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Four'n Twenty Meat-Free Pie 4-Pack $7.20 @ Woolworths


If you're like me and grew up in Melbourne eating Four'n Twenty pies from 7-11 (washed down with a Slurpee), or gone to the MCG to eat a pie and watch Carlton win a grand final (ok, a very long time ago) and then turned vegetarian, and have missed the pie experience, then this is for you.

Usually $3 a pop or regularly on special for $2.50, but now $1.80 each (in a 4 pack)

Microwave for 3 minutes and then in the oven for 5 minutes to crisp up.

I really like them.

The meat free pie contains as much meat as the regular pies.

$0.50 Cheaper than the last deal posted

Description (from the Four'n Twenty page)

Plant-Based Meat Free Pie with delicious Plant based filling wrapped in golden flaky pastry.

Water, Wheat Flour, Plant Protein Mince (10%) (Water, Isolated Soy Protein, Wheat, Soy Protein Concentrate, Soy Fibre, Colour (150a), Yeast Extract, Natural Smoke Flavour, Mushroom Powder), Margarine (Vegetable Fats and Oils, Water, Salt, Emulsifiers (471, Soy Lecithin), Acidity Regulators (331, 330), Antioxidant (307b (Soy)), Flavour, Colour (160a)), Thickeners (1422, 412), Onion, Seasoning (Contains Wheat, Colour (150d)), Carrots, Textured Soy Protein (Colour (150a)), Black Chia Seeds, Tomato Paste, Colour (150a), Salt, Mineral Salts (500, 341), Emulsifier (481), Glaze (Contains Wheat, Colour (160b)), Rice Flour.

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      JAF, Why do you post deals once yearly?

    • +1

      Because its the same product and deal each time?

    • +9

      Because :
      (a) I buy these when they are on special,
      (b) they are now cheaper than previous 2 posts.

      I mostly post deals that I actually utilise.

  • +1

    “The meat free pie contains as much meat as the regular pies”

    So both pies have zero meat or meat free pie has as much filling as a meat pie?

  • Meat Pie is much tastier with meat and would be cheaper from the price gouge people

    • +3

      Your comment is certainly worth a neg.


  • At least it wouldn't have grissle. The quality of their meat pies is abysmal

  • -7

    Chemical pie

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      The Ingredients of a regular 4'n'20 meat pie -

      Water, Wheat Flour, Meat (min 25%) (Beef, and a Mutton), Margarine (Vegetable Oil and or Animal Fat, Water, Sat Emulsifiers (471, Soy Lecithin), Acidity Regulates (331, 330), Antioxidant (307b (Soy)), Colour (160a), Flavours), Thickeners (1412, 1422), Carrots, Textured Soy Protein (Soy, Colour (150a)), Seasoning (contains Wheat), Pastry Mix (contains Wheat, Mineral Salts (500, 341), Emulsifier (481), Thickener (412)), Onion, Colour (150c), Salt, Glaze (contains Milk, Mineral Salt (450), Colour (160a), Thickener (415)), Processing Aid (contains Wheat).

      • Gotta love being downvoted for copy-pasting the actual list of ingredients…

        The funniest part might be that the meat ones contain the very same (potentially "chemical") textured soy protein, probably as a filler.

        • +4

          blind ignorance knows no boundaries.

          Because chemicals bad.

          Would you knowingly consume hydroxybenzoic acids (gallic acid, protocatechuic acid), hydroxycinnamic acids (chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, sinapic acid), flavanols (catechin and epicatechin) and their oligo- (procyanidins) and polymeric structures (proanthocyanidins),?

          I.e.an apple?

          • -1

            @altomic: Yes, organic chemicals :)
            But I'll pass on ultra-processed chemicals.

            You do you though, go have another Coke Zero.

      • Beef, and a Mutton… Those must be TINY muttons!

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    These are okay but I think the Nature's Kitchen range from Coles are better

    • They are but $6.15 now for 2. Price keeps going up and up, like many items though.

    • +3

      I can't think of single reason

      • -1

        Better to eat a pastie instead if you're at the stage of not wanting meat in your baked goods….

        • What's a pastie then?

          • @pizzaguy: Vegetables in pastry.

          • -2

            @pizzaguy: LOL, did you really ask that?

            • +2

              @Jessie Ryder:

              LOL, did you really ask that?

              Yeah, when I hear "pastie", what comes to my mind is a pastry filled with both meat and veg.

              But I'm not big on pies and pasties, so now I looked it up and it seems like the most common recipes for "pasties" do have meat. Like, the top results for "pasty recipe" in my Aussie-based Google - that mostly sees me looking up veg recipies - are "Beef and vegetable" or "Cornish pasty", which has meat in it.

              I understand that the meaning may differ locally - like for @rodericb, a pastie is something with vegetables but no meat. But that's not the general, common meaning, from what I get.

              • -5

                @pizzaguy: Pastry filled with both meat and veg is a sausage roll.

              • +1

                @pizzaguy: Pasties are a bit of a minefield as there are different types and variations. Supermarket pasties seen to be vegetables only and if they have beef they will be labelled as beef pastie.

  • +12

    People here get so butt hurt about things which are clearly a bargain, that they clearly won’t eat but other people enjoy

    • +10

      And that have no impact upon their lives in any way, shape or form.

      • +1

        It starts with meatless pies, it ends with being enslaved by aliens!

        Or even worse - by foreigners!

    • -6

      People here get so butt hurt about things which are clearly a bargain

      It's not a bargain when you can get them for $4.50

      • +3

        The ones you linked to are meaty pies. You can tell them apart by eg. the colour of the packaging.

        People choose meatless (the more expensive, yes) ones for various reasons - from personal taste to religion.

        You can't really argue with that, no matter how bad you wish you could.

        • -7

          The ones you linked to are meaty pies.

          No they're not, they just contain gravy.

        • -7

          from personal taste to religion.

          Which religion says you must eat pies (apart from Footy ?)

  • +1

    $1 a pie is a good deal. This is not a good deal.

  • Microwave for 3 minutes and then in the oven for 5 minutes to crisp up.

    4n20 pies (and others) are actually greasy enough to come alright straight from the microwave, after they cool a little. Never had to additionally crisp them, to my surprise.

  • +1

    Ever since they sold it locally to foreign owners the quality of the products have gone down down

  • +1

    Old sale.price was $5

  • -6

    You have got to be joking,

    Please give me a real 💯 Australian Beef pie any day., no wonder this is half price 😆


    • Funny, because the meaty ones have all been half price at $4.50 every other week.

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