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World Scratch Map Black $5 + Delivery ($0 With OnePass) @ Catch


Show your family and friends the countries you've been to and plot your next holiday with a World Scratch Map! Simply scratch off the removable material with the scratch tool provided to reveal bright, individualised colours on each country. It even features topographical markings, clearly marked capital cities, every country's flag across the bottom and labelled oceans on a cool, retro looking black backdrop.


World Scratch Map
Colour: Black
Country flags line the bottom of the map
Scratchable countries, island and flags
Highly detailed map with compass and grid marking layout
Additional islands and cities for extra scratching
Perfect gift for tourists, young ones or geographical enthusiasts
Comes with lacquer removal scratch tool
Dimensions (approx. cm): 82 x 52 (L x W)

Mod 14/2: Back in stock and down to $5 from $5.10.

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  • 5.10$ at checkout. Thanks.

  • Thanks !

  • ordered, thanks op!

  • -1

    Does it has HK in it or is it consider as China? :P Otherwise I have to visit China again lol

    • -1

      And Taiwan?

    • I do have the same question. Should I count my visit to HK as a different country or not. I have been to both HK and China so is the count 1 or 2. They do have different passport and different visa requirements so a bit confusing 😀

      • +2

        See, at least someone understands me, I wanna visit as many countries as possible lol

      • As a Hong Kong people, i would tell you it should be counted as two lol. Although it is now considered as one country after 1997, but there is still a boarder between HK, China and Macau where you have to go through the customs.

      • +3

        I wonder if it's made in China.

        If so, some poor factory owner is likely to go missing.

        • +1

          Sorry, had to unpublish my comment as I'm wrong.

          The flag that looks like the Taiwan flag is Samoa. My apologies!

          The image with the flags revealed show them in alphabetical order.

          I can't see the Hong Kong or Taiwan flags, so I can only presume they are classed as part of China on this poster.

          The flag that looks like Hong Kong is Tunisia (between the Trinidad & Tobago flag and Turkey flag, which makes sense as it's alphabetical order).

          • @brotherfranciz: Damn there goes my 2/3 visits :(
            Look like I need a Taiwanese printed map lol

          • @brotherfranciz: Somewhere in China a disappointed secret police strike team is putting their black bags and zip tie handcuffs back on the shelf.

    • It doesn't look like Hong Kong is listed as a country if you look at the alphabetical list of countries.

  • Ordered thanks - can't checkout with paypal for some reason

  • Does it include Kosovo and South Sudan?

    • looks like NO on both :(

      Not that I've been to either

      • They never have brochures for those places in Flight Centre, for some reason.

        • +2

          shouldn't stop you from going - at least to Kosovo. Gotta get well off the beaten path to beat the instagram crowds.

  • +8

    Reminds of the 35c deal for a scratch off world map

    Unfortunately the gift receiver was also an Ozbargainer so they knew I only spent 35c on their gift.

    • haha, i should stop promoting ozbargain to friends/colleagues/relatives

    • lol that’s the problem with gifting to another ozber!

      But I'm not pulling the trigger on this until it’s 35c

  • +2

    Do you scratch the entire country when you visit one city or just the tiny part of the country?

    • Depends on the country for me - Australia for example I'd probably scratch the state of the city I visited but if I went Bali, I'd scratch all of Indonesia

      • +1

        I posted around the same time as you and said the exact opposite thing about Bali. Funny that we chose the same example with opposite views of it.

        • +9

          Lol, interested to know @Benjamin7711's logic here. Bali is absolutely not representative of the rest of Indonesia lol. I mean if you go to Jakarta, fair enough but Bali??

          TBH Bali probably better lends itself to scratching off Australia lol - pretty much boganville over there anyways

          • +2

            @Kingfield: Probs a bad example to be fair lol, was more of a size thing than a representation thing.
            Also didn't put much thought into it, so after reading yours and the other replies - I think I'm converted. Glad it was before I received it and started scratching 😅

    • +5

      I reckon it depends on how well that city represents the whole. I wouldn't scratch Indonesia off going to Bali. Some cities represent a region, so you could do the province/state they're in, but some countries are unremarkable outside the cities and you could scratch off the whole country if you went to the capital/biggest place.

  • +47

    Just to be clear guys, always round up when it comes to these kinds of scenarios.

    Always count one country as two countries where possible, always scratch off the entire country when you've merely just visited one airport in one city in transit.

    The object of this pursuit is to make you feel morally superior to people who haven't travelled as much as you, so always round up.

    • +3

      haha, top comment

    • +7

      reminds me of that 'where ive been' facebook plugin from back in the day

      travel boast cringe

      • +1

        WAYN (where are you now)

    • +3

      As a former country counter, no one should be flexing how many countries they've visited, it's a counterproductive measure to actually experiencing and engaging.

      I now have just 12 new countries left that I actually plan to visit this lifetime. I'll get better value going back to places I know and love to scratch (lol) a little deeper under the surface.

      • Completely agree. Well said.

    • +1

      Yeah, these maps are kind of pointless for some people. It's not like you can scratch Indonesia (Bali) off 50 times.

  • +1

    only $5.10 with onepass?

  • +1

    I got one of these in Kyiv about 10 years ago, it’s all in Cyrillic. Looks so cool, didn’t scratch anything off but framed it when I got home.

    Very cool piece for your office wall!

  • -2

    Bit cringe for an adult to put up on the wall at home, but good for a kid

    • I'm glad someone said it. So pretentious.

    • +4

      Yeah, I can totally see marking visits to 50 countries at the age of 13yo, but when I see a passionate adult, I judge.


      • +2

        A giant scratch map on the wall isn't a tribute to what the person saw when they travelled, who they met, or what they learned. It's a trophy tribute to their ability to purchase plane tickets, and it's a shit look for an adult. It reduces travel to a braggy "I collected the set, look at me!".

        • I understand and second your point (tho the giant map you're talking is smaller than an open newspaper).

        • How on earth do you know what others would think? While you might be describing yourself accurately (?), I know you're certainly not describing me…

        • +2

          I agree - but I'm also guilty of owning a giant magnet board full of souvenir magnets I've bought across the world. I love it and I don't care how pretentious / braggy it might make me. Only a few people have ever gazed on it in wonder cos I collect them for me.

    • It used to be travel books, though. At one point in my misguided youth, I felt when I committed spending $50 on a lonely plenty guide, it meant I was going… Just had to book it.
      Had a shelf FULL of places I was apparently going to (just hadn't booked). Oops.

  • Throw in a Melbourne UBD (2018) for 89c and really confuse kids - https://www.catch.com.au/product/ubd-gregorys-melbourne-comp…

    • Melways are better

    • Reminds me of finding great deals in The Trading Post, followed by yelling-out "Hey mum, where's……"
      "Hmmmm, no idea. Too far!"

  • +1

    I’ve got an isthmus I want to scratch.

  • I don't think I'm going to visit Russia in the foreseeable future.

    Too much effort to scratch.

    • Canada would be even more effort if you need to do all the islands individually

  • I'm getting $6 on checkout

    I do have some account credit trying to use up, but shows $6 coming off they credit, all the way through at checkout.

    • Logged in with your OnePass account? The 90c discount is the 15% extra for OnePass I believe

      • Yes, with One Pass, free shipping. Still comes up as $6. Possibly because it automatically uses the credit in the account perhaps?

  • Still available for $6

  • Looks to be back in stock, at $5

  • Check your email guys, you may have a Catch voucher lying in your inbox.

    • +2

      why won't the voucher just be honest with us?

  • +1

    Shame they didn't have one for just NSW so i could scratch off the towns i've been to. Haven't left the state in 30 years lol.

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