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Mark Ryden Tech Pouch Organizer Case US$4.57 (~A$7.05) Delivered @ MARK RYDEN Global Store via AliExpress


A cheaper alternative to the Inateck Tech Pouch (The Inateck is better quality though, but ~4x the price).

Available in Elegant Black and Graphite Gray.

  • Water Repellent Fabric
  • 180 Degrees large opening and closing design
  • YKK Zippers
  • SIze: 25x15x19cm
  • Weight: 0.18kg

Note: Free delivery at checkout.

Update 6pm: Back in stock at the same price again.

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  • +17

    Purchased one. Don't need one. Not unhappy. Cheers. OP.

    • +5

      Came here to say the same. Cheers OP.

  • +10

    I used this a lot in Japan and by the end of the trip it was mostly full of 1 yen coins. Definitely useful for the power bank and camera batteries.

    • +6

      great for storing all the INIU power banks that we been hoarding.

      • I've been selling those :P

    • I took mine to Japan too - but was actually just cables

  • In what way is the inateck better quality?

    • +2
      • +1

        Cool thanks, yep I think it's worth grabbing one of these too. I've got the Inateck and think I know what sort of quality the MR will be now.

  • +5

    What a bizarre name for tech company, considering it’s already the name of a well known US goth painter.

    • What a bizarre name for tech company

      It's a bag company, not very unusual to be named after an artist:


  • thanks OP bought didnt need
    went for grey though - I like grey black is too basic

  • +2

    Is this smaller or larger than the Inateck? I find the Inateck sometimes a bit large to put in my carry on baggage so wondering if this is smaller?

    This review is very descriptive but does not mention size: "Crushed by the yakisno. Cloth, the yak is covered with Huma, it is possible for a zahist to take a lead. Bliskawki YKK. Clothes, everything is Garnous. Crooked widely, hot access is all-United. Buying money."

    • +1

      Size: 25x15x19cm

    • +9

      They said it’s garnous, what else you want

      • +3

        I was worried it didn't have dovgo, but it's OK this review clarified it: "Selling is not a vidpovid, giving a dovgo. The pass went dovgo. Ale chudova and yakisca bag. The goods are the same as the goods."

        got three

    • Mark Ryden also offers a smaller pouch

    • At a calculated guess, that review may have been done by an AI bot I reckon.

      • +1

        An AI bot on vodka

  • +1

    Showing as US$3.95 for me, plus US$1.99 shipping or free over US$10 spend. Or AU$6.09 + $2.99 / free over $15 spend.

    • 3.95 + GST

      • +1

        Yeah that's weird though. Changed back to AUD and added to cart and shows as free shipping for just one item ($AU$7.12 inc GST).

    • Yeah, same for me

      • +2

        Try adding to cart. It is being a bit weird.

    • +4

      Delivery wasn't charged at checkout.

      • Indeed. Thanks

  • bargain! thanks

  • -1

    What a copy of PD Tech Pouch.

  • +1

    OOS :(

  • Damn just missed this

  • no longer available …

  • That went quick

  • Dang but thanks OP

  • Grrr me too. :(

  • Wow, I think I just got in.
    I was going to comment that I was looking at this last night and didn't end up buying it, but for $7.12, why not.
    Thanks OP.

  • OOS

  • try this. still shows stock


    I just bought one.

    Edit - sold out again!. Damn, those things go quickly.

  • +1

    OOS, but might be in stock when some people cancel their orders.

  • +2

    Sold out, but a smaller version from the same seller is $0.76 currently, here

    • +1

      A$0.76 is Welcome Deal/New User price.

      • My mistake, thought I had used AliExpress before.

    • Thanks!

    • Cheers, initially had the gray (black sold out) .
      Cancelled and bought this one

  • +4

    For anyone that missed out, the smaller version is US$4.47 (~A$6.87) using this link.

    A$0.76 for new AliExpress Customers/Welcome Deal - Credits to SlimJimmy above

    • $2 with tax for new ali customers

  • Waiting for somebody to suggest using a Ziploc bag

    • +2

      Ok, I suggest using a Ziploc bag.

      • Thank you.

  • Was just now able to order a grey one for AU $10.65 delivered. Back in stock for a little more, still ok.

  • +1

    back in stock at 6.25usd - surge pricing!

  • -1

    I bought for 10aud. Is that price still good or bad?

  • Just bought one - $7.05

    • Thanks; updated deal to back in stock.

  • +4

    @mymilkynipples @callmekev @LG-13 @Horacio @dazagrt @rqz

    Back in stock if you're still interested.

    • +1

      I tried … on browser it just said error on order. in the app, it says discount expired and changed price to over $6 USD … oh well

      • Me too

  • Paid $7.09, I'm outraged…

  • This one is nice but are there any that are flatter and more compact?

  • looks like out of stock.

    • Back in stock again.

  • Thanks OP bought one for $7.03

    • +1

      Yep, just a different listing and more expensive (unless you have welcome deal/new user).

      • Ahh, that must be it. Thanks!

      • How to get this?

  • Ordered this last monday and what was delivered today was a 3D Pen with a case and 3 sample filament colours.
    Was in 2 minds about the purchase as it would be great for my Ayn Odin 2 and accessories but it didn't have a strap for crossbody usage.

    A few years back I thought about getting a 3D Pen for touchups or something so theres that.
    The case has fake carbon fibre looks tho.

    Sort the reviews by latest 1star to see the item delivered.

    • Just contact them and get a refund/replacement.

    • That 3D pen looks cool and much more dearer than the bag. I would be giving them a 5 star

    • Yea
      At first I was thinking to do the first free refund/return, but after having lunch and having a think over I could use the 3D Pen for lots of other stuff plus from listings is a few buckeroos more expensive than the bag.

      • Dont think seller will ask to return. Not worth the postage cost

        • Also if I were to return means I need to spend petrol to and from auspost.
          Atleast it uses 1.75mm filament either PLA or ABS which is pretty neato.

          • @nikon: You can try.
            Worst case scenario just dont follow up on return

            • @easternculture: Thats true
              See what happens

              • @nikon: And buy another one

                • @easternculture: Just had a nice chat with the customer service and the person said they were surprised as the 3D Pen costs more.

                  I did ask about a return/refund and there would be someone to come and pickup the parcel as there's free returns. "The first return on each order is free" so I wouldnt be able to keep the item but it can be super useful when I need to simply make something or fix things.

                  Edit: What the heck… Just ordered the bag again but at $7.04
                  Bought last week for $9.47

                  • @nikon: I think its a good outcome.
                    3D pen is cool.
                    Lets see what they send you this time.

                    • @easternculture: Absolutely
                      Probably a 1kg pla roll to accompany the 3D Pen.

                      • +1

                        @nikon: Got the item delivered a couple days ago and it was the bag finally
                        Posted up a 5star review with the Ayn Odin 2 sitting happy inside the bag :D

                        Too bad it wasn't a 1kg pla roll tho

  • I think this aliexpress customer review says it all:

    "Crushed by the yakisno. Cloth, the yak is covered with Huma, it is possible for a zahist to take a lead. Bliskawki YKK. Clothes, everything is Garnous. Crooked widely, hot access is all-United. Buying money."

    • Certainly does:

      "It is made very high quality. The fabric is covered with rubber, possibly for water protection. YKK zippers. The tapes are even, everything is good. Opens wide, easy access inside. I am satisfied with the purchase."

  • Got one for $7.01 AUD. Winning! Thanks OP.

  • got mine delivered today - pretty decent quality considering the price. Thank OP!

  • Does anyone else find that this absolutely stinks horribly inside?

    • just got mine. Yes smells so bad. How did you get rid of the smell? is it okay to wash?

      • Washing didn't do anything.

        It's horrible, I think it's the neoprene which I find always smells pretty bad. Seems worse in the middle compartment.

        I just initiated a refund and didn't have to return it but theres no way I can even use it.

        I think I will get the Inatek.

        • i used a deodoriser spray (freezebreeze brand) and it helps a bit, will try wipe it down again and respray

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