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Ozito PXC 18V 4.0Ah Battery: 3-Pack $99, 2-Pack & Multi Charger $99.98 + Delivery ($0 in Limited Store/ C&C/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


Just noticed this deal is available again.

Now Australia wide, but still quite scattered across stores.

Stock checker, https://nrby.in/bunnings/0417097

I/N: 0417097

Ozito PXC 18V 2 x 4.0Ah Batteries & Multi Charger Pack $99.98

While only 2 batteries, this may suit some as it includes a dual battery fast charger.

Again, now Australia wide. but still scattered across stores..

Stock checker. https://nrby.in/bunnings/0370066

I/N: 0370066

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  • Great deal, if you can get it.

    Looks like East is killing it.

    • +7

      South east, anyway. None in Queensland.

      • Killing it with the lotto though

  • Thanks i will enjoy :)

  • +7

    Cries in Queenslander

    • North is always neglected!

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    Don't really need more but local store has 50. The FOMO is heavy on my heart.

    • ditto

    • +9

      I've been similar with Ozito batteries. My daughter tidied my garage recently and sorted everything into boxes. Apparently I have 11 batteries, mainly 4Ah. I think that's enough.

      • +3

        I only have four 4Ah spares, what would happen if the mower, whipper snipper (both 36v) and drill went flat at the same time???

        • +3

          .One charges while you use the other one, and if you don't have a rapid charger charger then it's beer time.

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      Don't really need more but local store has 50. The FOMO is heavy on my heart.

      Better buy 2 sets, just in case.

    • +2

      What will use on your robotix lawn mowah??


      • This looks pretty good. Uses GPS and a camera but it does not have wifi or app control.

        • So wierd isn't it.

          It's perimeter wire free but there is still a guide wire.

          It has GPS but not bluetooth!!

          They should charge $100-$200 more and give us bluetooth or even wifi/app control.

          • +1

            @Naigrabzo: According to the manual, the guide wire is to guide the robot to dock back to base.

            It's not clear whether the base has to be installed on grass. It would be a bit hard to protect the charger and robot from the elements if so.

            Reviews are saying that the robot confuses shadows for cliffs because of the change in the colour.

            • @skid: I saw that as well! It's wierd to need a guide wire if the robot has GPS etc. I bet it doesn't create a map but rather just run around randomly until it hits guide wire to find it's way back.

              Dissapointing for a GPS mower.

              I think I will wait for Gen 2 or 3.

              • @Naigrabzo: GPS is accurate to 6m, so it wouldn't be able to zero in on the charger contacts. Robot vacuums use IR for this purpose. I think it's starting to look pretty good but app control (and mapping as you say) is sorely needed.

    • +1

      What FOMO?? Lithium cells will just go down in cost as time goes by. Buy what you need don't stockpile, the battery has an expiry, they degrade as soon as the leave the factory. Get a few rotate them, swap them before they are empty. Keep your discharge shallow. Don't leave them on the charger they wear out quickly if they are fully charged all the time.

    • +2

      50 eh? 11kWh for $5k. Add an inverter, and its still half the price of a Powerwall :-)

  • +2

    The question is - Do I need more batteries?

    • +7

      Asking myself the same question. I will ponder til they are sold out, problem solved, lol.

    • +9

      Sir, this is ozbargain

    • +2

      I caved and bought a pack. Too cheap to pass up. Will give one or twp to a friend that has Ozito.

  • What the hell is with Bunnings having 90 stock at each store in adelaide that it's available or 0 at all the others

    Can't even get it delivered

    • +1

      "another carton of ozito batteries? nah we already got plenty on display, just throw it up on the top of the shelving"

      on display: the $69 single pack

    • +6

      No stock near me, but just did a hack I think + plus I have free delivery from OnePass. I set my store to a location that had it, Coffs Harbour, added it to my cart no problems, then was able to select delivery - and in my case free as I've got one pass. See if they do anything once they realise I'm not super close - up near Byron.
      Worth a go if you want.

      • Hey Morgzilla, did this work?

  • +7

    I don't even own any Ozito tools and i want to buy some lol

    • +18
      • +4

        Thats gold, didn't know they even existed!

      • +2

        This is actually a compelling offer given the 3 year warranty on batteries and ease of obtaining additional low cost batteries!

        • 5 year replacement warranty on the bike….

    • +6

      I just bought 3x+2x with charger. Total ozito 18v tools at home: none.

      The ozb force is too strong for me to resist

      • +3

        Haha! That's the spirit. There are regular deals here on tools, so you will be good to go.

      • +4

        Hope you can apply your ozb skills to finding a therapist, to help you uncover why you made the decision to purchase batteries for tools you don't have 🤡

        • +2

          I've done the same thing. Any help with the therapist would be welcome…

        • +2

          There has been numerous times in the past where I've wanted to get a Ozito power tool but didn't want to need but into the batteries. Similarly with the ALDI range, but now I'm all-in on Ozito. Also now I can buy my mum some tools and share batteries.

          • +1

            @DONMAI: This is the way! I am making a small collection for my dad who uses ozito 240V plug in blower etc. This years Xmas will be good for him. I shall upgrade him to the red.

  • Scored one in Melbourne; thanks!
    Will serve the mower really well

  • Has anyone had an issue with the battery where it won't charge when put on the charger and the red and green lights on the charger blinks?

    • +2

      Taken from the charger manual.

      GREEN (Flashing) Stand By (no battery pack is inserted)
      RED (Flashing) Battery is charging (low charge)
      RED (Illuminated) Battery is fast charging (mid charge)
      GREEN (Illuminated) Battery is 85% - 100% charged and is ready for use.
      BOTH(Illuminated) Battery pack is too hot or too cold (charging will begin
      automatically when battery reaches correct charging
      BOTH (Flashing) The battery is defective, charging is no longer possible.
      Do not charge. Contact Ozito Customer Service

      • Hmm thats disappointing. I dont even use it heavily.

        • I guess it would be. Is it still under warranty?

          • @revheadgl: Not sure i would be able to locate the receipt for it unfortunately.

            • +2

              @keejoonc: Have a look at the bottom of the battery.. It has a manufacturing date on there.

              If its within 3 years you could try your luck at Bunnings saying you lost the receipt? I have read on here that people have tried this with success.

              • +1

                @revheadgl: I took it in on Saturday and they gave me a new one and asked me to register it online going forward as it'll store the receipt online and also provide 6 year warranty.

                • @keejoonc: do you have a direct link to register batteries for 6 year warranty?

                  That would be a game changer honestly

                  • @WT: No I haven't looked into it yet.

            • @keejoonc: Buy a new pack then return the old one

      • have found when too hot it will never start charging you have to turn off and on at wall to reset

    • +3

      if battery is too flat it's sensed as faulty, use a charged battery to top up the flat one and then put into charger once flat one has a enough charge for charger to sense it.

      • How do you use charged battery to top up the flat one?

        • Use a couple of pieces of wire and connect positive to positive and same with negative for a minute or two then see if the charger senses enough charge in dead battery

    • This happened to me once, I was able to reset something by holding the button on the battery for 10 seconds and then it charged okay again.

    • I had the same issue, I returned it without a receipt and they gave me a store credit receipt. It was passed the warranty period according to the date on the battery but they didn't check

    • I've had the same for an out of warranty battery so I took the battery apart and just kept the 18650 batteries for my flashlight. Funnily enough all the batteries charged and worked fine with a 18650 charger and flashlight.

  • +1

    Why don’t such sales happen for Bosch batteries??

    • This isn't a sale … it's a product offering at a sterling price!

      Got mine when I posted this deal the first time.

  • I want to buy the Orbital Sander, wonder if that one will be on special soon, fingers crossed

    • I may be wrong but I haven't seen a deal on the sander in a long time.

      I actually have had that sander for a couple of years now and its been great. Even at full price its a good tool and still good value.

      • thanks for your input, i have heard very positive feedback on that sander. i will probably end up buying it soon :)

  • +3

    Why Ryobi batteries are so expensive @^%$#%@

    • +7

      You can buy adapters to use Ozito batteries in Ryobi gear.

    • Because of something called a price placebo. ;)

  • +3

    Mower batteries are great to replace/upgrade kids ride-on batteries. For example, there is a $19 Amazon adapter for these Ozito batteries to use with Powerwheels ride-ons

    • Great, didn't know this. Have you tried it? If so, how'd the runtime go?

      • +1

        No I haven't. Lots of YouTube vids on fathers doing the same 5 min conversion. They talk about faster and further. May need to consider a voltage regulator (as you are going from 18v to 12v.) These are readily available for around $19 too.

        The adapter kits for the mower batteries have inline fuses built in to the postive wire.

        • Came on here for this! Do you have a link to the Ozito one? The Milwaukee one keeps coming up when searching for Ozito - or are they cross compatible? TIA

          • @ccrap: I believe they are out of the same factory

  • +4

    Do I need them… no I've already got 3 of these in 4.0Ah size.

    Would it be rude not to buy them… yes.

    6 is a much nicer number than 3.

    • I find the 2ah is enough for line trimmer etc and makes it less heavy.

      otherwise 4ah FTW!

      • I've already got like 4 of those 2.5Ah ones lol.

        • +4

          These 4ah batts are the new OZbargainers high yield investment.

  • 24x units at Kings Meadows in Launceston. If anyone wants one then hit me up in DM and we’ll see what we can work out. Won’t be cheap to post, though, methinks.

    • The OG Bunnings. That place always has good clearances.

      • It’s actually more convenient to home than Nth Launceston…which is also a pain to get out of the car park when it’s busy.

  • +1

    From what I have read, there are adaptors for these batteries to be used with Dyson for eg, I bought 2 of the ALDI ones, should've go these ones, price is great

      • +1

        I've got one of these for a V6 Dyson. It's awesome. Only problem is the wife had dropped it twice on concrete and the 3D printed plastic broke. Fixed it both times with CA and still going well.

        I also got their portable soldering iron for PXC batteries too.

        • +1


          • +2

            @WT: In simple terms, CA is Cyanoacrylate, which is super glue.Some are better than others though.

  • Why can't they make these compatible with Ryobi?

  • I have 2.0 Ah batteries from drill and pole pruner, both came with fast changers. It would be enough for most users. I have pruned many trees, used reciprocating saw, drill etc with those ard it was more than enough.

    • +1

      yeah true. Only really need these for heavy duty stuff. I prefer it for my


    • +1

      The 4.0Ah have more grunt. It was very noticeable when I compared on a small handheld blower and larger garden blower. Much more air. Not saying your drill or Pole pruner need more grunt though as don't have either?

      • I would have thought that more voltage gives more grunt, but more capacity only makes the machine last longer.

        • +2

          Either is correct in theory. But when voltage remains the same (18V) then the current/capacity is what gives you the "grunt" in these kinds of battery packs. Simply because they put 2 or more cell strings in parallel to give the extra capacity, and the cell strings are the limiting factor grunt-wise. So the single string in a 2Ah 18V pack might give you a burst of 10A of instantaneous "grunt" when needed, but a 4Ah (being basically 2x2Ah packs in parallel) can give you 20A of instantaneous "grunt", as well as twice the runtime.

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