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Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Fried Noodles 85g x5 Packs $1.47 at Woolworths from 7/11/12


OzBargain's favourite convenience food is on special once again for the low low price of $1.47 for 5 packs. Starts Wednesday.

Usual catalogue disclaimer: it's the last page but you'll probably get errors trying to view it until Monday or so.

Pro tip: if you're using your ING Orange Everyday card, you can purchase 68 lots of 5 in one transaction and get 5% off your purchase (with 3 cents to spare).

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  • +4 votes

    nice… i just finished off the ones from the last 1/2 price sale last week.

    • +18 votes

      I tried them for the first time in my life and I should say, they taste great.

      • cause there's lot of msg in it!

        • Apparently msg is now safe if you aren't allergic (in the 1/3 or was it 2/3 of the population)?

        • +12 votes

          MSG always was safe, unless you listen to some of the alarmist media who simply wanted to sell an interesting story based on zero facts. taken from wikipedia "in less than 1% of the population, sensitive individuals may experience "transient" side effects such as "headache, numbness/tingling, flushing, muscle tightness, and generalised weakness" to a large amount of MSG taken in a single meal."

        • They are safe, but they are bad for health I suppose?

        • +2 votes

          I don't think it would be considered safe if it was bad for health.

        • It's safer than salt. You'd probably experience those symptoms as well if you ate a huge salty meal in one sitting. MSG = monosodium glutamate. What is sodium? The same sodium as in salt. What is glutamate? It's an amino acid and a very important neurotransmitter. No one could possibly be allergic to MSG and survive until birth. The worst possible is you could be intolerant of it, but even that is highly doubtful. Perhaps some people just don't like the flavour of it.

          Eat MSG and have a happy life! :-)

          Edit: Having said that, I should note that I won't be buying this, for the sake of my health lol. I do love me some MSG though.

        • Yeah 'cos Wiki is always accurate isn't it…

          Remember asbestos also used to be considered safe, do you think everything we use right now will still be considered safe in a few decades time?

          Just a little "food for thought"

        • +13 votes

          Just so you know, MSG has been around for 100years+

          Maybe you are right, 99%+ of people of ate MSG back in 1908 are now dead.

        • I was actually doing alot of research on this recently. Apparently msg is only bad if you are allergic to it. The epidiology of allergic reactions are tiny considering the whole population.

          I really think too much of anything is bad though.If i had access to a comp, i could backup these claims with studies..

          Anyway if you were actually worried about your health. I'd be more worried about the noodles used. Yes msg and palm oil are bad but have you actually boiled the noodles and see a yellow waxy perservative coating¿. This is the exact reason i drain my noodles twice or three times before adding seasoning.

          Next is the flour used to make the noodles. Simple carbs for dat mighty insulin spike resulting in the body more readily to store fat. Not only is is simple carbs. Theres no nutritonal value in carbs. The ratio between carbs:protein kills it.

          Starting to rant here but this is the many reasons ive given up eating mi goreng. or Indomie whatever. Good work for reading that my post. A bargain a balargain but where is your limit to a bargain. Do you draw the line where it begins to harm your health ??

          Interesting fact: The owners of indomie own cars made of pure silver.

        • MSG =monosodium glutamate

          Im not actually if this even justifies anything? Take carbon monoxide for example. Its 100 times for distrimental on your health compared to carbon. Not sure if its an irrelevant point.

        • are you talking about Liem Sioe Liong's family who owned the pure silver car?

        • How exactly is carbon detrimental to yours or anyone's health? How can you say carbon monoxide is 100 times more detrimental if you don't explain why carbon could be dangerous? Is someone throwing diamonds at you? Are you being buried under coal?

          Before commenting on someone that their point is not justifying anything, be clear in your mind what your point is.

          As for this product, they are great. I like the taste of these much more than any other Instant Fried Noodles.

        • The point I raised was that compounds are more dangerous in some cases. Carbon monoxide is a conpetitive inhibitor so too much and you wont be able to breath?

        • Carbon monoxide is a gas in our living environments, carbon monoxide is dangerous to us when we breathe it in because it replaces oxygen in our blood stream, starving our organs of oxygen.

          Carbon is an extremely common element, but in which way does it damage us just being an element? If we were to pour it into our lungs it would damage us too.

          I liked your first comment here, the 2nd one seemed to be correcting someone saying (unclearly) that they don't justify anything. Then you followed that with an even more unclear and factually incorrect statement.

          I agree that a compound can be more dangerous, but then again, it could not be.

        • Ok my last point was pretty irrelavant but then again it was a an analogy for the monosodium glutamate example if they were broken into single parts. How do we know that monosodium glutamate isn't bad as a compound without any studies??

          Don't think anyone will try to eat tons of MSG for the amino acid (neurotransmitter)without having severe side effects.

        • That's one of Dubai's sheikh who owns the pure silver Audi not the family.

      • Great taste and good value but don't eat too often.

      • "I tried them for the first time in my life and I should say, they taste great."

        what i really want to know is how someone so young can even type on a computer?

    • JV can see you in VIC, if you can make your to Footscray, most of the vietnamese shop sell them for $9 a box of 40 pc ( or 8 x 1.47 in this case, much cheaper than this).
      Can't see this as a bargain, when it sold cheaper outside

  • How do you manage to get a hold of next weeks catalogue so early?



  • normal price = 40cents per packet
    this deal's price : 1.47/5 = 29.4cents per packet

    it's a bargain.


  • +8 votes

    This + 1 Can of Tuna + 1 Raw Egg = Awesomeness.

    • what are the odds of salmonella poisoning?

      • the egg cooks in the noodles. so the chances are 0.

      • +8 votes

        About 1 in 30,000,
        + if you wash the eggs before cracking reduces it,
        + or cook it eliminates it completely,
        + organic non-caged eggs decreases this as well.

        You can either cook it sunny side up still taste pretty great or poach it also quite nice (probably the best in terms of if you want that gooeyness + reducing chances of salmonella poisioning.

        • I usually eat atleast 2 raw eggs every month, sometimes more. And have done it for maybe 15 years. Havent been sick from it yet! Fresh mayo is also made from raw egg.

          Only time I got food poisioning was from orporto's north parramatta.

          also, the amount of palm oil in these is killing off the wild life in asia due to deforestation. I boycott these and hardly ever eat it anymore but the gf loves it.

          Do yourself a favour, drop the palm oil (for your own health reasons) and make sure you rinse out the water you boiled the noodles (if you can call it that) in hot water.

          a better snack is a small can of tuna, throw some pasta in a boiling pot, at 4 mins chuck in some frozen peas/corn. Drain it, add tuna and mayo. Cost is just over a buck. If you get the bigger cans of tuna it gets cheaper. just leave unused tune in an air tight container in the fridge- you can even freeze it

    • Everything but the raw egg + 1

    • Personally I add cheese instead of the egg.
      Yeah, I know, R.I.P cholesterol poisoning 2012.

  • Damn it! I just bought a pack of these at Coles 15 minutes ago.

  • +1 for the pro tip!

  • I always eat 2 packs at a time so buying a 5-pack means I still stay hungry on my 3rd meal.

  • +11 votes

    Seems everyone is crazy about this noodle. Maybe I should give it a go.

    • +1 vote

      Just don't put in the Palm Oil, that stuff will kill you. If you want oil substitute with a little bit of olive oil instead.

  • Pro Pro Tip: Buy $100 worth in 1 week and get a $20 gift card!

  • +1 vote

    I still haven't touched the mi-goreng from the last coles half price promotion.

  • +2 votes

    Where are the discounted BAKED INSTANT NOODLES???

    Sooo much fat.

  • Judging by the popularity of instant noodle posts there must be a lot of students who have just moved away from home on this site :-)

  • Why do people say Mi Goreng is poison?

    Is it due to the saturated fat content?

    • Well it is due to high fat content, however generally speaking most instant noodle products aren't too good as it is believed that eating ALOT of it will cause cancer. Due to all the artificial stuff they put into it.

    • High fat + salt.

      Everything in moderation though. Like one of the above posters, chuck in an egg and some frozen peas, top stuff.

    • and msg

    • Mi Goreng is "poison"..because it taste so damn good..and you wanna eat it..eat it..and eat it.. hahaha..

    • +2 votes


      Noodle contents:
      Wheat flour (62%), refined palm oil (contains antioxidant 319 - tert-Butylhydroquinone), tapioca starch.

      And what on earth is that 2nd listed ingredient? Well…


      "It is also used as a corrosion inhibitor in biodiesel. In perfumery, it is used as a fixative to lower the evaporation rate and improve stability. It is also added to varnishes, lacquers, resins, and oil field additives."

      • In foods, it is used as a preservative for unsaturated vegetable oils and many edible animal fats.[2] It does not cause discoloration even in the presence of iron, and does not change flavor or odor of the material to which it is added.[1] It can be combined with other preservatives such as butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA). As a food additive, its E number is E319. It is added to a wide range of foods, with the highest limit (1000 mg/kg) permitted for frozen fish and fish products. Its primary advantage is enhancing storage life.

        Both the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have evaluated TBHQ and determined that it is safe to consume at the concentration allowed in foods.[4]

        from the wiki site of Tert-Buthylhydroquinone

      • Are you Today Tonight? You missed the first part.
        "In foods, it is used as a preservative for unsaturated vegetable oils and many edible animal fats."

        Water is used in the production of meth but you don't hear people worrying about that.

    • http://www.calorieking.com.au/foods/calories-in-instant-nood...

      Same fat content in a single packet of noodles (prepared as per packet) as three slices of Dominos tradition supreme pizza on classic crust.

  • Mi Goreng gives me gas big time!

  • Please dont eat this by cooking the noodles in hot water and pouring in the condiments. The right way to eat this is by cooking the noodles in hotwater, draining it and then tossing it with the sachets of powder, sweet soy and oil. I was horrified when i saw some mates eat it the first way.

    • Boil noodles in hot water, drain it. Mix in powder, sweet soy sauce, chilli sauce and fried shallots. Throw away the oil. Add cooked eggs, chinese sausage and some bean sprout. Then add more chilli sauce!!


        the hot water with all sauces and things in it is the best!!!

      • +1 I completely agree with Rickas.
        mi goren is a "dry" noodle.
        I have tested various ways to eat this and found that the oil doesn't add anything to the taste. It just make the noodle shine.
        Since the oil is just saturated fat, I leave it out.

    • Couldn't have said it better myself. It's much healthier that way (if you can even call it that).

    • the condiments will make the flavour too strong that way

      heres my personal fav way

      when you strain the noodles, leave about 1 spoon of water, turn off the heat, throw the condiments IN the pot, use the remaining heat then literally stir fry the noodles for about half a min, u could also take this chance to throw in egg(though u may need to turn the heat back on) and mix with rest, take everything out just before the pot gets dry and it starts to stick, it smells much better this way.

  • Why has no one linked the song yet?

  • of course a + for a mie gorenggggggggg

  • I've easily eaten over 300 packets.

  • miiii goreng!!!!!!!

  • the closes to legal weed

  • Had Nissin Ramen this evening. Wish I had Indomie…

    Edit: Oh, and just watched this on SMH TV — didn't make me feel better.

  • This needs to be posted again - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG2dLLIZK3Y

    classic viewing.

  • Cook noodles in boiling water, drain, put all condiments except the seasoning on a frypan (+ add extra sweet soy sauce too if you like), add noodles to frypan, stir + fry for a couple of minutes till they're a bit crispy, add seasoning & toss, put on a plate & serve with an egg on top = win


  • Not to spoil the party, but for any of those big eaters, the 30 jumbo pack is only around 6 dollars at Asian grocery stores for those who live nearby to a an Asian grocery.