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Four'n Twenty Meat-Free Pie 4-Pack $7.70 @ Woolworths


If you're like me and grew up in Melbourne eating Four'n Twenty pies from 7-11 (washed down with a Slurpee), or gone to the MCG to eat a pie and watch Carlton win a grand final (ok, a very long time ago) and then turned vegetarian, and have missed the pie experience, then this is for you.

Usually $3 a pop or regularly on special for $2.50, but now $1.93 each (in a 4 pack)

Microwave for 3 minutes and then in the oven for 5 minutes to crisp up.

I really like them.

The meat free pie contains as much meat as the regular pies.

Cheaper than the last deal posted

Description (from the Four'n Twenty page)

Plant-Based Meat Free Pie with delicious Plant based filling wrapped in golden flaky pastry.

Water, Wheat Flour, Plant Protein Mince (10%) (Water, Isolated Soy Protein, Wheat, Soy Protein Concentrate, Soy Fibre, Colour (150a), Yeast Extract, Natural Smoke Flavour, Mushroom Powder), Margarine (Vegetable Fats and Oils, Water, Salt, Emulsifiers (471, Soy Lecithin), Acidity Regulators (331, 330), Antioxidant (307b (Soy)), Flavour, Colour (160a)), Thickeners (1422, 412), Onion, Seasoning (Contains Wheat, Colour (150d)), Carrots, Textured Soy Protein (Colour (150a)), Black Chia Seeds, Tomato Paste, Colour (150a), Salt, Mineral Salts (500, 341), Emulsifier (481), Glaze (Contains Wheat, Colour (160b)), Rice Flour.

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  • +30

    Meat free pie? So, a pie?

    e: Oh, OP already made that joke. I sincerely apologise.

    These pies are pretty good

    • +7

      Your name annoys me, for some reason. Here, have another "r".

      • +19

        Harmbuger is more palatable?

        • +3

          Less palatable than a hamburger.

        • +2

          I have now sold a new animated series to the MCU entitled HarmBurger. It be similar to Aquateen Hunger Force, but crap.

          I have also sold HarmBugger to a private company. This will not be in cinemas.

          Thank you for the idea @hambuger. You will not be compensated in any way.

    • +50

      Is it more or less effort than getting the real thing?

      You have to raise a calf, feed it for a couple of years, clean up it's waste(?), give it medicines, then kill it, transport it, process it, mince it, etc.

      • +23

        And then also do the mental gymnastics to justify how that makes sense and is ethical.

      • +3

        Well it's more expensive than the meat versions so probably is more effort.

        • +4

          Kids picking cocoa in west Africa earn nothing compared to the Lawyer up the road. Who do you think puts in more effort?

        • +8

          Economies of scale -> look it up.

        • +18

          When you externalise a whole bunch of those costs (e.g. water, soil degradation, carbon emissions) to society or future societies, then sure, meat comes across as cheaper.

        • Probably is? Where’s your evidence? Heard of economies of scale? Don’t strain yourself from thinking too hard though.

    • -3

      No effort, same ingredients for the rest of it, without the nasty shit.

      Arses lips and god knows whatever else isn't a good time for anyone.

      • +22

        I dunno, that sounds like a good end to a night out for some

        • None of you counts have clearly had them

      • +1

        horse vagina is a delicacy in some parts of the world

        • I thought they had stables all over the world

      • when you buy mince from the supermarkets what do you think your getting…?

        • Don't buy mince.. processes and red meat not good

    • +4

      It’s the same shit they add to the minced meat in sausage rolls and regular pies (TVP), just more of it to make up for the minimal meat component they’ve removed

    • Great, isn’t it? I’m sure they appreciate you noticing their hard work.

  • +4

    The meat free pie contains as much meat as the regular pies.

    Lol. Snouts & arseholes isn't usually? With the occasional bit of hoof & tail.

    • +1

      haha I laughed hard at this.

    • Mmmm snouts.

  • +14

    Four 'n' Twenty but without the gristle? Might actually make it worth eating then, lol.

    • +2

      I think almost all store bought meat pies have gristle. Even herbert Adams which I thought were really good.

      Maybe only National Pies don't (fridge, not frozen).

      • +1

        Tried Aldi pies? Pretty good, havn't had any gristle yet, after eating maybe a couple of dozen.

        • I swear, they are the exact same as Herbert Adams, normally very good. I'm fairly sure it has been discussed on here and it was concluded they are identical.

          • @TEER3X: I last checked side by side during Covid - these are the 2 pack Aldi pies for about $5.50 and the contents were identical…

            That said, Herbert Adams are no where near as good as they were before the buyout maybe 5 years ago now? Before then their premium King Island pie etc had 30%+ actual meat. Not anymore. Personal favourite used to the black pepper verion.

            I keep a pack in the freezer but now just make my own - much better. I use diced steak from Costco which is excellent quality and a recipe derived from Nagi of "recipetineats" although sometimes make hot water pastry for the base for extra marks! Wife loves as not filled with "slurry"…

            • @freddofrog42: Agree with your HA Beef and Peppercorn comment. 9/10 from me.

              My Aldi has never had the same varieties as HA but they are so similar I'd be pretty confident that's who makes Elmsbury Gourmet pies. I'm not a fan of any of the new Aldi ones - Butter Chicken, Thai Curry (7/10), and their standard EG meat variety is also just okay against HA's King Island or Shiraz beef pies.

              Very rarely buy HA pies now, too exe, but can't say I've noticed any quality diminution when I do.

        • Which ones?

          I used to love their chunky steak pie - back in the day around 2018 perhaps the best frozen pie I have had. Now its worse than even their regular pie, its almost entirely gristle.

      • Herbert Adams have gristle? I couldn't tell. It's pretty damn good quality

        • Mrs Macs beat HA for quality

          • +3

            @0jay: They used to be my fav. But I find them not as good now

        • I think it was one very rare bad batch. I'll have to try them again

      • Herbert Adams stopped making decent pies last year. The last packet I bought were bland. At least the store brand pies taste like something.

        • That explains it.. I haven't bought one in a couple of years

      • Many don't. Even the bog standard servo pie by Coles doesn't. Yet without fail, I've never had a 4n20 one free of gristle.

        I forget what my go-to brand was for home. I think Patties? Never had gristle in them, from what I recall.

        Not hard to avoid eating 4n20, thankfully. Just curious what this would be like. Been a long long time since I suffered through one so I don't remember if the gravy is any good.

    • +2

      I was thinking along the same lines, but more what actually is the vego version of gristle? A turnips ball sack?

    • +1

      when I make home made pies, I dont cut the fat or gristle for that authentic experience

      • Gristle is amazing if it's cooked long enough.

  • -7

    Wasn't there a rule that pies had to be 25% beef meat? Does that include these Meet-free at only 10%.
    And pastry with butter in pies taste so much better.

    • +13

      Yes a meat pie has to be 25% meat or more.

      If you think that would apply to a meat free pie…

      • +2

        Lol so i guess 24% meat or less is meat-free 😂

      • +1

        New variety. Free meat pies are the good, meat-free are okay, but meet-free pies are ideal for blind dates.

        • +2

          These have been around for years.
          I don't know why people are confused, there are no meat in them hence meat-free. They should look at the ingredients, not that hard.

          Ps. Wow lot of comments and triggered people going on about a packet of pies, it's not like they aren't making the meat versions (but it's great having a vegetarian and cruelty-free version, I like them).

          • @G-rig: Meet-free [sic] pies are certainly new to me.

    • +1

      The clue is in the name

  • -4

    No meat???

    • +9

      Good gear - you should do Melbourne Comedy Festival.

      • -4

        More like Melbourne Woke Festival

        • +1

          Don't know why anyone would be offended by send ups of sundry conservatives and rednecks myself.

          • @Igaf: You say sendups, I see vocal people like that on TV, and I can't really tell on the webs if somebody's like that for real or just making obscure jokes.

            • @pizzaguy: The original comment was about the Melb COMEDY Festival, where you should expect to encounter both satire and irony, depending on the performer/s.

        • +3

          Tell me you have imaginary problems with just one keyword!

          • +7

            @pizzaguy: Yep dropping "woke" in every paragraph to amuse themselves is so yesterday and intellectually inept.

            • +2

              @SimAus007: Its the new "political correctness gone mad"

              • +2

                @skidexa: And doesn't require any complicated phrases!

                No more time or effort wasted on either side of the conversation.

            • -4

              @SimAus007: Yet here you are… being all woke.

    • +4

      I didn’t like this purely on account of it not being funny. Try to do better.

      • -4

        typical Antifa reponse

        • +3

          No need to use a sledghammer, your adoption of redneck USA attitudes and slogans was already obvious. Feel free to emigrate and raise the IQ of both countries.

          • -4

            @Igaf: You sound triggered

              • @Igaf: I might have dealt with that person before - exactly the same situation.

                Either a full-on troll or a hell of an oblivious gaslighter.

            • +3

              @Sidog: Yet you are triggered by a pie, yes, a pie, otherwise, you wouldn't have commented here in the first instance, that's hilarious and sad all at the same time.

              • -1

                @SimAus007: You sound angry, like a woke vegetarian.

        • Ohhh a fascist edgelord!
          Ain't we the lucky ones?

    • +5

      Chill bro, it's just food.

      • +1

        I know… terrible joke that didn't land.

        • Lol next time try adding /s at the end

    • +6

      How is the company 'woke'? They still sell meat pies.

      • +8

        But now they offer an alternative, so that's "woke" for some reason

    • +2

      In what crazy, distrumpian world are pies now considered "woke"?

      • -1

        When they started replacing the meat in pies with plants

        • +3

          You're really going to pop your cork when you eventually find out about vegetable pies, alcohol-free drinks, almond and soy milk, not to mention gluten-tree products and lentils.

          • +1

            @Igaf: How about the fake women who used to be men, and vice versa?
            Will they reanimate Hitler you reckon? Zombie Hitler?

            • @Speckled Jim: What is a woman/man? Are men attracted to other men, men? Speaking of fake - ever taken a squizz at the "religious right", a relatively small problem here but across the Pacific……

              • +1

                @Igaf: Across the Pacific, to…California? Cos it's not a problem there, but further from the ocean…I think the lack of sea salt in the air fosters xenobacter growth. FL is an exception as we're into the tropics now. Gators, mozzies and cocaine subs.

                That old plagiarised and rebooted screenplay? Big in the mid-west and southern states. Well, they gotta have faith in something. They had a problem with Bill Clinton because cheating on Hillary showed "lack of character" befitting the office of POTA > Orange Messiah could rape their daughter and be forgiven, cos Revelations!

          • -1

            @Igaf: Don't get me started on Soy Lattes

            • @Sidog: Only soy lattes? Real men don't…….

              • @Igaf: We got gluten free pizza at a work thing once because some sheila claimed "gluten intolerance" … that was 10 years ago and I'm still seething about it.

                • +2

                  @Sidog: I feel your pain. They banned peanuts at school because some kid claimed "peanut allergy" and carried an epipen supposedly to save his life. Phffft. Selfish b@st@rd

                  • @Igaf: They should have their own peanut free special schools

                    • @Sidog: Look, I'm as much for restricting inane conservatives as the next thinking "man" but that's a bit hardline even for me.

                • @Sidog: You appeared to get ticked off at the drop of a hat, perhaps seek some help for this and you'll find more important things to be annoyed with, not this sort of trivial shit. Release that demon!

    • What does woke mean

      • +1

        things I don't like

  • It's nearly impossible to get what I remember as a good meat pie.

    • Supermarket pies have always been terrible.

  • Do these still taste like a meat pie?

    • +1

      I’m going to take a guess and say ….. no.

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