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Qantas Tokyo Return: Direct Flights SYD $995, MEL $1156, BNE $1175 / HBA $1032, PER $1067, ADL $1170 & More [Mar-Nov] @ BTF


Qantas joins All Nippon Airways with sub-1k fares direct to Japan, but also have fares from other Australian cities. All checked luggage etc included.

For cheaper non-direct flights, as well as from Melbourne, check out the 4-star China Southern prices.

I also have an article on the top 5 most popular hotels in Tokyo for under $120.

Sydney to Tokyo Direct (1 Apr - 30 Nov) from $995 return
Melbourne to Tokyo Direct/non-Direct (1 Ap - 30 Nov) from $1156 return
Brisbane to Tokyo Direct/non-Direct (1 Apr - 30 Nov) from $1175 return
Adelaide to Tokyo (1 Apr - 30 Nov) from $1174 return
Perth to Tokyo (1 Apr - 30 Nov) from $1067 return
Canberra to Tokyo (1 Apr - 30 Nov) from $1217 return
Hobart to Tokyo (1 Apr - 30 Nov) from $1032 return
Darwin to Tokyo (1 Apr - 30 Nov) from $1547 return
Gold Coast to Tokyo (1 Apr - 30 Nov) from $1232 return

Sydney to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 30 Nov 24

Melbourne to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 30 Nov 24

Brisbane to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 30 Nov 24

Adelaide to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 30 Nov 24

Perth to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 30 Nov 24

Canberra to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 30 Nov 24

Hobart to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 30 Nov 24

Darwin to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 30 Nov 24

Gold Coast to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Apr 24 - 30 Nov 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$1305 27 May to 14 Jun
$1232 27 May to 20 Jun
$1232 8 Jun to 20 Jun
$1478 28 Jun to 8 Jul
$1487 15 Jul to 25 Jul
$1503 8 Oct to 18 Oct
$1412 11 Nov to 21 Nov

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    That is one creepy looking kangaroo

    • +7

      Furry vibes for sure

    • +7

      Yeah that's some real bad AI

    • +4

      I think it's sexy, but Qantas, ewww

    • +1

      AI generated.

  • +3

    Yeah nah.

  • +1

    https://bookings.beatthatflight.com.au/flights/SYD3005TYO270… Your cheapest Syd - Tokyo is $996, but ANA is showing $968 for the same dates. No bargain.

    • ANA sale doesn't have the same date range that QF does and also only flies ex SYD (well PER too but the prices aren't great).

  • +1

    Prices are high, but it's great to have another option for Melbourne - Japan direct flights. Hopefully spurs on more competition (and would be good to get some more Melbourne to South Korea direct flights too!)

  • +16

    I think you'd be mad to choose Qantas over ANA or JAL for these prices.

    • +2

      Agree, Qantas would need to undercut in order to tempt me.

    • indeed, but they don't fly from every city…

      • +1

        Neither does Qantas fly from most of those cities non-stop to Japan. They're nearly all connecting flights which would be the same as flying with JAL/ANA.

    • +4

      Totally agree - the service, food and all over experience on both Japanese airlines WAY better than Qantas

  • +1

    Also agree that ANA/JAL way better than Qantas.

    ANA even has a sale right now:

    Terms & Conditions: HELLO BLUE SALE
    Ticketing Period: 22/02/2024 - 26/02/2024
    FREE domestic flights within Japan must be purchased and issued in conjunction with international tickets.

    Sadly not many cities for departure …

  • Do you think any deals close to Christmas :) ?

  • Will just wait for CR Qantas seats to show up for biz. Guessing these are a330 planes

    • +1

      There is an exception of 1/2 of the daily services to HND from SYD. Operated by a B789

      I remember crossing pre covid from MEL to NRT on the A380 in First, one off 'points plane' service

      • Haven't flown Qantas First doesn't look that special compared to the Qatar A380 and Emirates 777 First Class's I've flown.

        Still, nice to have the Dreamliner biz class which is bit roomier than A330 biz class, both I found decent

        • The real difference for me is the seat. Ones a lie flat seat versus a proper bed. Catering and service quality is marginal at best
          Im CLPO so I already have access to QF/OW F lounges

          • @AircraftFreight: True about bed, just wouldn't be my first choice when other options are on the table aye

            • @adrianhughes1998: Oh absolutely. Emirates has the best balance imo (you can also get QF coded 081 ticketed EK services)
              JAL is old but refined, especially when it comes to catering.
              QR is a mixed bag, the lounge and catering is superb but the seat is very open and leaves a bit to be left desired. (The purpose is for Qatari Royal Family members)
              Singapore is really solid, but the bed is a bit too narrow imo as a side sleeper

              • +1

                @AircraftFreight: True about Emirates and Qatar, I liked Qatar bed but food and service and amenity kit was a big letdown. No better than QSuites.

                Emirates I didn't like the seat that much but food alcohol and service and amenity kit was sooo much better than Qatar.

                Haven't tried Singapore but soon.

  • PSA: avoid golden week (end of April/beginning of May)

  • That Oct date for Adelaide has Malaysian at $200 cheaper. Granted looks like overnight layover in KL but if that doesn't bother, Malaysian is clearly being more competitive.

  • What is Tokyo like in late Aug - early September for 2A 1 teenager
    things to do?

    • +3

      Weather is pleasant Autumn style similar to Melbourne/Sydney but closely mirrors a more predictable Melbourne autumn temperature. Think top in the 20s. Lately it has been uncharacteristically warm in winter over there.

      Avoid Summer. It's brutal. Think Aussie 40 degree day all the time. Feels like that.

      It's a mega city think 23 Melbourne or Sydney's you will never see it all and it'll take multiple trips, shopping is insane, electronics hobbies, collectables. Food is excellent. Disney Sea. Disneyland isn't amazing but it's Disneyland.

      You can travel easily to other cities and if you go to Osaka you have Universal Studios.

      It's just hard to describe the activities you can do in Tokyo. There's just stuff happening that's unique to there.

      I guess for a teenager if they love Anime, sports, music games or have a hobby it's a paradise because there's a lot of niche things to look at and places to visit.

  • Is this can be counted as double status promotion

  • Mel
    $1245 28 Jun to 8 Jul

    I can't find this one anymore.. am I too late

  • I can't find any of these I believe this deal is expired

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