • +2

      Wife and I were in NYC in 2008 and watched a 100 inch TV being craned into a third-floor apartment in W11th St. Asked the guys doing the crane work and they said that it was a Panasonic that was custom made for a Wall St broker and cost US$100K, plus $10K for the installation

      • +2

        Panasonic TH-103PF9 (103 inch) - 220 kg (350 kg with stand). Power Consumption: 365w. Full HD Plasma.

  • +2

    Hisense OS is pretty crap.

    • +32

      Isn't that fixed by a cheap Google TV thrown in the back for virtually $50?

    • Agree.

    • Its not, though I use UHD google tv instead.

  • hmm… why not buy a 4K projector at this price?

    • +31

      I’d go a tv over a projector any day

    • +9

      You need really good light control for a projector set up to look as good as a TV plus a decent screen adds alot of cost

        • noise and need to take care of the bulb. But much harder to accidentally damage if kids or a dog will be playing around.
    • +5

      The only reason to get a projector is to get a screen larger than 100"

      No contest between the picture quality of a projector and a tv, even if you forked out an extra thousand on a light rejecting screen.

    • This was the question to ask years ago when TVs at 100" weren't affordable.

  • Does this Hisense size also have an IPS panel rather than VA like the US models have? On another post, someone said the U7KAU was IPS and therefore far inferior to what they offer in other countries.

    • +6

      Hisense claim it's a VA panel with 1600 zones and 1500 nits peak brightness - identical specs to overseas ones. We'll have to see though, I'll report back once tested.

      • Did you get around to testing this?

        • Hi, haven't received the TV yet (new house yet to move in). Haven't been able to find any on display in stores either.

  • +8

    Does this come with a pair of binoculars so that I can turn them around the other way and see the whole screen from my couch?

    • +1

      No it doesn't. The Hisense binoculars are $50 extra

    • +1

      Thats a house size problem not a tv problem.

  • +2

    100 still small for me waiting for the 150inch to drop that take the bait

  • U7K + Nvidia Shield is a good combo.

    I've got the 85" variant, but the Vida OS is actual garbage; laggy and crash happy. Factory upscaling is crap, too.

  • The high refresh rate is a really good bonus. This is as good as it gets without getting a projector or forking another few thousand bucks for this size.

  • -5

    Hisense TVs aren't reliable at all. Make sure you get extended warranty.

    • +4

      What happened? ACL should apply

      • -7

        ACL doesn't help if it fails right after the 2 year warranty.

        • +9

          That's exactly why it does help……..

    • +3

      Hrmmm I beg to differ. I have a Hisense that's lasted me nearly 10 years with daily use. She's still kicking.

      • +3

        Makes sense to get a hisense

      • +1

        Mine started developing vertical lines right after 2 years. After 3 years, almost a quarter of the screen was covered with lines.

        • +2

          Sounds like you didn't avail yourself of rights under the ACL

          • @Typical16-bitEnjoyer: Isn't the reasonable timeframe for a TV 2yrs under ACL?

            • +1

              @mun4: Nope. I'd say up to 5 years. It depends on the price and how long you would expect a product to last.

              • @Circly: Isn't 5 years for a mid range product? Wouldn't a Hisense TV sold for 50% the price of a mid range product be "reasonably" expected to have half the lifespan (2-3 years)?

                • +1

                  @mun4: Nah you would expect a TV to last longer than that doesn't matter the cost.

    • +2

      I bought 12 Hisense 43" TVs almost 10 years ago for a small motel right beside the ocean. They were cheap, but I figured they would only last a few years due to the salt spray from the beach. Only one has died so far. IMHO Hisense are FAR more reliable than the Samsung and LG TVs I buy for home.

      • +1

        Lucky. I bought 5. 4 have died in 5 years.

  • Would JB price match otherwise any ratings on this seller?

    • I called jbhifi today. They said they are unable to price match. Did anyone else had a luck in price matching?

  • +5

    Hisense is crap; stay away from them. These AU models are built with cheaper parts and have worse specs compared to their non-Australian variants. They now come with a disclaimer: "As models may vary from country to country (even though products may have the same model number), please check the specifications. This is the Australian model." They are deceptive and often don't show their true specs even online.

    I bought a Hisense 75-inch tv a few years ago with HDMI 2.1. The model number was the same as the OC version, which had decent specs. JB HiFi states this online and instore description, but it turns out it was HDMI 2.1 locked at 60 Hz (4K), despite being labelled by Hisense as having HDMI 2.1 features.
    My TV ended up dying a year later from the panel backlight popping. Hisense sent an independent repair guy, and he told me that Hisense TVs are by far the most common TVs they have to replace for warranty issues.

    I got a full refund despite Hisense trying to sneakily replace my TV with another "fake" HDMI 2.1 AU varinat against my wishes. i fought back against this and forced JBHIFI to give me a full refund, despite hisense trying to scam me again.

    ive also heard they use sneaky tactics like cutting resolution to 2k then using smooth motion to boost hz to 200, and using cheaper IPS panels instead of VA.

    And since all the reviews are for the overseas variants, which are not bad choices. hisense can just play dumb with most aussies and save a buck.

      • +7

        Nothing about the above is crap, the worst thing is Hisense does so without changing the model number so it’s very difficult to find information

          • +7

            @BeoWulf: I can read it just fine.

            Please show me where in the specifications it lists the number of dimming zones? One of the major specs that people use to buy MiniLED TV’s?

            That’s right, it doesn’t.

            It’s the really small things omitted that make a large difference that they don’t include or label as different from the international versions, that’s what the above user is talking about. While it may say ‘HDMI 2.1’ there are hidden caveats that aren’t written that affect the use of the TV.

              • +10

                @BeoWulf: Not sure why @cille745 is being downvoted. A quick web search should easily confirm that Hisense has been deceptive with Australia model nomenclature and specifications for some time.

                Edit: oh come on, at least engage with a reply rather than just clicking downvote and walking away from the conversation.

                • +1

                  @tromboc: Yes, I almost got a hisense for 120hz with new consoles only to find out at the last minute 60 only. Curious if things have changed.

              • +4

                @BeoWulf: ‘If it doesn’t list just assume it’s 0’ would be all fine and dandy if all reviews and Hisense didn’t state it for their international models with the same product codes.

                This is a MiniLED TV, a mid range model, the only reason they would not state it is to be deceptive.

                • -4

                  @cille745: God dammit. It was sarcasm because you are daft but then "This is a MiniLED TV, a mid range model, the only reason they would not state it is to be deceptive." - yeah that's a legal case. I'm not sure how many brain cells the majority of people on this site are missing.

      • +2

        Nah, Hisense have ABSOLUTELY played dirty in the AU market in recent times, and pissed off many customers in the process. They were not transparent about models being different. There is NO excuse for changing HDMI 2.1 specs as they did on some models, while still advertising them as such. Even if a deep dive into the specs on the website may reveal the truth, you CANNOT expect a consumer walking into a shop to understand this, especially when you bring up a review of the model online (as many people do in a shop), you will get a very different idea vs what you're actually buying. Hisense are the ONLY manufacturer to do this, and I would certainly have pause before purchasing a TV from them without THOROUGHLY researching it.

    • +5

      The old line “the most common TV for warranty claims” isn’t very useful if the product is cheap and lots of people buy it. 100,000 sales with a 1% failure rate is going to have more warranty claims than 10000 sales with a 5% failure rate. *example numbers.

    • -5

      How much did Samsung get fined? $14M how much did Hisense get fined? None. Plebs arguing about small things are stupid. Never can you guys become business owners pffft. No wonder you little guys work 9/5 for us. Deceptive? It doesn't take a brain cell to realise that 4K 60hz from 2020 was the top.

      • ‘Never can you guys become business owners pffft. No wonder you little guys work 9/5 for us.’ - Ego a bit bruised? The downvotes speak for themselves

        HDMI 2.1 TV’s with 120hz were also rolled out at the end of 2020 as well. If you’d like to be proven wrong about anything else please let me know :)

        • -1

          "HDMI 2.1 TV’s with 120hz were also rolled out at the end of 2020 as well. If you’d like to be proven wrong about anything else please let me know :)" - yeah provide me the model the guy was talking about? The original guy got downvoted multiple times so much so i even suspect that you are the same person. You are trying to continue what that guy was saying but can't even stand your ground correctly. Show me what your little ass can bring

          • +1

            @BeoWulf: Plenty of TV’s in 2020 had HDMI 2.1 (27 of them at least)

            Pretty sure the above commenter is talking about this TV. Back then Hisense used the same model numbers as the overseas variants, and even local reviews wrongly stated the specs.

            ‘Show me what your little ass can bring’ - This is hilarious

            Once again if you’d like to be corrected let me know :)

            • -4

              @cille745: Yes that's the model i saw however it is not 120hz. HDMI 2.1 does not mean 4K 120hz(above). It was lucky that the consumer was awarded. There are many monitors now that are HDMI 2.1 but still 4K 60hz. Those 27 cases but where's the hz and the model the main thread moron was talking about? Use your main account?

  • Hisense tho

  • +1

    How do people rate this vs TCL 98? or that's what she said those extra 2 inches count

    • What would she say?

  • If you do some research these guys sell factory refurbished items?

    • +6

      Are you asking us or telling us???

  • Will this mount on a single brick internal wall?

    • +1

      Maybe, let us know how you go.

    • -1

      If you mean single brick as in brick veneer, then the internal wall is not brick and most likely a stud wall with gyprock. It can mount, it's just more effort because you need to find the studs and they need to line up with mount holes or you need to fix an additional wood panel and the mount to that

      • He just said single brick internal wall, I also have internal walls like that.

        • +1

          Oh that would be no issue at all, I have done that with a glass plasma that would weigh as much as this TV. Just get he biggest bracket that is available that supports the weight

          • +1

            @Jackson: Thank you. It is indeed single brick internal wall and not brick veneer. I saw the bricks during construction.

    • Yes you can. I just did with the 98" TCL with a good bracket from Selby

      • Thank you!

  • No on will price match ie HN JB Bing Lee as they say it is a clearance outlet

  • For those living in apartments, don’t forget to measure your lift size. I measured ours and realised this (and any 98” models) wouldn’t fit even without the box as the dimensions were 2.1m deep, 2.1m tall but the width of the doors was 1m. The length was the main issue.

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