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16 Nights Brisbane to Honolulu Cruise on Quantum of The Seas, Depart 4 Apr - 2 Persons Interior $1998 @ Royal Carribean Cruises


Hi All,

Another good cruise from the Royal Carribean Cruises.

16 Nights Transpacific Cruise departing Brisbane via the Quantum of The Seas on 4/4/24.

It is currently priced at 999 per person. 2 Persons Interior for $1998. 16 nights comes as $62.5 per night per person.

Please be mindful that the majority of the cruise days are sailing so if you're after touristic stops, this might not be the one for you. On the other side, April is a beautiful month for cruising and even if on ship, you'll definitely enjoy the swimming pools and all other on-ship/outdoor activities.


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    Washy washy

    • Tell your friends.
      In courteous terms.

    • washy washy, handy handy

  • Nice but dno how I'm gonna get 16 nights free time off work..

    • +23

      Chuk in a sea sickie mateee

      • +3

        How am I going to get another 10 days off work afterwards to deal with whatever I caught onboard?

        • +1

          Just show them your positive Covid test result

    • +14

      Does the boat have wifi? Could WFB.

      • Wfb?

      • No need. Right to disconnect.

      • They do but it's pricey.

      • About 25-30usd per day

        • Wow! I'd never considered that this could be a problem, nor the cost of remedying it.

          Forgive my total ignorance, but do 4G dongles work at sea? Though I'm guessing the answer might be something like "it depends"?

    • Just turn off your mobile and this way you are not connected to anyone ..

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    Also factor in:

    Extortionate accommodation pricing in Hawaii especially with short notice
    Very high one way return flights

    You can often hop a cruise heading to Seattle or Vancouver to try and get cheaper returns but you have to factor in the change overs for disembarkation etc and 2nd cruise costs.

    These cruises are cheap for a reason.

    • +10

      Buzz kill over here…

      But good insight.

      Now how to get a bargain with a fam of 4

      • +7

        Yeah I know, party pooper.

        But only because I have been there. So desperately wanted to book a transpacific these last few but when you leave bookings so late, nothing else lines up.

        And Hawaii is just ouch. Like $500+ pn for anything decent 😒

        If it were me - family of 4 - look for Vanuatu or New Caledonia cruises. Hell, even Kiwi cruises getting cheap

      • +2


        Hawaii has CRAZY non bargain accomodation prices.

    • There was a guide on here about cheap Hawaii travel. Look up camping vs staying in a hotel. Some camp grounds have cabins. Then look at busses + shuttles vs cabs for getting around. Towards the end of this thread: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/185948

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    Hotels and restaurants are ruinously expensive in Hawaii

    • +5

      Don’t forget to bring an empty bag for stocking up on takeaway food from the cruise buffet…

      • +2

        Tupperware shines here…

        • I’m finding myself in a situation where I am currently packing for an upcoming cruise (funnily enough on this same ship). Just put 3 Tupperware containers aside. One will be for in-room buffet snacks. 😂
          Thanking you…

    • take the swag from the deal a little while ago

  • How often such cruise deals come by ?

    • Once a year with royal going east then return later from the west. Three ships going over. I think 2 are coming back

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    Title or description should probably mention this is one way trip to Hawaii

    • +1

      Haha! Very true. The deal has a different ring to it when you either have to walk and swim 9,000km to get back or get some nights in Hawaii and then fly home.

  • Under $1000/week for a 1-bedroom rental.

    Makes more sense than a capital city.

  • +2

    Interior cabin though .. you have a LCD tv mounted on the wall with a video view of the ocean.

    Cabin with balcony is twice the price.

  • Hawaii has priced its way imo out of the Australian market.

    Their choice.

    Australian travellers imo are better off in Danang.

    • +1

      That’s not hawaii problem, it’s our Aussie doller bring shit atm against usd but of course I’m sure with inflation shit has gone more expensive over there in general too 😢

      • Accomodation prices in Hawaii, even taking into account, exchange rate or any apparent inflation….. is still very very expensive. Check booking dot com… and see for yourself.

        • yeah it is what it is though :(
          before covid happened, i found an airbnb for 8 nights for 1.4k in waikiki. obviously covid happened so sadly didn't make the hawaiiain trip.

          but then after trying to go back, the same accommodation was 2.8k wtf :( so sad

  • +3

    Viva Da Nang, (sings) Oh Viva Da Nang, Dan Nang me, Da Nang me, went out to get a rope and hang me

  • Does this come with free sea sickness?

    • And belly problems and covid

  • Hmm back to back 15 day cruise?

  • I've never been on a cruise before, but am thinking about it. Are these cruises kid friendly (say with 2 to 4 yr olds) or will I be better off looking at a Disney cruise?

    • +3

      Depends on your background and tolerance for cruises. I’ll give my personal experience maybe that will help 😅

      I’m normally a travel fly guy but now with a 2 yr and 4yr old you have to change that travel mentality. The wife saw the Disney cruise and the cost is very expensive! I said I’ll do it but I know I’ll get Sea sick coz going on open water ain’t my thing but I’ll give it a go and of course it’s for the kids too.

      Anyhow Sydney 3 nights cruise (with Stop over at Eden) was 6k with a window interior cabin (whatever they call it lol) and $450 on top coz of the final tipping, gift shop, photos, room service tipping) bloody oath.

      I got sea sick as soon as I got onto the boat and probably took me 2 days until I was ok. When I came back I got land sickness! So yep last time I’m doing a cruise and rather just fly and go travel to a resort etc

      The Disney cruise was good as in its catered for the kids, if your a Disney fan then you get to meet the Disney characters etc, see musicals, see some night shows with a fireworks. Restaurants was ok and they have a kids club too, only thing is they only allow from 4 years old coz they need your kid to be potty trained. We dropped out 2 year old to the nursery for 1 hour so we could do something (this was extra and not free like the kids club) and 30 minutes we got a txt saying our baby is upset which I was expecting as it’s a new environment, I’m sure all the babies would have felt the same too so it would be a mass crying event 😬

      Would I return? If it was half the price we paid then yes but gosh it was so exy for the 3 nights but alas gave it a try.

      In terms of kids with other cruises check what kids club they have, I’m sure people bring their kids and they mostly drop them off at the kids club but also check the age limit etc

      Hope this helps 😅

      • How can you get sea sickness just after getting on board?

        • It was boat sickness.

        • +1

          yeah its just the feeling that the ground isn't still so whilst even we were docked, i just starting getting sick/boat sickness. again cruise/boats won't be for everyone

      • I also did a cruise to Eden and had exactly the same feeling/experience. Unless you are a big fan of Disney I don't think it's worth the money. The kids club was very average and too boring for my 8 years old, but then she wasn't old enough to go to the Tween's club (11-14 years old).

        • did you 8 year old actually tell you the kids club is boring?

    • +2

      They're ideal for them - it's one of their main markets.

      Disney is also good - but it's about 4x the price for very similar. Of course, it's the only one that's Disney, and that's what you're paying for. But personally I don't see the value in them. Disney's definitely nice, but their ships are even older, and the RCL ones have much more. RCL also has character shows onboard, but has a lot more other things.

      If you want the Disney experience though, then that's what you go for. But if you just want a cruise, with as much enjoyment as Disney then this is the better option.

  • +2

    $62.50 per night is a bargain. Thanks

  • This is a one-way cruise?

    • Yes from Brisbane to Hawaii.

  • +2

    Yeah nah.

    Ive done 4 cruises.. this many days at sea whilst staying at in an interior cabin would suckkkkk.

    If you were constantly getting off the boat itd be alright.. or if you had a balcony room itd be alright.. but not that many days at sea..

    • Day 2 - 7 - Cruising

      Day 12 - 16 - Cruising

      5 and 4 days in a row at sea, 3 day stops in between

      even 2 days at sea is getting long, what are you going to do in that time, take ereader? Hit the gym and dirty bulk? Drink by the pool

  • This is a rock bottom price. Even a balcony on a good quiet deck mid ships is only $3700 all up. It’s a bargain. We paid $6000 in January for a similar cabin that’s more $3700. Royal are struggling to fill this. Two reasons are the sky high Honolulu hotel prices and second the sky high one way flight back. For this sort of cruise you need to book the flight back a year ago when it was $500 and then wait for the cabin prices to drop.
    This is why it’s likely that Royal are moving to smaller older ships for Australia as we can’t fill the newer bigger ones unless the fares are low.

    • The bigger ships actually cost less to operate per passenger. The fixed and other costs are spread out over more passengers. Also true with port fees.

      I think the Australians who cruise frequently prefer the smaller ships. We are probably going to have one quantum class and one radiance class ship next season

  • +3

    I am currently holidaying in Hawaii at the moment. My wife loves Hawaii (its our second time here). I don't mind it. But I wouldnt come back if it was my choice. We live in Adelaide. So no direct flights.

    For half the money. I could have a far nicer holiday in New Zealand, Northern Territory or Queensland.

    We are only 2 people. Not big spenders. And the prices are a joke.
    -$500 usd per night for basic accomodation
    -$100 usd per dinner on average (2 drinks)
    -$50 for basic breakfast (pancakes)
    -$30-50 for lunch (Taco Bell/Five Guys etc)
    -$110 usd per day for car hire
    -$20-50 usd per day for Nature Sights/National Park entrys
    -$50 usd parking per day
    -$3.50 usd for a small bottle of water

    This is the bare basics. Once you add in souvenirs. Snacks etc. It adds up VERY fast.
    Taking a full family with growing teenagers. You may as well take out another mortgage.

    EDIT: Honestly. If you want a tropical holiday. Queensland/NT is just better. Or maybe try Rarotonga/Cook Islands. They use the NZD over there. Its next on my list.

    • I'm seeing about AU $240 per night for a place rated over 8/10 on booking.com and right near the beach. Do you have other criteria that's pushing it so high?


      • We are now strict with avoiding accomodation that is non-refundable and that does not provide free cancellations. We got burnt pretty hard with holidays that fell through during covid via booking.com and airbnb.

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