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The Simpsons, TMNT, Seinfeld, Friends, Star Wars Mugs $3 ea + Delivery ($0 with OnePass/C&C/in-Store) @ Kmart


Clearance priced mugs at Kmart. Down from $5 to $3 each. Add to your mug collection or replace the ones stolen at work each year.

The Simpsons
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sold out
Seinfeld Serenity Now
World’s Best Boss - The Office Sold out
Friends Sold out
Star Wars Sold out


Relish your morning coffee or afternoon tea from this printed Mug!

Product Details

  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Dimensions/Size: 9.9cm (H) x 8.8cm (Top Dia.) x 7.8cm (Bottom Dia.)
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

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  • How to get Kmart to design a Rabbids cup

    • +2
      • But its $5, you do the math.

        • +5

          It's $9.99, which is a third the price of most customs.

          K-mart doesn't design or make these mugs. You're not going to get a billion dollar company to source/license and produce a thousands of mugs for a franchise that's barely relevant, so you can buy one for $5, all on the back of asking them in an email. Even if that were possible, it might happen by 2025.

          You are going to get one in the mail before the end of the month if you design it yourself.

          A quick search hasn't found that any Rabbids mugs even exist in the first place. So making it yourself, you'll have a one of a kind.

    • +6

      I just made my own custom cups.

      My coffee cup collection is "corporate coffee cups of companies in movies and tv shows".

      • +2

        I've been meaning to make an Initech mug

        • Made onf of them. Easy to get the logo. Wait for one of the custom mug places when they have them on sale for $5.

  • Damm, someone else was faster than me checking out. Missed it.

    • Which one?

      • Worlds best boss. Same one I was hoping to grab

        • Next step. Send a "anonymous" survey to rate your boss

    • Checkout your local Aldi. Their selection was much better - only some options available at my store when I bought one last week. Much better cup quality as well.

      • I got a Back to the Future mug for $2.99 from ALDI on Saturday.

        • +14

          I will get yours last Friday…

  • +6

    Not a quarter!!! He'll be dancing for HOURS!

  • Buy World’s Best Boss for your boss if you're self-employed.

  • +1

    These mugs are $1 in store - well the Star Wars ones in Ashfield NSW. Quality looked pretty good to me - I was tempted to buy a few for presents.
    All the Christmas novelty stuff was $1 or less.
    I would have posted this an hour ago, but Ozbargain insisted I enter a verification code before it would let me login for some reason.

    • It’s store to store. Some will sell u as part of the Christmas sale but most won’t and will be listed at $3

    • Yeah the checks have stopped me posting deals ><

    • nice, however none available for pickup, and also can not get deliveried either.

  • +2

    Thanks got the totally rad TMNT one.

    • +5

      Yes thank god it’s the old style

      • +2

        As the zombie kid in 2007 said, I like turtles.

        Turtles all the way down.

    • got the last one in ashfield

  • +1

    Going to try my luck and see if i can get a simpson one.

  • +5

    Got a couple of these on the $1 deal a while back. Didnt like the cup. The handle and cup are bad shape IMO. Didn't enjoy using them.

    • good tip, they do look uncomfortable. going to just stick with the TMNT one that looks more ergonomic.

  • +2

    How about Mug? Mug Costanza

  • +2

    cheers, got simpson bush one

  • would have bought some at full price but these are 400mls instead of the usual 250mls

    • Well there's the IT team's belated Christmas presents sorted then.

  • Don't like that the Simpsons reference on the mug is a joke from the pre-modern drawing style, but they've re-done it in the (lifeless) modern style.

  • +1

    Why does Kmart say sold out online and not allow click and collect even at a store that has stock according to their own website?
    If the store has stock, you should be able to click and collect there!

    • +2

      After calling a few stores my experience with that is there is no stock. If its out of stock online, but the store says Low Stock, it just hasn't properly updated and 99% chance there's nothing there

  • +1

    Update: my order just got cancelled because they have no stock(homer bush mug) ….smh

    • Well shirt, I just ordered one for free delivery with onepass. :(

      • just hope they got it in stock lol. showing instock in couple area, i might just go pick one up instead…

        • Mine has been packed and shipped!

          • +1

            @Loopholio: lucky u!

            • +1

              @J0hn: Very lucky. It can sit next to my He-man mug!

          • @Loopholio: Well my mug was delivered today, to the wrong address..

            • @Loopholio: wow, no comment. i saw the mug was available again, bought again, hopefully it goes through this time…..

              • +1

                @J0hn: Auspost are trying to retrieve the package now. I'm going to check my local Kmart for the Simpsons mug. The site says there's stock so it's worth a look!

                • @Loopholio: My mug has arrived! It's not the one I ordered (Homer Bush Mug). They sent the full cast mug. Ugh, good enough. I'll buy that bush mug one day.

                  • @Loopholio: Went to casula kmart, online said they have in-stock, can't find anywhere at all.Even ask the staff there if they know where it is, they're useless as chicken!…. just gave up and went home D:. one day…

                    • +1

                      @J0hn: I tried my local Kmart too and they said there was no stock. Their website showed stock but that's next to meaningless.

    • Mine was cancelled this morning as well (WA).

  • +1

    My Homer mug just cancelled. Held out hope cause other items being done during the week, but cancelled just now :(

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