Catch Connect 20GB Prepaid Mobile Plan $20 for 90 Days (Ongoing $40 Per 90 Days) @ Groupon


Posting this because it's handy for sim slutting & the only 90 day plan I can find.
Credit to Best Aussie Markdowns.

  • Unlimited standard national talk and text.
  • Optus 4G Plus Network (VoLTE)
  • New services only.
  • 20GB is for 90 days (not 20GB per month)
  • All data allowance is applied upfront after activation.
  • Ongoing recharges revert to standard price of $40 or as otherwise advertised.
  • Activate SIM within 30 days of purchase to receive advertised inclusions.
  • Don't forget to disable auto-recharge once the SIM has been activated.
  • Offer ends 27/02/24

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  • Now I need to find a cheap Optus network mobile data dongle to make this work.

  • Does this come with a new phone number?

    • +2

      usually new sim plans come with your choice of new number or to port your existing number.

  • +1

    good find

  • +1

    If you get on this, can you port out and then back in on it again? Or do they remember you?

  • If you get on this, can you port out and then back in on it again? Or do they remember you?

    Yes you can port out and back in. Otherwise we would eventually be stuck with one carrier!

  • +7

    Wow haven't heard of Groupon since like 2011 lol

    • +8

      2 years ago, before boost start its cashback, there's a lot of ozb crowd using Amaysim x Groupon deals.

    • Used to have some good meal deals like $15 buffet 5 years ago but not anymore since covid

  • +1

    Very good find. Thanks 🙏

  • how cashback works in this case ? Groupon redirects to catchconnect.

  • How do these guys go for global roaming? Had a skim but can't see anything obvious.

  • Oh man my tourist traveller friend arrives within a month.. Should just be able to activate it in time hopefully otherwise $20 down the hole.. Eh I have had worse gambles

  • Neeeeeeerrrrrd !

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