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Sydney to London $1388, Seoul $1133, Brisbane to Bangkok $1082, Tokyo $1201 Return + More @ China Airlines


Autumn Sale Special!
Australia to:
• London from A$1,469*
(Sydney to London on 06/13/20/27May, 03/10 Jun)
(Australia to Europe from 01-30 Nov.)
• Bangkok from A$1,082
• Tokyo from A$1,215
• Osaka from A$1,198
• Sapporo from A$1,257
• Hanoi from A$1,089
• Manila from A$1,063
• Incheon from A$1,134
• Busan from A$1,163
Brisbane to Auckland from A$589

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  • -2

    40 hr layovers I bet

    • +3

      I clicked the link for you. Brisbane to Sapporo has a 3hr layover in Taiwan. That's actually pretty good.

    • +2

      China Airlines and Air China:)

      • +2

        what's your point? they are two very different airline operators

      • ccp airways don't plug your phone into the usb ports they will download all your data lol.

  • +6

    Special sale? It sounds like normal prices…

    • +1

      yeah, it doesn't sound like a sale price. It was on special sale when Tokyo return fare was for around $600.

      • -1

        @sail: Nope! They never have anything lower than $1000. They are TAIWANESE airlines, NOT Chinese Airlines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • +4

      That London price is decent. It's a VERY nice airline.

  • +1

    My usual Melbourne - Osaka fare is $70 cheaper. China Airlines (Taiwanese) stop over in Taipei is nice 3 hours and avoids Narita/Haneda chaos and gets there faster. Plus their seats are far more comfortable than JetStar 'milk crates'.

  • +7

    Very good airline, not to be confused with Air China (which isnt)

  • -8

    Special price?
    I would rather choose Air China and have some authentic Peking duck when transiting in Beijing…

    • +1

      Choose China Airlines and have some authentic Ding Tai Fung and/or Stinky Tofu and wash it down with YiFang in Taipei (or Taoyuan) while transiting. Then goto a night market and eat some more.

      • +1

        For the price difference, I would rather have omakase in Japan instead of bubble tea…

  • Have flown BC with these many times. Great lounge in Taiwan. They may have specials for that too.

    • Which one?

      • Business Class…
        Can attest the lounge is great although requires an an hour or so wait depending which one you want to use..

        • I meant which is your favourite lounge in Taipei?

          • @evgpek: All lounges blow Australian ones out of the water.
            China Airlines Terminal 1 is pretty good, the New Cathay is even better, Oriental Club Lounge is sort of in between
            Plenty of food, beef noodles etc made on demand :)

  • Lol Japan for over $1000 return is not “special”. Is this premium economy or something?

  • +1

    Nice deal! Been travel with CI several times, the service was excellent! Just to be clarify, China Airlines is from TAIWAN!!!

    • It's from the Republic of China.

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