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Western Digital Purple Pro 14TB AI SATA $542.91 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU

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So you've got this Western Digital 14TB SATA hard drive. 14TB, eh? That's a lot of space. I mean, how much stuff do you need to store? It's like having a whole warehouse in a little box.

Supposedly, it's the cheapest price on Camelx3. Bargain hunting, are we? Well, can't argue with a good deal. Although, I'd never heard of Camelx3. Sounds like a place where camels go shopping.

And it ships from the US. Bit of a trek, innit? But hey, if you're willing to wait for it to cross the pond, then go for it. Just hope it doesn't get lost along the way. Wouldn't want your precious data floating around the Atlantic.

So, if you're in need of a mammoth-sized hard drive and you're up for a bit of an adventure in online shopping, this Western Digital 14TB SATA might just be the one for you. Just don't forget to clear some space on your desk for it.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Will this be big enough to download the internet ? Asking for friend when they go camping

    • +6

      Fun facts about the internet!

      1. The internet is surprisingly small!
      2. The internet is wireless!
      3. The internet is very light! (of course the internet doesn't weigh anything!)
        4 The internet lives at the top of Big Ben! (where it gets the best reception)
      4. Before being borrowed, it MUST be demagnetised! Preferably by a Grand Master of The Internet such as Stephen Hawking.
      • +3

        My favourite feature is the little red light.

        • +2

          If anything were to happen to this box, society as we know it… would end

          • +5

            @Switchblade88: should there be any issues, please contact their emergency number:

            0118 999 881 999 119 725 3

            • +4

              @MorningThief: oh one one eight, nine-nine-nine, eight eight one nine nine, nine one one nine, seven two five…. three.

            • +3

              @MorningThief: Well, that's easy to remember.

    • +1

      Will this be big enough to download the internet ?

      No, you need the Rainbow one for that, not the Purple one.

    • If you disregard all the porn, it's probably overkill, but given your friend is going camping, then no.

  • Oh yea finally a hard drive big enough for my 100 cctv cameras around my house

    • Hope it's not a prison.

      • +2

        They just like to watch themselves.

      • Dungeon, prison. same same!

  • +2

    I read all of that in Pilko's voice and wasn't disappointed.

    • +1

      Pilko pants are still better value than this!

  • +5

    The only AI is the obviously ChatGPT generated description

    • We've reached a point in time where everyone's opinion of everyone else is so low that any block of text that seems overly verbose and contains words with more than two syllables must be ChatGPT generated; I mean you're most likely right about but still…

  • +7

    $38 per GB isn't a very good price.

    There's also an 18TB version available for $32.50 a GB, much better value.


    • +1

      You mean per TB but yep

  • Got to say I have a 6TB purple bought in 2015, still going strong with 24/7 usage! awesome drives IMO

  • But you better buy two so then you can make a backup of whatever is on this one

  • Any good deals on WD NAS drives under 10TB? Sub $200 would be nice

  • Western Digital Red Pro 16 TB $3 more

    • Its a different product line though.

  • Man moth?

  • +6

    Huh? this is a bad deal. $38 per TB is poor by today's standards

    • +1

      It's decent for a drive that's optimized for use with security camera systems.

      • +3

        Not just optimised, but solely made for it. Would reccomend people only buy this if they need it for their camera system as it's slower and more inefficent than it's advertised specs if used elsewhere.

  • How is Amazon AU when it comes to the Consumer Guarantee?

    So, if this HDD becomes defective after one year and is outside of manufacturer's warranty period from the date of purchase, I guess their customer service folks will ask me to deal with the manufacturer directly, right? This of course would go against the consumer guarantee.

  • @Karl Pilkington

    Any ideas what the major differences are between the following two 14GB WD Purple models?

    WD141PURP-SPB5YY0 @ $542.87 AUD


    WD140PURZ @ $531.44 AUD

    Setting aside the minor cost difference, which would be the better buy?

    I can't use any HDD bigger than 16GB on my Reolink NVR. So, the 14GB capacity WD Purple is the best option for me.

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