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[Last day to Upgrade] Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Upgrade $39.99 - Download from Microsoft


31/1: Today is the last day to upgrade before the price goes up to $200

For a limited time, upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for a special price: $39.99

This deal enables you to upgrade your Windows 7, Vista or XP PC to Windows 8.

This is a direct download from Microsoft. It is less than the retail upgrade version which comes with the box and CD and sells for $68.

If you do not like the Metro interface you can restore the classic Windows 7 Style Start Menu with Start8.

Deal starts on 26th Friday!

EDIT: By using Jesseboy89's workaround from the comments below you can get it for $15!
'Go to https://www.windowsupgradeoffer.com/en-AU/Registration - enter in details, make some up (i.e. purchase date 1st July 2012) and a model number of a laptop or something. It will then email you a promo code, run the upgrade tool, go through to buy it, select paypal or credit, then enter the promo code it emailed. Bobs your uncle, you'll find it reduced to $14.99. Pay and it gives you an upgrade product key immediately, saving $25 :'
Upgrade Tool Download: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=262205

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    • i installed a ThinPC (win 7) on my mbp. i will try.

  • +2

    Surely people getting the $15 promo must be worried if putting in false info? Don't you think Microsoft will do a check after the promo expires.. or something? Then you'll have an error message saying your trial has expired? It might not check when you purchase because you could be buying from a different machine to the one you'll be using. Am I the only one that thinks this way? Sure it's only $15.. but how annoying if they then expect you to pay more and the intro prices are done with.. I guess time will tell..

    • M$ will be so happy ppl are willing to pay even $14.99 for this POS they'll be turning a blind eye to most shenanigans! ;)

    • Yeah, good idea. Made me re-think..

    • +5

      I can't believe anyone on this site would even think that Microsoft will request proof of purchase for around half the Windows 7 PCs sold.
      In the terms and conditions, they state all Windows 7 PCs purchased between 2 June 2012 and 31 January 2013 will be eligible for the $15 license.
      02/06/12 to 26/10/12 (today)
      That's almost 5 months worth of computer sales GLOBALLY.

      In one quarter, (3 months), 87.3 MILLION units were shipped (let's assume that was to replace sold stock)
      We're talking about almost 5 months worth of sales of computers here.
      Do you really think Microsoft is going to individually request and verify 50+ MILLION receipts of Windows 7 laptop/desktop receipts?

      • Yeah, good point. Made me re-think…

        Upgrading now..

  • where is the cheapest place to buy windows 7?

    • Russia.

      • Spasiba, tovarisch! ;)

    • You don't need win7 for the $14.99 to work. If you're using the upgrade tool, you just need to come up with any computer model (should be easy to find one online or go to any store and write one down) and any date after June 2012. If you really need a physical disk, I have win7 ultimate DVD from Microsoft (x86 & x64 bit) which I won from a Microsoft event before. I use enterprise license from work for my personal machines so this one has been sitting around waiting to be used….or expire. Lol

      • So just sitting around eh?
        I wouldn't mind a copy - just saying.

  • Won't let me download it for some reason :(

    Keep getting:
    "Download did not complete successfully
    The Download task did not complete
    The Specified service does not exist as an installed device"

    • had the same thing happen went to start->search->typed windows 8->a file named win8install or something similar came up click on it and it just restarted the download and install process with no problems.
      Running program now and I like it.

  • +2

    Thanks OP and thanks @Jesseboy89 for tipping me over the edge and coercing me into getting this for 14.99, even if it is a hunk of crap, you can't go wrong with a genuine OS for 14.99!

  • Dumb question -> If you do this download method for $15~ does it come down as an .ISO file so you can upgrade / install if from a DVD/USB key??

    I've recently rebuilt my Win 7 machine but I wanted to download the upgrade at work thanks to the quick speed.
    Also, if I were to reinstall my PC in the future, do I need to install 7 then this on top? Or do I just install this and verify my Win 7 key??


    • It give the options to save to USB or create an ISO

  • +3

    Awesome just got it, how could anyone say no to a legal version of Windows 8 Pro for $15!

    • -1


    • I was going to get it then saw the women touching the screen, it hit me, this is much more orientated towards touch screens and will provide reduced productivity for someone who uses high end keyboard/mouse and an iPad on the go

      I will stick with 7 for as long as I can

  • is there somewhere that will tell you how win8 will perform on your laptop? i have an older (2009-2010) hp envy 13 with win 7 and didnt want to upgrade if it was going to slow everything down!

  • Can anyone answer if you got a new product key with your $15 download?

    • +1

      Yes. Followed the above instructions and it worked. Paid via paypal, discount appeared and downloaded the install to USB. :)

  • Those who upgraded from Windows 7, How long did it take?
    Cheers :)

    • +1

      About 5-25mins, depending if you are installing from DVD or USB2/3 onto a SSD or HDD.

  • Stupid question, but you can you purchase this upgrade now, but wait til later to install in on another computer (that I am about to purchase with Win7 installed) ?

    • +1

      good question n idk

    • Yea you could, buy it for the lower price or get that win7 pc before jan 31st

  • This is probably a stupid question, but do I need to reinstall all the software after I upgrade to Win 8 using Upgrade Assistant? I currently have heaps of software and I dont want to reinstall everything again? Most of them are compatible with Windows 8 (from Upgrade Assistant).

    • Is states that you don't. Everything compatiple will remain installed, along with all your files etc.

      • +4

        All states except Tassie.

  • I signed up for the $14.99 upgrade offer a few days ago and am still waiting for my email from Microsoft to arrive to allow me to install Windows 8. Has anyone else received the email? If I manually download the upgrade assistant it only allows me to purchase a copy at $39.99.

    • +1

      Got it within 1 min when i did it about an hour ago. Maybe try again?

      • I received the confirmation email a couple of days ago and have just gone back into My Order on MS' site. Yep, the promo code is there. Great.

        smh.com.au seems to think the upgrade is only downloadable later today:

        "At a New York news event, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 would launch on Friday in 37 languages and 140 worldwide markets. It can be downloaded beginning at 12:01am New York time worldwide (3.01pm AEDST) and will be sold at retail stores.

        Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/hometech/microsoft-unveil...

  • +1

    yay <$15 windows 8 upgrade thanks guys

    • Did you get a new product key?

      • I bought the $14.99 upgrade, and yes, got a new product key.

  • hmmm always getting asked for a win 7 key… even puttin in my old dell laptops key and nothing :S

    • Same Here.. getting the same validation??

  • Hey guys - anyone know if this can be used to upgrade an install of Windows 7 that has not been validated by MS (i.e. identified as 'non-genuine' with those warnings appearing)?

    • You mean if it will upgrade from a copy of Windows 7 that's been identified as being pirated. Probably not but then it's also against the licensing agreement.

    • i would like to know that 2 as i have a bootleg windows 7 with daz loader (makes it so you can install updates and genuine MS software) would they realise if i updated to windows 8

  • I forgot to setup the download option and its has done everything except the upgrade. Does anyone know where the downloaded file is located? its not in the standard download folder…

    • Assuming you installed windows on the C:
      Check C:/ESD
      It's a hidden folder.

  • +1

    Well for $15 I got Windows 8 Pro - GREAT!! Pretty easy to install etc and nothing lost.

    Verdict - Unless you are Windows Phone/Tablet user, a Win 8 PC doesn't seem to offer anything more than Win 7 except for having a tablet layout. I can't see why anyone who's an iphone/android user would want a Win8 PC.

    • True but it's still better than my win7 32bit, and i have 6GB of RAM. There is a way you can get the "start menu" back.

      Apparently the https://www.windowsupgradeoffer.com/en-AU/Registration being hammered by Ozbargainers

    • There are some optimisations in W8 to improve performance.

      As for iPhone/Android, what does this have to do with Windows? You're comparing mobile OSes to a desktop one, they're compatible so there's no exclusivity. You seem to be confusing WP8 or W8 RT with this deal.

    • The performance optimisations are great. I don't know about battery life, but I assume W8 should be a tad better in CPU and memory utilisation, which means more juice for your laptop or tablet.

      Metro sucks — yeah. There is no way Metro can be disabled, and the lack of a start menu is pretty disorienting. However in the first place, I never used the start menu that much and instead opted for desktop icons and toolbar icons to launch apps, and the file indexing app called "Everything" to launch files/apps with just a few keystrokes.

      I got it installed on my Lenovo E320 this morning — everything is running smoothly, except that some drivers won't install and none of the Lenovo utilities really work. Hopefully Lenovo picks up the game and gets those drivers out of beta soon.

  • mhhhh I've installed windows 8 pro with virtual box and found that, http://windows.microsoft.com/is-IS/windows-8/why-activate-wi... and could not activate it…that suxxx…

  • Has anyone else had issues getting a download link? I've gotten the promo code working and I selected paypal as the payment option, but haven't been given an opportunity to pay.

    I only get an email saying: "Your order is being reviewed - Sorry for the delay, but we want to make sure there aren't any problems with your order (like spelling mistakes in your name or address, or formatting errors in your payment details).If you'd like to cancel your order or verify your payment information, contact the order verification team."

    But it's been hours and still no reply.

  • Did anyone had this problem when you trying to upgrade to Windows 8?
    It says that "Sorry, Windows 8 isn't available for online purchase in the country/region you're in."
    If anyone solved this, please let me know. Appreciated and Thanks!

  • No success, after entering product key for windows 7 home premium, it comes up with something like
    "Unfortunately, based on the information you provided during the registration process you are not eligible for the upgrade offer." Any suggestions??

    • Earlier months wont work try july or about

      • I have tried August, Sept and Oct. In every case it asks for a product key, and when I enter it, it comes up with invalid.

        • Happened to me as well - start Private Browsing Tab :)

  • ha, so I tried the product key from my older laptop - success!
    Newer one has win 7 home premium, older one has win 7 pro

  • Got one… Thanks

  • I tried and it won't work. No matter what date/PC Brand/Model i put. Can anyone please get one for me and mail it to [email protected] . I want to be able to use this promotion so please be help a fellow out! Thanks in advance!!

    • Noticed you seemed to have only joined the site just to post this, I hope that you aren't just leeching (although it looks to be that way).
      Regardless I have registered for you under that email.
      You will be receiving an email with your Registration ID.
      Use that Registration ID you receive in your email and your email to login to the link above, after that, you should see your promo-code that you use while running windows 8 upgrade asssistant.

    • So in reality you really want someone to buy Windows 8 Pro upgrade and email the product key to you for free. Nice one.

      • +2

        No, he can't register for the promo ($15 one) cause he can't read.

  • Is everyone putting their actual names to match the payment info?

  • Ordered and received the product key.

    But can't download Win8. Error msg 'We can't connect right now'.Is there a direct link to download win8?

    • There is, if you are a technet subscriber. Otherwise, one other option I know of is to use torrents.

  • Hmm seems to be asking for a product key now

  • +4

    So MS is relying on an honor system rather than making you prove you bought your system after 2012-06-02.
    Fortunately, I have no honor.

    btw, I have Vista 32bit on one laptop. Can I chose Windows8 Pro 64bit rather than 32bit?
    iirc when Win7 came out it wouldn't let you go from Vista32 to Win764.

    • +1

      1) Depends on your processor if it can handle 64 bit - what processor is it?
      2) 64 bit and 32 bit are slightly different, so you have to clean-install 64 bit if you want it.

      The product key/license shouldn't be bit-specific though.

    • Consider the discount as a pay back for Vista.

      I believe switching to 64 bit will depend on the availability of drivers that support your machine components.

    • +1

      Fortunately, I have no honor.

      LOL, +1 for that…

  • I know it says you can upgrade from win7 in OP post, but i thought win8 pro is only an upgrade if you already have win8? can anyone confirm?

    And if it only sends you the cd key, do you just download the trial/demo? sorry I've always been a mac and want to switch!

    • thought win8 pro is only an upgrade if you already have win8

      There are 4 editions of Windows — the ordinary "Home" edition, the Pro version, Enterprise version and the RT version for tablet devices.

      See them all at

      You must own XP / Vista or 7 to perform this upgrade.

      And if it only sends you the cd key, do you just download the trial/demo?

      There is a product trial — it's the Enterprise version of the OS. You might be tempted to download and install it, but there are some drawbacks to the trial. Namely:

      • The evaluation edition will expire and cannot be upgraded.
      • To upgrade, the evaluation must be uninstalled and a nonevaluation version of Windows must be reinstalled from your original installation media.

      In other words, DON'T USE THE TRIAL. Just download the Windows 8 ISO file and burn it to a DVD or USB stick.

      According to Cwongtech though, you should be able to clean install Windows 8 (note: need an ISO burned to a disk or USB stick first) and it will activate normally as a retail product, not as an upgrade.

    • -1

      Wouldn't switch to windows just yet over mac. Running this on fusion out of curiosity (upgraded from 7) still prefer mac os and find it more accessible.

  • +1

    I think the updated deal has been Ozbargained. It now asks for a Windows 7 Product key for validation. Using an old key installed on your machines do not work.

    • Yep - with my method I'm getting asked for Verification for Windows 7 Product keys now.

  • not working..

    it ask for windows 7 key, and when you give a valid one
    it saids cannot qualify

  • is this a 64bit version?

  • Yeah I think since November it's stopped working. I can't get it to work either.
    Anyone who got it to work previously can you try again and let us know?


  • fyi, I can still get it using legit windows 7 key from ultrabook that i purchased before july 2012

  • so it's not working anymore??

  • Works for me.

    Remember you have to enter in the promo code during the last steps of the checkout.

    • what promo code?

      • +1 we are going in circle.

  • So will Officeworks raise their price of the Windows 8 boxed copy from $48 to ~$200 as of tomorrow as well? I might go buy another couple copies if that's the case.

  • Do you have to upgrade right now with this deal?

    I have an old PC with 32 bit Vista. I'll be building a new PC in the coming months, and want to switch to 64 bit. Can I use this promo to grab an upgrade key, and install 64 bit Windows 8 on the new PC if I preload my existing Vista 32 bit on it?

    • you have the option to save win8 to an ISO file and install later

      • Gold! Thanks.

      • Where is that option to download as ISO. The windows updater started to download without giving me a link !

        • There is no link. The ISO downloader is the only way to get the ISO file.

          Once it's finished you will be given the option to burn it to a disk or save it as a bootable USB image.

    • +1

      No, you don't have to do it right away. You'll get access to a downloadable disk image which you can burn on to a DVD and use anytime with the purchased upgrade key.

      • so I can purchase 2 or 3 upgrade keys and download just one copy of the file. Right? (as thinking to do later on 2-3 computers)

  • Also you should get your free upgrade to media center edition.

    Ends today as well


    "Your product key must be activated no later than January 31, 2013"

    Better install today if you want it.

    • Cant get the free media center edition, keep getting an error:

      We couldn't process your order.
      If you think you have received this message in error, contact a Microsoft Customer Support representative.
      Terms & Conditions

  • Anyone got a link to compelling reasons to upgrade (or not) to win 8? I currently run win 7 64 bit pro on:

    Desktop (ssd): gaming, office, general duty fast pc (handbrake etc)

    Ultrabook (ssd): office/study, watching movies when travelling

    HTPC (N40L): xbmc via hdmi to tv, with wireless keyboard.

    I am thinking of getting one license to try on the ultrabook, but suspect it will be a pita to learn new controls.

    • If you already have the pro version, there is not much advantage of upgrading. Unless there are some metro apps that you want to use.

    • Even though there are no immediate noticeable benefits right now, Windows 8 will become the norm for consumer PCs. Therefore more and more people and app developers will move to it. At just $15, its a a no brainer.

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