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SanDisk 64GB Micro SD $62.95, 32GB $30.90 / Extreme SD $34.95, 128GB $159.95 + Free Shipping


SanDisk Memory Cards Specials, Limited Stock.
Free Shipping voucher: FREESHIP

SanDisk 64GB Ultra Micro SD Class 10 - $62.95
SanDisk 32GB Ultra Micro SD Class 10 - $30.90
SanDisk 16GB Ultra Micro SD Class 10 - $16.95
SanDisk 8GB Ultra Micro SD Class 10 - $9.95

SanDisk 32GB Extreme HD Video SDHC Class 10 - $34.95
SanDisk 64GB Extreme HD Video SDHC Class 10 - $72.95
SanDisk 128GB Extreme HD Video SDHC Class 10 - $159.95

SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro SDHC Class 10 - $45.95
SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro SDHC Class 10 - $85.95
SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro SDHC Class 10 - $174.95

SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro 90MB/s Compact Flash - $103.95
SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro 90MB/s Compact Flash - $179.95
SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro 90MB/s Compact Flash - $379.95


  • All our products are brand new genuine products.
  • Items will be shipped with Australia Post from our Sydney point.
  • Orders are packed/shipped within 1-2 business day.
  • Prices include 10% GST + Tax Invoice.
  • All SanDisk comes with a 5 year to Lifetime warranty.

Do contact me directly if you have issue with your purchase or product.
Enjoy the deal!

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  • Shouldn't the demand on micro sd cards go down with the announcement of nexus 4, 7 or 10 not to mention Apple existing or new products never help boosting the demand.

  • Cannot recommend Memory City enough. Fast postage, great service and excellent prices.

    Out of interest - does anyone use 128GB SD cards? I can't imagine filling it up with photos in my camera - I would be stressed about losing everything.

    • personally, i draw the limit at 32gb per card, and spread it out if i need to (ie 4x32gb)

      i honestly think 16gb per sd card for a dslr is more than enough, even shooting at RAW. that is for an enthusiast photographer

      • I have a 32GB in my camera which is a handy size for shooting RAW+JPEG and video. 128GB seems to be overkill.

    • I'm debating one for storage in my ultrabook, complements the 128gb sad without lowering the portability.

  • Anyone tried using a 64GB MicroSD in their Galaxy S3?

  • I got a 64GB microSD card for my rockboxed MP3 player (yp-r0), worked like a charm over the past year.

    I also tried the 64gb card on the Defy+ that was on special recently, and it seemed to be able to read fine. This was very basic testing though, but, if it does work well, you could potentially score yourself a ruggedized 64BG android mp3/video player for less than 170$.

  • isn't this the normal price? i see lots of class10 32gbs at $30-$32 on ebay

    out of interest, how significant is the speed difference between class 4 and class 10 if i want to stick a microSD in a tablet for watching a movie? don't need HD either, just your normal standard def videos

    • I've watched 720p TV show episodes from my Class 4 microSD on my Transformer Pad with no issues at all. Great quality. I don't think you'll notice a difference between class 4 and 10 if that's all you're doing.
      However, any new cards I buy are generally class 10, just in case I want to use them for intense Camera work at some point…

    • Class ratings generally only matter if you need high write speed. Sure, it may take longer to shove your content onto the card, but for reading the content, I'm fairly confident that you can get away with getting a lower speed card.

    • thanks for the advice, i'll stick with cheaper class 4s for the tab then!
      is shopping square a reliable vendor? i seem to recall bad things said about their cards

      • Personally, I've bought from them a few times, and I haven't had any problems. The memory cards though have come from memorycity.

      • I can't vouch for the quality of ShoppingSquare's cards as every time I've ordered one it's failed to show up.

  • +2 votes

    Francesca, I'm still waiting for a reply to my faulty card query. I emailed [email protected] on the 16th of October, got a reply on the 17th of October asking for more details, and haven't heard back since.

    I emailed again on the 23rd and 29th of October, and also sent you a message on OZB on the 25th of October.

    What do I do with my faulty 32GB Sandisk card?

  • I bought one 64gb card 3 weeks ago and hey sent me a faulty one. I'm still waiting for the replacement

    • Ahh, we meet again!

    • Hi SrMoure,

      I send you a PM regarding this issue but there was no response.
      Please kindly respond and I will arrange to sort it out for you today.

      Thank you.

      • Last email I got, was that you were sending a new 64gb card and a prepaid envelope to return the faulty one. This was last week and I haven't received it, yet.

  • Hi francesca,

    can you still do any SD cards that are under the $1/GB ratio? I dont really need super-duper speeds : )

    • Class 10 microSD cards all come with a SD adapter and are under the $1/GB ratio… Why not do that?

      • SD =/= microSD

        • yes, I understand that… I'm not an idiot. Hence why I stated that the microSD cards come with an SD adapter. Isn't that the idea of an adapter? To make something work like something else? If there's something I'm missing let me know, that will be a far more useful comment than stating the obvious.

        • I'm not an idiot

          Sorry if you mean that way… I didn't mean it.
          As OP need SD card and I'm also after some SD cards so I'm just pointing out we need SD card for a reason that sometime substitute won't work.

          If using adapter isn't that couldn't maximise top speed?
          Also micro card easy get lost

        • Okay, that's fine. Using an adapter doesn't affect the speed of the card (even though ozAzn specifically stated speed was not an issue), and if it's left inside the adapter I don't see the issue with it getting lost. But it's your choice.

          I was just letting ozAzn know that if you buy a microSD it can function as SD out of the box and is within their price range, in case they didn't realise it comes with an adapter.

        • oh so it can work like that? Wouldn't there be some disadvantage to it though?

        • One minor quirk with some adapters—depending on design and device it's used with—is that the write-protect latch on the side of the adapter can brush against the port as it's being inserted, and make the card read-only. This was a minor nuisance with a camera I previously owned.

        • Nothing a dab of glue won't fix. :)

        • Was worried glue might melt in the hot climate (travelling), so I just snipped and filed the latch until it was recessed.

  • Francesca, please check your PMs, I sent you one yesterday re a faulty card from a previous sale.


  • Price same as last deal http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/82722
    The price need to lower as SD cards can be cheaper elsewhere!!!

  • I'm going to use it in my new Nex… never mind.

  • i dont need 32gb. any chance of a sale on 16gb SD cards?
    maybe 16gb version of this one? SanDisk 32GB Extreme HD Video SDHC Class 10

  • @Francesca:
    I ordered this afternoon - order status is now still saying "Awaiting PayPal payment" - whats wrong? Paypal should have confirmed immediately.

  • Just ordered one SanDisk 32GB Extreme HD Video SDHC Class 10 - $34.95 for my Nikon D90.

    Thanks for posting the deal.

  • Hi Rep,
    Was about to purchase 32 GB Extreme SDHC card for my camera and checked the price at APUS (Shopping Square) from Sydney warehouse is $33.95 and I can see the history of the sold items that this was their standard price. So no deal for 32 GB SDHC card.


    • At least from memory city you are getting genuine Australian stock, not grey imported gear.

      • That is also Australian stock and delivered from Sydney with lifetime warranty

        • Errr no. Shopping square is parallel or grey import stock, just because it is sitting in their warehouse in Sydney, doesn't automatically make it Australian stock.

        • I am not a super fan of APUS, but I doubt your statement. I have ordered them in past from sydney warehouse and I got a tax invoice and it came with manf. warranty in Australia.

          Grey stock is when it is posted from overseas directly without manf. Warranty. Australian stock is also coming from overseas but through proper channel and GST paid. But memorycity rep can confirm that. For some reason, he never responded to my comment.

          So when APUS are sending it from Sydney, they are sending invoice from sydney and GST is paid and you get local manf. warranty.
          Rep can confirm, if memorycity is also doing the same what APUS is doing to import directly to their warehouse.

          BTW, I have already purchased this card from Memorycity as the difference was just 1 dollar and I wanted to see how things go.

  • I can't wait to buy a 64gb microSD to put in my new Nexus 4….oh wait

  • 32GB or 64GB for my Galaxy S3? :/

    I'll probably wait too long making up mind and miss the deal.

  • Thanks, I was waiting for this deal again for a new 32gb extreme!

  • Great deal. I've ordered a 32gb class 4 for my S3. Free shipping is the deal clincher. The cheapest I've seen in store is $24, but that involves driving.

  • Just tried to order the SanDisk 64GB Ultra Micro SD Class 10 - $62.95 with the FREESHIP voucher, but it says that this is expired?

  • I ordered it yesterday night. It arrived this morning. I havent seen speedier shipping elsewhere, even when I paid extra for fast shipping. Kudos to you guys for getting them out so fast.

  • Hi Rep,
    You never answered my request earlier for Shoppingsquare price for 32 GB Extreme card.


    Anyway, I have placed the order with you today and lets see how it goes. I have dealt with shoppingsuare earlier with mixed experience. Sometimes items reaching in 2-3 days and sometime taking 10-14 days despite of saying sydney warehouse.

    Hoping to get the item soon and in working condition :)

  • Hi rep,

    I forgot to order yesterday. Any chance of extending the offer?

  • Received card pretty quickly after checking my post today. Very happy with the purchase and the response time.

  • just bought 32 gb micro sd around 1.5 mths ago.. keep asking me to reformat the dish coz the saying the sd card is faulty and did format the micro sd few times but still not recognising anything!! i want a refund.. not happy at all.. is the micro sd fake item????

    pls reply i already sent email to ur email!!!!

    • I'm having similar issues and is almost 1 month . I will be contacting fair trading soon.

    • yep, I've had issues with a card and then the replacement as well. Luckily I paid through paypal so if they don't issue a refund I'll be lodging a dispute. Pretty pissed as it's been a massive waste of time.

      I won't be buying from them again.

      • Yesterday I got the 3rd card and it worked for less than 5 minutes. I was able to copy 10 mp3 files, and after that I wasn't able to create folder or write to the MicroSd card. It seems the card was tested by them because it was opened.

        Do you think the cards are genuine ?

  • Ordered a 64GB MicroSD card and received it the next day. Then the day after that, I received the email that my order has been shipped. Your dispatch is so fast that even e-mails can't keep up, love it! :)

    • I wish the refunds were as fast as the dispatch. I have been awaiting for a refund and they don't even reply to the emails.