AMD Ryzen 7 5700X3D Processor $389 Delivered + Surcharge @ CentreCom


Price coming down after release :)

Probably the budget gaming king now, definitely for anyone still on the AM4 platform.

Surcharges: 1.2% Card & PayPal, 2% AmEx.

Free shipping excludes WA, NT & remote areas.

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    Hmmm…do i need to upgrade the 3600

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      I'm debating it with a 5600 and a 3080… Probably not justifiable but at least then I will feel the AM4 system is complete at that point and I can stop thinking about it

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        As someone that went from a 3600X to 5800X3D, it made a huge difference. Higher, smoother framerate with GPU now properly utilized (3080Ti). Was gaming at 1440p@160Hz, now 2160p@144Hz.

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          Don't say such things! A someone with a 3700x and a 2080ti, I am trying to keep my wallet closed and save up until 5080 and whatever the next good X3D comes out.

          and due to a series of warranty shipping errors borderline on comedy, I now game at 1600p, it's great, but it can slow down a bit as things age

        • I've noticed a great deal more than noise at idle or just simple web browsing, excel, Facebook etc.. kind of annoying how the x3d ramps them up like that.. other than that I've noticed a few more freezes. Running win 10 tho.

      • That's a good combo IMO. I have a 5600X, (upgraded from 3600X) and another system with a 5900X. Def the 5900 is quicker but not substantial. If you can get a used 3080ti (with the larger VRAM) at a good price, you wont go wrong.

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      Same TDP as the 5800X3D so if you're running a budget cooler or the out of the box one with your 3600 you might need to upgrade CPU cooling solution also. Something to consider.

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        So is the consensus that a single tower 120mm is insufficient? What about the king of budget dual fan tower: Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120mm?

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          I am far from an expert on this topic but was just mentioning this as a potential extra cost to consider when doing that sort of upgrade.

          I am not familiar with that specific cooler but a quick skim through some reviews and tech specs indicate its capable of cooling 200W CPUs and this is only a 105W CPU so sounds like it'd be fine. But, again, I am not an expert.

        • I’m using a peerless assassin se on a 5800x3d and I get 70-80 degrees gaming in a non air conditioned room mid summer on 33+ degree days

          Case is lian li 216x and I’ve got two intake two exhaust

          Just echoing other comments for whoever reads this, I had a 3700x with my 3070 and this cpu was a massive upgrade imo. I get more consistent frame rates across a range of games and less stuttering. I paid like 470 for mine and man I just see the 5700x3d as a bargain with how cheap it is compared to its older sibling it’s a no brainer for am4 users

    • Not worth it at this price point if you play on 1440p and above at all. I also have a R5 3600 as well with a rtx 3080 and its fine for another year or two before these X3D chips become actually cheap enough to justify spending into a dead platform.

      Even $250 is asking a lot for this and the price of the 5800x3D is a joke, the performance difference isn't big enough to justify the spend.

      • +3

        Bumping up the 1% lows is rather nice, though, and some folks might play a lot of sim games that are fairly CPU-limiting.

      • As a Sim user this is worth every cent

      • yeah dunno, bought one and a 7900xt and now its obliterating every game on earth

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      I'm in the same boat as you, but this will go a lot lower and/or AM5 will get more affordable pretty soon

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      You can upgrade for a hopefully better YouTube and Netflix experience.

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    I have a 5600X. I play at 1440p 170hz…

    This is super tempting. But I don't think I'll see a massive jump..? Maybe game depending..

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        Understandable, have a nice day!

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          You should upgrade and give me your 5600X. Only kidding.

          Work out how much you can get selling your 5600X then decide, the thing with 5700X3D is that you need to get your own CPU cooler.

          • @netsurfer: Already have a Noctua U9S so it's a non issue. But yeah I probably won't upgrade… Yet.

      • Thanks, I'm in a similar situation as Reaper, looks like my wallet's safe now

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      The 5800x3D/5700x3D would definitely be a sizeable jump…BUT

      Mostly in certain CPU bound games, and especially if you have spare GPU usage available.

      These X3D chips essentially allow the CPU be less bottle-necked and use more of the GPU.

      The performance jump is especially significant in Rust and EFT.

      In Rust specifically, I know when I had a 2700x the GPU was only using around 40% of it's capacity. Now it uses almost 100%, and frames are more than doubled.

      I'd recommend stress testing your favourite games with task manager open on the other monitor, and check how much of your GPU is being used.

      On a side note, the 5700x3D literally just came out at $425 and I expect it to be sub $350 in the coming weeks. It's about 10-15% slower than the 5800x3D.

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        Honestly in your case it feels more like the performance boost was from upgrading from a 2700x to literally anything else - not sure most of it is down to the X3D CPU.

        When I upgraded from a 2600x to a 5600x it doubled my fps in some games too - but it’s still leaves a lot of performance on the table even with a 3080 at 1440p

        • +1

          Yes true, I definitely saw a more significant jump from the 2700x

          However, the 3D cache is definitely still significant in its own right.

          See these individual game scores from the 5800x3D launch:…

          Borderlands 3 1440p
          5800x - 95.2fps
          5800x3d - 136.1fps

          Far Cry 5 1440p
          5800x - 147.7fps
          5800x3d - 187.3fps

          Significant, but only if the game is CPU heavy. In other games it's negligible.

          "Is it worth it?" all depends on which games you play most.

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      Not worth it. You can upgrade and sell your CPU, but they are reaching around $100 - $150 in the used market. That extra cash you should save is for an upgrade future GPU. 5600X is still a respectable CPU

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    Would this be a upgrade for me 3700? Thank you

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      For certain cache-heavy games, definitely. Check out some reviews :)

    • Bigger upgrade for gaming than productivity, but it all depends on what your GPU is and how long until you're planning to upgrade the whole system anyway

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    If it's already dropping, I expect this to be sub $350 in a few weeks.

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      Oh wow! You should post that!

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    Same price at PLE if that works better for some people:…

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    considering the 5700x has been ~$220 multiple times last year (after stacked coupon and cashback), i don't think this is a good value until ~$300.

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      But its 3d

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      Its not really comparable, completely different binning tier. X3D are failed EPYC Milan silicon, so they're one tier down from the very best chips reserved for servers, with the 5700X3D being chips that failed to run at 5800X3D standard (clock speed/heat/stability/etc…). 5700X are close to the bottom of the binning tier, being 8C CCD that failed to run at 5800X standard, but better than 5600(X) which has 2 failed cores. Its like complaining that mince is cheap so why buy filet mignon just because they come from the same cow.

      Performance wise, in CPU/memory bound games the X3D smashes regular Zen 3 chip like the 5700X, and even in non-CPU/memory bound games the cache still elevate it to the performance level of the Zen 4 CPUs (7600/7700). The real competition is the 7600. 5700X3D is a drop in replacement for AM4 setups, gets better performance in certain games that benefits from the cache, and has a cheaper platform, but the 7600 isn't on a dead platform.

      • as a consumer, i don't give a single (profanity) about the manufacturer's woes. that's their problem.

        unless you are playing at 480p with a 4090, 5700x3d will never offer nearly double the FPS of 5700x. not even close.

        • If you're playing a MMO or Simulation (or something like MSFS/Rust/Tarkov), it certainly will. WoW is the biggest one that comes to mind, you'd easily triple the average FPS while fixing 1% lows entirely with the X3D alone just because of how badly CPU bottlenecked it is. The improvement in 1% lows and frametime stability in other games is also significant

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    I've got an 8600K OC'd to 4.8 GHZ and an GTX 1080. 1080p gaming.

    Is it worth switching?

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      i mean if u gonna switch to amd why not try the new 7000s cpu, the 5000s cpu is more for someone still have a am4 platform and don't want to change to a new platform

    • +1

      Nah don't spend money into an end-of-life platform, just go for something newer.

    • You can think about it from the sell perspective instead of the buy perspective.

      Can you sell your 8600K kit and buy into AM4 (with robust VRM mobo and 3200Mhz+ DDR4) for less than $250 extra, with this chip? (I probably wouldn't spend more).

      • X3D chip aren't as memory sensitive as the regular Zen 3 chips, so he can reuse his RAM. A good B550 board (i.e. Asrock B550M Pro4) is about $150-$200

        • Oh ok that's good to know. I thought that (assuming he never upgraded his RAM) 2400/2666Mhz would not be fast enough.

          • @tekisei: Its about a 7% performance loss for DDR4-2133 compared to 3600 on regular Zen 3 CPUs. So even in the worst case scenario its not awful, though in games where there's a memory bottleneck you're going to feel it. X3D is even less affected by slow RAM because of the L3 cache

    • +1

      I'd probably hold out for a bit and consider speccing out a full new build.

      New cpu, gpu, and maybe consider a 1440p 27inch 240hz monitor or something. Definitely don't buy into AM4 if you're doing a full platform switch.

    • Does it run crysis?

  • Thought it was the 5800X3D and almost bought it.

    Waiting for a sub $500 5800X3D Deal again :(

    • It might not be too much help for you, but it is possible to get the 5800x3d for $475 atm.

      If you have ebay plus you can buy this from Ebay for $505. Then if you buy three $150 Prezzee lunar gift cards individually you’ll receive 3x $10 free vouchers. And pay the rest on card or use shopback/Westpac for maybe more savings.

      Just some info 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • +1

        Just found this

        Ebay plus brings it down to $489

        • Oh nice find,
          But for me ebay shows the ‘SAVA5’ discount code giving 5% percent off. So it’s down to $479.75.

          And again someone can use Prezzee vouchers to get it even cheaper down to $450.

  • I'm using a 4090 with my 5600X and it works fine at 1440p. Can probably get around 10% better frames with a CPU upgrade for most games (even lower with DLDSR enabled) but don't think it's really worth upgrading a dead platform, especially considering AMD will likely be on AM5 for the next 2-3 years at least and a 7800X3D is much better and is only around $150 more on sale.

    • +1

      The upgrade is mainly attractive for people who play games that drastically benefit from the large L3 cache beyond the norm. The 7800X3D is definitely the better deal, but it also comes with a $350-$400 platform upgrade cost that can go into a GPU upgrade instead

  • I'm currently running a 2700x with a 6800XT and I feel that it's bottlenecking my GPU hard.

    Is this worth the upgrade?

    Do I need to do anything to the mobo to upgrade?

    • Mine worked fine with a simple bios update on a ~5 year old MSI mobo. Compatibility will depend on your board. If you're going to buy a new mobo just to run the new cpu I'd maybe consider making the jump to an AM5 system instead.

    • BIOS update, and if you're using the stock Wrath Prism cooler maybe consider a cooler upgrade, it'll probably do ok considering the 2700X is also a 105W TDP part, but if you're already taking it off you might as well get something better.

      • I've got a kraken 360 running on it so I should be OK in that sense.

        Would the upgrade in the CPU from the 2700 be noteable in games?

        • Depends on the game really, and how CPU/memory bottlenecked it is. On your average AAA game, you can expect somewhere between 10-30% improvement in average FPS. On anything with more CPU usage (open world, simulation, MMOs, etc…) its a lot more drastic. 1% low and frame stability is generally the biggest improvement people notice with these, even if your average FPS doesn't increase much it "feels" a lot smoother. For the extreme, in games like Factorio/Stellaris/Civ/etc.. simulation time is easily halved, and in WoW your FPS will easily double/triple in raids while fixing 1% lows entirely.

          I quit WoW Classic last year since the Dragonflight engine made 25m raid nearly unplayable, with average FPS in the 30s and dropping to the 10s every couple of seconds. Borrowed a mate's old 5800X3D platform when he upgraded for a weekend, solid 90fps.

    • My EVERYTHING improved massively from my 2600 to my 5600x. I imagine it'll be similar for you, and your GPU is more powerful than mine.

      I'd seriously consider the upgrade! Definitely update your bios first/check compatibility lists for bios versions.

      For 5700X3D consider though as it's a bit cheaper

  • I'm a Ryzen 3600 with a RTX 3060 Ti playing at 1440p. Have been debating the X3D for a while to prolong my system. Still too much.

  • Anyone with tips for a noob after a new computer (just for Age of Empires 2 - not too demanding on hardware)? Current laptop lagging. Considering a desktop/mini-PC.

    I used to know enough to compare processors (e.g. Pentium 3, 2GB RAM, 512MB VGA). But feel lost with the jargon and specs now.

    Can see that this is a popular model for a budget gaming computer - would getting this and attempting to assemble a decent PC be biting off too much with this little knowledge? And all up, what kind of cost will it end up?


    • +2

      Better off buying 7xxx series or Intel. I wouldn't brand new build into AM4. You'd be better off setting a budget, then you can work around that rather than asking how much it would cost, as it's way too variable/depends on many questions (future games potential, what do you have that can be reused if at all, what monitor, do you need a new monitor, etcetc)

      • Thank you!

  • Bought 5600 and 6800 for 15 months, how much improvement I will see 5700X3D in 1440p gaming? How much I can sell my 5600?

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