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Single Swag with Carry Bag $99 (Was $399.99, $300 off) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BCF


Free-standing single person swag
450gsm ripstop polycotton canvas for durability
500gsm reinforced PVC bucket floor for added protection
70mm high density comfortable foam mattress for a great nights sleep
No-see-um mesh for ventilation and insect protection
Lightweight alloy dome poles with top spreader bar for stability
High head clearance for extra space
Approx dimensions: L210 x W85 x H68cm
Zip up swag bag included for protection and storage

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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  • +1

    How does it compared to the king's brand

    • I own the single and double, both get a good work out and I haven't had any issues so far. Great price!

    • +2

      Don't buy a kings. They leak like a sieve and will refuse warranty.

    • I had one of these for years till the pole broke. I visited BCF twice over 6 months to see if I could buy a replacement pole but at these times they were not available to buy and unlikely to be in the future. I disposed of the swag and bought a Kings King Single swag which I put on a stretcher and it has been waterproof so far.

  • +1

    Is 11.5kg a normal weight for this type of product?

    • +9

      Yep. It's all canvas and includes mattress as well.

      Ripper price

    • -7

      Does seem on the heavy side

      • +5

        Canvas is heavy but very durable.

      • +10

        Heavy only when compared to something entirely different.

        My ride on mower is heavier than my push mower.

        • -6

          First link was this one when I started to have a look to compare - https://www.oztent.com.au/products/uls-1-ultra-light-single-… - under 3kg for less than the RRP of this deal. So I'm not claiming to be a frickin swag expert, but I fail to see how this is 'something entirely different'.

          • +4

            @Fancydancer: That is specifically designed for motorbike camping and doesn't, for instance, include a mattress. You'd have to add that to the cost (and weight) as well.

            The RRP of this deal is also complete bullshit.

          • +2

            @Fancydancer: Is a motorbike entirely different to a car? The OzTent is 210gsm canvas, while the Wanderer is 450gsm canvas. More than twice as thick. Plus the Wanderer has a larger internal area. And a mattress.

            The weight is normal for a heavy duty swag. Of course if you google "ultra lightweight swag" you're going to find something lighter…

      • +3

        I thought that at first about a swag, but they're not for hiking with they're very much a toss in the car tent.

        Very different to a family tent too.

        • Most of the people I know with swags treat them like a "toss in the back of the ute" tent. You don't even have to pack them up when you're done camping, just take the poles out and throw the whole shebang, mattress and bedding still inside, onto the tray and off you go. They're less convenient for car camping, but still a great option with plenty of benefits. I've slept in my swag down to -3C and been toasty warm inside, heavy canvas insulates surprisingly well without turning into a steam room.

  • +3

    70mm mattress is a good edition as most basic versions of a swag have 50mm mattress.

    • +2

      If you value your hips go the 70mm

  • -4

    Is this Anfanee’s answer to the housing crisis.

  • +8

    That RRP is ridiculous for a generic single swag

    • +5

      The RRP is ridiculous for everything post-COVID.

  • +9

    It's cheaper than buying a house. Maybe this is the answer to the rental crisis.

    • +1

      I'm seriously considering it as my room is hot af… And landlord doesn't want us to use aircon. Appears to me that sleeping in the yard is cheaper than other cooling solutions..

      • +36

        Tell your landlord to go (profanity) themselves and turn the aircon on.

        • -4

          With the high rental cost these days, I think you should be grateful to have a place to stay…

          The last thing you want is for the landlord to kick you out and ended up paying higher cost for an A/C issue….

          • +1

            @BigLeviathan: valid point, he may be renting a granny flat hence why he isnt paying for his own usage

            There is a whole rabbit hole to go down on how to cool your place cheap, but none of it compares to the ease of an AC unit

            Shade cloth north and west facing does a pretty good job of buffering direct sunlight against a wall or window that is poorly insulated

            Fans set up as cross flow or exit only. Wife wondered why I set up fans the way I did and in her mind (with no engineering background) I was doing it wrong. This argument went on for years until I found a vid to back up my "unfounded" claims https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L2ef1CP-yw

            Then there is the whole rabbit hole in itself of making swamp coolers, or ice brick coolers. You need an esky, some frozen 3L milk jugs with salt water, some hose, an aquarium pump or similar and a heat exchanger/radiator/PC radiator or 2. A fan with decent pressure (40cm +) . This guy has several different designs he has tested https://www.youtube.com/@desertsun02/videos He also does cheap heating tests too. The crux is you need to freeze the ice bricks a couple of days before hand as salt in water freezes lower then just water and of course, water doesnt stay frozen forever. Perhaps his land lord will make some room in his freezer to help out!

            Lastly there is a peltier electric coolers, one side is cold, the other is hot. Low power use, reverse it for heat, google is your friend

    • +2

      I'm genuinely thinking doing this and living out of my car might actually be paradise compared to paying current rental prices. Can see why others are doing it, tent city forming under highway Bris in Logan has about 5-6 tents and a bunch of vans and motorhomes always parked up now.

      • +9

        Buy a gym membership so you have access to a hot shower (and often sauna/steam room) 24/7.
        Bobs your uncle.

        • Yep planet fitness has cheap memberships and one of the newer gyms near me you could do a backflip in the shower they're quite nice, only problem is having a GF and our current rental situation is good being a private rental but won't last forever

          • +1

            @lookingforadeal7: Living in a tent might make the relationship not last forever either.. at least that's how my mate ended up leaving his van life. To move in with his misso.

            • @lancesta: Yeah I've done it once before temporarily in Melbourne before Qld opened it's borders back up because I didn't want to sign another lease and (profanity) around with transferring lease and borders close again. The reason why I didn't have a house was because I transferred lease and borders closed up within a week of announcing them open lmao what a mess. My only other alternative was spend $300+ a night on a hotel room. Don't think the misso would be too keen on the life but it kind of suited me as I'm active an always out and about anyway.

    • +2
      • This is really cool, I'd like to buy a couple of these for some locals. Anyone can testify to their usefulness and longevity?

  • -2

    Swag? This is more like a tent

  • +3

    None in stock in all VIC.
    Delivery is $19.99.
    Still worth it but not if Aramax is the delivery company.

    • Aramax have got to go.

      • +2

        You could tell Aramex to go and get stuffed but they'd get lost along the way

  • No stock in WA either. $29.99 shipping.

    • +1

      $19.99 shipping for me (Perth outer metro) - still a solid deal deal on the fence on this

  • +21

    $99 + Stamp duty

    • +1

      Haha underrated comment.

    • +1

      Don't forget you also have to pay annual land tax.

  • +6

    Thanks. I will set up a few of these up as an Airbnb.

    • Was thinking the same, might go join one of the tent cities in Brisbane ATM and save $2500 a month.

    • +5

      3 international students per single swag, 8 hours each or get chummy if they like, cash only

      • +1

        That's only the beginning. I've rented out all the bedrooms, the lounge room couch, back shed, caravan on the front lawn and now some swags.

  • How many people does it fit? /s

    • +1

      I'm happy for $25 per person per night to use this on my front lawn.

      • Bargain!

      • -1

        Can i book in 2 weeks pls!!

        Electricity, water and intetnet included?

      • +1

        I hope there's a discount for a family booking

      • Can I sub-rent it out?

      • where are they going to pee and dookie?

        • +3


          • +1

            @beach bum: I approve of that.
            No one really gets mail nowadays and it sends a message to postie that I don't like getting bills every month.

  • +1

    Housing crisis sorted, thanks BCF!

  • I cant see any options for C&C

  • -1

    Double bed for meth heads. The VIC government should give them away at Elizabeth street with winter approaching.

    • +3

      COVID is gone now so the homeless don't need homes anymore - Dan Andrews

  • +5

    thinkin of gettin something like this for the homeless dude in my suburb whos done last couple winters rough… is such a thing realistic though? havin to pack it down & carry it everywhere? eg. more trouble than its worth… whats a good option for someone whos only possessions are in granny trolley?

    • +1

      During the winter I'm sure he would definitely be happy to carry it around everywhere. There's an elderly lady near me who carries around 2x granny trolleys that are always packed with stuff, usually groceries or tonnes of books and catches public transport everywhere. I helped her across the road with them one time and I was struggling with it but she somehow managed and did so with a smile.

    • -1

      Thanks man, appreciate the thought.

  • Would this be sufficient for going on Overland track?

    • If you fit in a single well why not?

    • Would fit in the boot of the Jazz, so I guess so?

    • +2

      If you're absolutely insane then yes. You'd want something light for that mate. This is not light.

      • +1

        Oops yeah 11.5 isn't going anywhere with my body weight hahaha

  • +3

    Make sure you setup up the swag and give it plenty of water to season it,(swell the threads) may need to do it a couple of times.

    Remove the mattress first ….😂

  • must be good, being $300 off - my knees and neck feel it by just looking at it - unless it's for your dog?

  • Bought one, thx.

  • +1

    Grabbed this, a 0 degree sleeping bag ($40) and this 2l hydration pack on clearance for $20: https://www.bcf.com.au/p/macpac-amp-h%C2%B2o-2l-black-hydrat…

  • More swag or more tent?

  • +2

    single is too small for me, but a great deal. i feel like im in a coffin inside of a single. the extra space in the double swag is fantastic.

    • Yes ,
      single swags can feel pretty claustrophobic ,
      Especially if you’re a guy with shoulders ,
      Wouldn’t recommend a single unless you’re tiny
      or have to strap to a bike ,
      and have no choice about width .

  • +3

    I've had one of these for about 5 years, its been everywhere man from hot northern part of Aus to -10deg in the Snowies. Throw this on a stretcher and its one of the most comfy sleeps you'll have.

    I'm going to buy another at this price.

  • good deal, ideal for scout camps for kids.

  • +3

    $20 off for newly created account.

    Add anything over $1 into the cart, and you will have free delivery for you

  • -5

    Why would you want to sleep in a body bag?

  • As if anyone ever bought any of these at $399.

    I have no idea how BCF, House, Anaconda and the like get away with their absolute garbage RRP pricing scam.

  • what a swag ?

    • +1

      It's basically a camping bed with a roof over it, and includes a mattress. It's made of canvas and rolls up so it's easy(ish) to carry.

  • No stock nearby in WA :'(

  • Good waterproofing, just tested one out

  • -3

    Tempted but I wouldn't use it. It will also be harder to flip than the 9 person Coleman's tent posted here July last year for $150 and I sold it for $320.

  • The double is on now sale "60% off" down to $199.99… is it worth it for the extra space??

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