[NSW] Free Sit Here and Stand Here Stickers outside 14 George Young Street, Auburn


“Sit here” and “Stand here” stickers for free. Take as much as you want, we have more than half a million pieces!"
Storage was unpaid for, so they are giving away these stickers
Sit Here: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/493314/110634/42335496…
Stand Here: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/493314/110633/41530201…

They have a few pallets outside: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/493314/110632/42354201…

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  • +6

    These must be that misprinted batch that was made for the public toilets.

    • +35

      Incidentally, I need some "Sit down and shut up" ones

      • Halfway there if you get some of the sit here ones :)

      • I need one for the passenger seat

      • Imagine if you could use them in Ozbargain comments…

    • Thanks for the laugh :D
      I don't know why jv's comment get down voted.

  • +20

    Might be handy to get some to put in the kitchen at the sink and stove. When wifey starts walking to the living room I can say "Don't make me tap the sign…"

    • +8

      Same thing applies to bedroom …

      • +24

        Need to cut a hole in the sit here one…

        • +2

          And Replace tick with arrow

        • +12

          And make into a mask

    • Wait till she replies to you with “I shoulda got off in Crackton”

  • -7

    Take as much as you want, we have more than half a million pieces!"

    Take them to the tip

    • +46

      Take them to the tip

      Why? Do people often sit there?

      • +8

        Well, I won't stand for that.

        • +1

          We should have a sit in.

  • ok so i give up, what on earth are these for?

    • +27

      covid social distancing guidance

    • +1

      Covid era

      • +3

        Do you miss the days, when sitting on this sticker saved your life ?

      • +1

        Oh, you're so clever…

      • +16

        The locations of "sit here" and "stand here" were engineered for optimal 5G signal boosting, hence the term booster dose was used

        Now that 95% of population is vaxxed, we dont need signage.

        Source: whatsapp mums , greenacre facebook page

        • +1

          Nothing to stop SARS 3 escaping experimentation anytime now, so just as soon as all these are landfilled, they'll be printing new ones.

          Probably have to be made purple next time, if they haven't already got rid of them all by then

          • -1

            @resisting the urge: They are Saving SARS 3 for 6G, note they use the key word "emerging" which we heard alot in covid era

            • @easternculture: Sure. The time for paid promotion of anything to take the focus off existential risk, science and SARS related synthetic illnesses is hardly over. ATM investment in that is unnecessary as the newsfeeds are full of good news messaging around getting back with trading partners and (finding peace through) insane conflict. This effectively avoids anything to do with the future, continued destruction of habitat desperately needed to support human life, let alone long term propsperity and mother nature. Oh and most importantly, exponential growth of income among the wealthy.

              The rumour mills are best left to run at idle while the ROI would be so low.

    • +4

      They were used by Sydney Trains

  • +4

    Can't think I would have much use for these. Maybe stick em on the roof to confuse people.

  • How long until someone sticks some stickers on the driveway?

  • I can only imagine these fulfilling a weird kink

    • +1

      "Covid social distance officer simulator"

      Live out your dreams and work as a social distance officer, helping citizens to understand where they should sit and stand.

  • +3

    Can you put it on your face? ;)

  • +2

    These are going to be soaked in the rain lol

  • +3

    Burn those Covid memories!

  • Ah remember the days when Covid was a thing? 😂

  • Now even the mute can have fun playing "Simon Says".

  • +4

    These are the equivalent to the WW2 era "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters - one day someone will turn them into cliched coffee mugs and home decorations.

  • Thanks OP, got 2

    • +1

      2 pallets?

  • +6

    Storage was unpaid for? Good old nsw government. Buy millions of dollars of useless stickers then just abandon them. I wonder who manufactured the stickers? I guess someone related to the decision maker

    • +7

      Much more likely a supplier to government over ordered and got left holding them when the demand evaporated.

      • +2

        Lol, I expect they made a (financial) killing.

      • +4

        This seems much more likely. Vendor printed extra on the basis of an initial order. Sydney Trains has an large logistics network spanning multiple warehouses and would have no issues holding a few pallets of stickers - particularly given how many pallets of RAT tests they were holding on behalf of gov agencies.

        Source: was involved in Sydney trains covid taskforce

    • I can just about guarantee you that the supplier was told to make all of these and were then left with all this excess stock the government didn't need. Same thing happened with the breweries/distilleries with hand sanitiser - was told to make so much and then got ditched for cheap imports.

      So yeah probably even more incompetent than originally thought.

      • +2

        Do you really think suppliers did this on a handshake deal or on the word of someone, without contracts?

        • +6

          Judging from this and the comment above it's clear nothing I say will sway your cynical view of humanity but for other less narrow minded people: breweries and distilleries were told they were needed to make hand sanitiser as a national emergency.

          These independent companies saw they had the equipment and the capacity to put aside their profits for a bit to help in a crisis, and were basically instructed by the government to do so. The government then changed the guidelines so cheap imports could flow in and absolutely screwed over these breweries - some of which haven't recovered.

          This might be hard for you to imagine, but not everyone is so unbelievably parasitic towards society.

          • +3


            This might be hard for you to imagine, but not everyone is so unbelievably parasitic towards society.

            If that was the case, then these companies were deliberately taken advantage of by the parasites in power! Their goodwill mirrored the goodwill of the majority of the population who BELIEVED they were doing the right thing, when in fact they were being PREYED upon!

          • +1
          • @pennypincher98: I have no sympathy for local distillers. It costs cents to make a bottle of spirits and they sell for obscene amounts of money. Sure, a lot if tax. But they aren't doing it tough either.
            Im a brewer and know the massive amounts of money churning through garbage companies dying to be bought out by the japs

            • @Rrppper: Brewers make a batch cheap and it's ready within a few weeks. Distillers make a batch cheap and it might age for 10 years. It needs to age for at least 2 to be classed as a spirit.

              For excise tax: Distillers have to pay $101.85/litre of alcohol in barrels. Brewers pay $42.39/litre of alcohol in kegs.

              Not saying distillers aren't making a profit, just pointing out brewers pay 60% less excise and can make 30-300x more batches..

              • @pennypincher98: Lmao, youre delusional broseph. I can distill a litre of spirits in my kitchen right now. Show me an aussie distilller that has ten year old aged drink. Absolute rubbish

                • @Rrppper: Yeah you can make moonshine lmao it'll just taste like absolute shit.
                  Needs to be aged for at least 2 years to actually be classed as whiskey/brandy/rum etc
                  12 year aged rum in QLD - it's legitimately one of the first results on Google.

                  It's kind of hilarious how you result to an attempt at name calling when you have legitimately nothing to back up your statements. Just accept that you're wrong and move on in life.

                  • -1

                    @pennypincher98: Im a brewer. I have a pot to distill my own spirits in my kitchen. I dont think you have any idea what youre talking about. How many bottles have you distilled? The answr is ZERO.
                    Stop embarassing yourself buddy. Go on aussiehomebrewer forum. Im not calling you names other than low iq, you have no no idea about any of which you talk.

                    Do you enjoy then heads better than the tails? Again, you wouldnt even know the answer

                    Your proof to being all spirits have to age a decade is to link a special bundy. Seek help

                    • @Rrppper: "it might age for 10 years"

                    • @Rrppper: This is hilarious, please keep trying to prove that you are somehow right and the law is the one that's wrong 😂😂

                      You have a pot to make moonshine. This is essentially unaged whiskey. It needs to age for 2 years to be called whiskey. Go fact check that on your precious little forum. See when you don't distill for very long, the end product can be quite strong and I think you've had a bit too much.

                      Your proof to being all spirits have to age a decade is to link a special bundy. Seek help

                      Lol you said.

                      Show me an aussie distilller that has ten year old aged drink

                      So I did and now you're shifting goalposts because you were caught with your pants down and can't understand the word "might".

                      I would say for you to seek help but honestly I'm having way too much fun laughing at you trying to dig yourself out of the hole you created.

              • @pennypincher98:

                It needs to age for at least 2 to be classed as a spirit.

                Gin's a spirit though right? Or is it legally different?

                • +1

                  @Diji: Well yes gin is a spirit but it's actually classed under "other excisable alcoholic beverages". The law states that gin only needs to have the predominant flavour of juniper berries, and be 37.5%+ ABV. There's also Distilled Gin and London (Dry) Gin, which are different depending on the quality and additives, still attract the same excise though their quality is much higher.

                  Brandy is the main one that gets a slight decrease in excise, for which reason I don't exactly know why lol

  • +10

    I'm stocking up- it's only a matter of time before someone eats a bat again.

    Then I'm gunna be rich.

    First you get the stickers…

    Then you get the power….

    Then you get… the women…

    • +3

      but then the women are still (socially distanced) out of reach. Such the conundrum

  • roughly 5km away, do i make the trek in the rain

  • +1

    Back when the cattle needed directions on where to stand

  • could be useful in remakes of "The road runner" cartoon

  • Get as many as you can and be filthy rich when they release the next pandemic virus.

    • It probably won't be for a while yet. Their next mrna targets are livestock via FMD.

  • Sit here young Skywalker

  • A relic of a bygone era

  • Could be useful as naughty corner / time-out markers for the little ones…

  • +2

    are the sit here stickers breathable if i put it on my face? asking for a friend.

  • Do you think they've already started emptying all the unused COVID vax needles to resupply them as harm reduction to make up for the losses? https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/10123743…

    Also why hold onto supply for so long? Must have thought they were going to be of use again?

    • +2

      Waste of money those vaxs have an expiry date. Essentially Billions down the drain.

      • +2

        Yep and notice all the state premiers in charge who pushed it super heavily on their state have all up and left with cruisy consulting job. Same premiers and politicians who had bought Pfizer stock before the Vax was even made. But who cares right? Inflation and current cost of living crisis isn't a factor of post-Covid, just a coincidence. People will still find a way to complain about Centrelink though and act like that's where their tax money is going, not to foreign countries and companies alike.

      • +2

        The biggest question is why order 255 million vaccines for a population of 30 million? Let's not even talk about the fact we were unsure if they were even "safe" for children at the time of ordering them. That came much later. So we were all meant to have 12+ vaccines by now? The math just ain't mathing but you'll be labeled as an antivax nut for calling out the obvious.

        • +1

          Polititians were investors in the pharma
          Pharma imposed min quatity for purchace

    • Have you heard about Disease X ?

  • +1

    Stickers for the next birthday meetup.

  • -8

    A must for woke cubicles.

    • +2

      Too bad they're not giving out tin foil hat eh?

    • Thank you for reminding us to be vigilant in the ongoing threat of (checks notes) "woke cubicles"

  • Ship them to a museum

  • Can't wait for some idiot kids to grab these and stick them all over the place

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