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[Refurb] 20% off Eligible Tech Items, 22% off for eBay Plus Members (Max $300 Discount) @ eBay


It's back and this isn't an April Fools Joke!

eBay's Refurbished Tech items sale, 22% off for eBay Plus members or 20% for non-Plus members.

Here are some favorites to get you started - you know you want to Proxmox these for a home lab!


This offer entitles non-eBay Plus members with 20% off and eBay Plus members with 22% off the pre-coupon purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions per person, including cancelled transactions as set out in the Cancellations clause below (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

"Eligible Items" means items listed on eBay.com.au where a link to these terms and conditions and the coupon redemption code RFURB20 (for non-eBay Plus members) or RFURB22 (for eBay Plus members) is found in the item listing, or the item appears in the following URL:


To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code RFURB20 (for non-eBay Plus members) or RFURB22 (for eBay Plus members) into the redemption code box during checkout. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. You can only use the redemption code 5 times during the Offer Period. Where a transaction for which a redemption code has been used is cancelled either by you or a seller, the redemption for the cancelled transaction cannot be re-used and will still be considered a redemption as set out in the Cancellations clause below. The code is provided to you as an eBay User and the limitations on its usage apply on that basis even though you may have registered a number of different eBay User IDs.

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  • +6

    Let the Jacking begin.

    • +3

      Archer: Phrasing!

    • +3

      I’m jacked-off with that practice.

    • +1

      Prices have already been jacked in advance.

      • +2

        Sellers: Need to prejack so they aren’t all pent up when the sale starts…

  • +11

    Nice a discount code so I can pay more for a refurb than brand new but have the illusion of saving money

  • +9

    I can't get used to how much used goods go for in Australia.

    • +2

      I hear Japan is quite cheap for used goods.

      • +1

        All well taken care of :)

    • +3

      Even thrift shops and second hand stores are getting ridiculous. $15 for a basic shirt or shorts when I can go to Kmart and get brand new for the same price or less? It's not like it's amazing quality shirts usually a bit faded if anything.

      • Vinnies…. $30 for secondhand checked shirt made in Vietnam for some ‘Brand name’ maker, (unit or something similar). Likely very well made for $1.35. Crazy world

  • +3

    I'll just wait for others to find anything half way decent out of this.

    • +2

      Out of those links, nothing.

  • +3

    Nice, I highly recomend the Dell Optiplex ALL IN ONE 7460 or higher for 300-400 bucks for your parents/grandma/small buisness needs.

    Just plug in the screen and turn it on, add a second screen if its for business use.

  • i need iphone se 2022, none on ebay that are decently priced.
    there was one on reebelo for $302 yesterday, gone today…

    • +2

      I bought one earlier today on Catch, supplied by Green Gadgets, 256GB, Grade B, $134. I thought that was a pretty sharp price even for Grade B.

  • Plenty of Galaxy Watch, but no Pixel Watch… Waiting for a deal on Pixel Watch…..

  • +7

    Not an April Fools joke but, but 99.99% of ebay "sales" are jokes any day of the year.

  • +1

    I just bought an S22 Ultra 512gb normally around $739 from Green Gadgets - final amount of $576. After 4% gift card discount and 3% cashbacks from TCB it should down to around $537. Winning. I hope for a 16gb model, but otherwise 12gb ram is fine too.

    • Green Gadgets are great if they have what you need and at the right price.They don't jack their prices either. Their customer service and warranty service is also top notch.

      • Yes they're great. I've been their repeat customers for S8+, XS and S10+. Most devices I got were almost as new and problem free. Their pricing is about the same as one in Amazon and their own site.

        Sellers who join the eBay program should not price jacking as it's unlawful. If they can't do the price, better to not join the discount period.

  • +3

    Refurbished items on Easter Monday. Classic eBay.

    • +1

      Something something the devices has risen?

      • +2

        Prices have risen, indeed!

  • Anyone dealt with mobile_world_au

    Looking to buy Samsung s23 ultra 512gb.

    They have one as new, unsure on their grading, wondering anyones experience with this seller?

    • +1

      Get from green gadgets instead, have bought from them before. I just bought a Red 512GB S23 Ultra as well with Excellent condition for $966.42 ($919 with discounted gift cards)

    • They ship out of Alegre, same as Green Gadget's so you're taking the same punt either way.
      Fwiw I bought a "As New" iPhone 12 from GG and it was hacked up, so not as advertised.
      Bought again from mobile world and was indeed as new but likely just luck of the draw since both came from Alegre.

      • +2

        FWIW, GreenGadget do offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee if you are unhappy with anything. Peace of mind and no hoops to jump through if something isn't to your expection. Likewise within warranty period if anything is amiss, their support is great and if a replacement was required and they didn’t have something suitable for you, they will refund 100%. Nice and easy to deal with especially with the risk of refurbished devices.

        • Had an iPhone 13 'As New' from Green Gadgets which had a none functioning camera out of the box. However they paid for return shipping and refund, process took about a week. Physically it was pretty good, though two marks on the sides. Replaced it with another 'As New' from them in a different colour, as no stock left on the original choice, and that one was mark free and really did look new.

  • Find X2 Pro 512GB for $373.62 is a good deal!

    • 4 year old phone. But I suppose the cameras aren't bad.

  • anyone bought samsung Flip 4 from them?

  • I'm getting error when i applied in the checkout window under Gift cards, vouchers, coupons box as This code can't be applied to your order.

    I don't understand is it applicable to all sellers?

    • Only selected I beleive.

  • Funny I watched that laser DVD player as pictured. Seller offer a lower price. Looks like they ain't selling much

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