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Four'n Twenty Meat-Free Pie 4-Pack $8.40 @ Woolworths


If you're like me and grew up in Melbourne eating Four'n Twenty pies from 7-11 (washed down with a Slurpee), or gone to the MCG to eat a pie and watch Carlton win a grand final (ok, a very long time ago) and then turned vegetarian, and have missed the pie experience, then this is for you.

Usually $3 a pop or regularly on special for $2.50, but now $2.10 each (in a 4 pack)

Microwave for 3 minutes and then in the oven for 5 minutes to crisp up.

I really like them.

The meat free pie contains as much meat as the regular pies.

Description (from the Four'n Twenty page)

Plant-Based Meat Free Pie with delicious Plant based filling wrapped in golden flaky pastry.

Water, Wheat Flour, Plant Protein Mince (10%) (Water, Isolated Soy Protein, Wheat, Soy Protein Concentrate, Soy Fibre, Colour (150a), Yeast Extract, Natural Smoke Flavour, Mushroom Powder), Margarine (Vegetable Fats and Oils, Water, Salt, Emulsifiers (471, Soy Lecithin), Acidity Regulators (331, 330), Antioxidant (307b (Soy)), Flavour, Colour (160a)), Thickeners (1422, 412), Onion, Seasoning (Contains Wheat, Colour (150d)), Carrots, Textured Soy Protein (Colour (150a)), Black Chia Seeds, Tomato Paste, Colour (150a), Salt, Mineral Salts (500, 341), Emulsifier (481), Glaze (Contains Wheat, Colour (160b)), Rice Flour.

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  • +15

    eight and forty

    • sixteen and eighty

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    They were $5.40 for pack of 4 not long back and now they are $8.40 now and are in deal… never understood Woolworths ??

      • +5

        Albo has nothing to do with the prices that supermarkets offer

        • +3

          offer gouge by

        • -6

          you're correct the PM has done nothing to kerb inflation in this country ,

        • +6

          They could actually introduce legislation about right to food, and maximum margin a supermarket can charge.

          The supermarkets would cry, the poor would eat.

          Instead the poor cry and the rich feast

          • +1

            @itshammer: They could but politicians left or right would not. I agree that more should be done

          • +6

            @itshammer: Yes because anything like that would get through parliament. Imagine what Dutters would make of “socialist” intervention in the free market.

          • -3


            They could actually introduce legislation about right to food, and maximum margin a supermarket can charge.

            Likely to significantly reduce jobs in the sector.

            • @jv: Oh dear. Still denying you're a RWNJ?

              Supermarkets are doing a great job at killing jobs.

              I can't even get served with a trolley of items at Coles or Woolworths these days.

              Either no staffed aisles or only one with a huge queue.

          • @itshammer: Lol, that doesn't work.

            They can just reduce their profit margins by paying their CEO more money, or whoever it is.

            The solution is more competition. This problem began ages ago when coles/woolworths were allowed to merge with smaller chains like bilo and safeway

        • Albo has nothing to do with the prices that supermarkets offer

          He sure does. The Monetary policies he puts in place impact the inflation rate.

          • -1

            @jv: Albo doesn't set monetary policies, the RBA does; the RBA is not the government.

        • +2

          Albo is responsible for making sure the ACCC do their job. They're not. He is also responsible for controlling inflation, which he's done a bad job on for several reasons.

    • +2

      A month ago I saw them for 5 to 6 dollars. I didnt buy it. Now they 8.40 and its a deal?

  • +22

    Meat free pie? I thought all their pies were meat free.

    • +7

      I thought they contained blackbirds. 🐦‍⬛🐦‍⬛🐦‍⬛

      • +2

        I thought it was horse.

    • +2

      No meat, just grissle

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    “the meat free pie contains as much meat as the regular pies. Please Explain.

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    Its not Just Albo.. We are buying and these guys are price gouging.. When there is no competition they can price what ever they want.. by they way Cole's is also twin brother of Woolworths.. both are same…

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        65% or so market dominance between two companies counts as a competitive market, compared to the 'dozens of multi-national supermarket chains around the world' that other countries get to enjoy?

        It's pretty hard for any newcomers to enter the market when colesworth are also buying up and strategically buying up and 'banking land' for either future sites, or preventing any rivals from being able to have a suitable place to open. Kaufland did make an attempt, but due to factors like the lack of land, pulled out in 2020.

        • -6

          This is exactly why I had to specifically add a paragraph beginning with "people often don't like nuance".

          You know FULL WELL that I didn't say it's a "competitive market" - I refuted the claim that there's no competition. It's like trying to have a grown up conversation with a toddler.

          • +3

            @callum9999: That is the point, if it's not a competitive market, where's the competition occurring?

            Like you said, people often don't like nuance. That's why people don't consider Aldi/IGA/independents as competition because of their inability to challenge and compete on the same level as the duopoly. They exist, they compete for the smaller slices of the pie, but they don't provide any real threat to the big two.

          • @callum9999: And you're the toddler.

        • compared to the 'dozens of multi-national supermarket chains around the world' that other countries get to enjoy?

          And what are the profit margins there?

      • +6

        For anything we have two or 3 companies , Groceries, Electricity, Air Travel, Insurance.. Name anything.. and you call this competition.. Giving a big explanation!! Qantas made a $1.2 Billon record profit with their pathetic service. and we will say this is for good of our country.. Kudos mate…. Mate an average family of 4 needs at least 60 K per year for living..

        We are just working for the government and making money for banks and these businesses.

      • +6

        woolies profit sits so low because they reinvest most of the "profit" into buying sites and building new stores, or creating new companies that sell insurance or whatever

        • This is the thing most people don't realise. Woolworths Group Limited is a lot more than just supermarkets

    • +9

      The only way to make things change is for us, the people with the money, to boycott Coles-Worths.
      Stop being duped by FlyBuys and Reward cards, and their (not really on sale) sales promotions and shop somewhere else for several months.

      As well as gouging us, they are also doing the same to farmers and suppliers.

      How many have a big moan after paying at the checkout, but just go to Coles-Worths the following week and every week after?

      • +3

        Go to a Woolies, Coles or Aldi late at night and you can see them dump huge amounts of their old stock.there is significant waste which you have to factor in. Woolies and Coles have a much bigger range leading to even more wastage.

        I shop mostly at Aldi, significantly cheaper but with a much smaller range. Suits me as I mostly buy basic staples.

        This investigation of supermarkets will lead to higher prices. If you pay farmers more that means higher prices.

        If Woolies and Coles are forced to pay farmers more somehow they will either raise prices or become more like Aldi with a much reduced range.

        Or do both.

      • I've been saying this for years.lol

  • +5

    Glad to see they’re expanding the inedible pastry to inedible filling

  • -6

    (profanity) wokeworths

  • +6

    Pretty tasty these actually. Grossly overpriced above $1.10 each though imo. Those days seem long gone. I've also noticed frozen pies seem to have thinner pastry these days.

    • Grossly overpriced above $1.10 each though imo.

      Can you make one for $1.10?

  • -3

    Might as well eat the real meat version instead


    • +1

      Might as well actually eat a decent meat pie if you're going real meat. That ain't it.

  • +3

    Four'n Twenty Meat Free Pie is sacriledge

  • +2

    Woolworth have very little sale items.
    Cornetto icecream use to be $4 on sale, now they are $7 on sale.
    These meat pie used to be $4 or $5 on sale.

    • +3

      Cornetto got moved to made in Indonesia and tasted like dirt then discontinued I think, Drumstick still around.

      Nestle/Unilever/Proctor & Gamble etc. have global market dominance and are even worse than our little supermarkets. They send everything to slave countries while cashing in on nostalgia and name of once loved products while they see how far they can cheapen them and not pay locals or tax.

      • Damn. Have to check the box out before buying next time

  • +14

    Special $8.40. Wow. The Price Gouge People

    • +1

      That is brilliant! It is now indelibly stuck in my head, lol. Someone should do a jingle and post it to Youtube.

      • I'm pitching this to The Checkout right now!

        (this is a joke, the show was cancelled ages ago)

  • +2

    Interesting that water is listed as the main ingredient (some of the meat pies have that too) and listed twice more in the ingredient list for this meat free pie.

    Meat pies have to have minimum 25% meat flesh. Local councils sometimes test purchase bakery meat pies and send them off for analysis to ensure compliance with the the Food Standards Code that stipulates that a meat pie must contain a minimum of 25 per cent of meat flesh. Meat flesh has a broad definition unfortunately…. https://www.foodstandards.gov.au/consumer/our-safe-food-supp…

    Maybe a standard for minimum plant protein mince is needed or else rename this the water pie :-)

    • +8

      It has been a gripe of mine for many years that companies are allowed by law to call products that contain only 10-15% or even less of a certain ingredient by just that ingredient's name, and are allowed to leave the crappy filler ingredients like sugar, salt, soy, etc off the product name.
      You will only find out what's actually in the product if you can be bothered to read the small print.

      Some examples-

      1) They're allowed to label jam by the just the fruit, such as "Raspberry Jam" when in fact the main ingredient is sugar with only around 40% of it being fruit- it should be labelled "Sugar and Raspberry Jam.

      2) "Olive Oil Spread" might contain 20% olive oil and have more vegetable/ canola oil in it, so it should be labelled "Canola & Olive Oil Spread"

      3) "Uncle Toby's Oats" should be labelled "Uncle Toby's Oats with Sugar" as they are 70% oats with the next highest ingredient being sugar.

      4) "Crunchy Nut & Honey Cornflakes" should be re-labelled "Crunchy Nut & Sugar Cornflakes", they are 60% corn, have more sugar than peanuts and just 2% honey.

      5) "Buddee Chocolate Spread" is actually made from chickpeas and sugar with just 6% cocoa powder, therefore it should be labelled as "Buddee Chickpea & Sugar Chocolate Spread".

      6) Pepsi are quick to call their soft drink without sugar "Pepsi Max No Sugar Cola"; they should be forced to name the one with sugar "Pepsi With Sugar Cola"

      I could go on and on, but it is depressing and disappointing that in the main we are getting fatter and more unhealthy by processed "food", while the politicians work on behalf of their real masters and do nothing about the food industry.

      • The RAND Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people, under the supervision of the reverse vampires?

      • 1) They're allowed to label jam by the just the fruit, such as "Raspberry Jam" when in fact the main ingredient is sugar with only around 40% of it being fruit- it should be labelled "Sugar and Raspberry Jam.

        Broadly concur but jam is fruit and sugar.

        • +1

          Yeah I know jam was a crap example, it was late and it's all I could find in the pantry.

  • -8

    The meat free pie contains as much meat as the regular pies.

    Well that seems like a flatout lie.. if that were true, their whole line would he labelled meat free to capitalise on the woke agenda..

    • +3

      Tell us more about this "woke agenda".

      • -1

        Billy Gaytes being the largest land owner in the U.S. and as of the last few years being buying up a LOT of farmland.

        Also, Daddy Klaus wants us to eat the bugs.

        And cows farting is bad.

          • -1

            @G-rig: It's just all the woke people push back on reality they don't agree with.

            Not 1 part of both my comments are untrue.. 😅 Even the idea that if they could, the pie companies would just switch all their labels over to meatless or meatfree.. 😅

            Funnily enough, I don't know much about the moon landing. Dad said he stayed up to watch it on Portuguese live TV when he was a kid. This was during a facist Salazar though. I don't even know how he managed to watch it "live" when I'm fairly sure we didn't have that tech back then.. 😅 Also, apparently my year 7 calculator was more powerful than all the computers they had onboard, for the mission. THAT I find hard to believe.. 🤣

              • @G-rig: Nah, I get that.

                I'm more-so disagreeing there's no meat in the meat ones. Because if there wasn't, they'd make a bigger margin labelling all of their range as meatfree.. I'd even argue gristle isn't meat.. so why not label it all as meatfree? 😅

                  • @G-rig: Wondering if anyone's fallen for the meatfree sausage where they still use the intestine as the casing.. 😅

    • The meat free pie contains as much meat as the regular pies.

      I was amused by that quip.

  • -2

    The only acceptable reason to try this garbage is if you got that tick bite that makes you allergic to meat and you are chasing that pie high.

  • +1

    These are disgusting, I tried one and had to throw out the rest, at least no animal died due this wastage

  • $1 a pie.

  • Pass … I like my pies to have meat in them … or at least gristle

  • +1

    If you want something similar to a meat pie then these come very close. We always have some in the freezer and the price on special can vary - $6.40 only a few weeks ago, sometimes higher. As far as I know the supplier sets the special price the supermarket can offer.

    If you are after a really really nice meat fee pie then go for the Coles mushroom and lentil 2 pack for $6. The pastry is excellent. About 2 minutes on each side in a microwave and then 5 in an air fryer is how we do them.

  • +1

    I wasn't a fan of these, but the sausage roll was good.

    Pie Society are the best imo, especially the Sheppard's pie is the best frozen pie I've ever had (meat or plant based).
    The Coles brand plant based ones are also great.
    Oh and Fry's are also damn good. Just get anything but these, so many better options.

    • especially the Sheppard's pie

      Doesn't appear on their web site as a product they sell.

      Or even Shepherd's pie.

  • -5

    In china they use cardboard as meats in their buns.

  • New Zealand meat pies are better…

  • +1

    There's apparently only one natural ingredient in them. Natural smoke flavour.

  • +1

    Vili's pies are the best, ideally as a pie floater

    • The best supermarket pie I've had are the Baked Provisions pies. Not frozen which makes a world of difference, but expensive ($7 to $8 for two).

  • +2

    I used to buy the single meat free sausage rolls and pies when they were on special. Im not vegetarian and decided to give it a go when they came out and they tasted great. Theres also no shitty gristle/crunchy junk in the meat free options which is awesome for me because that instantly ruins a pie.

  • Obligatory weed joke

  • just call it a vegetarian pastry & move on

  • +1

    Geez , who would've picked crappy meat pies to have such a long thread !
    Even better , meat free …..

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