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Herbert Adams Pies 2 Pack $5.70 (Was $9.50) @ Woolworths


As the weather gets cooler, and you want something warm and fancy, these pies do just the trick! My personal favourite frozen pie choice, as they taste authentic and not like cardboard.

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    Don't forget to "Boost" in-app

    Especially good for those receiving targeted offers like 2000 bonus pts for $40 spend, as well as the 10x points💰
    Thats one of the better current offers. Received those most weeks for last 6 months on at least 1 Rewards account.

    Added these to shopping list. A good quick meal👍

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      • I'm not saying it isn't.

  • the link doesnt work, redirects to just woolworths.com.au with nothing after that and is unresponsive for a bit

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    A few years ago they used to be great. Not so much today after they were bought out.

    Dumbed down and far more "slurry".

    • When did it change? I haven't had them in a few years, did enjoy them back then

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        Patties has owned them for two decades. Maybe they're not uniformly good or different varieties have dropped away because I haven't noticed any difference in pastry or content quality, although these days I usually stick to the Beef n Peppercorn - when on super special.

    • Yep last box for me a few weeks ago…not good at all.

  • Omg these pies are garbage rock hard pastry no meat only gravy in the chunky meat pies just awful.

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      Which frozen supermarket pies are better?… For $2.85 each they aren't meant to be competitive in an Australia's best pie competition…

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        Try Garlos pies Coles $2.70 on sale far better than Herbert Adams inedible pies.

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          Each to their own, garlo’s taste weird imo

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            @Tal_Shiar: Report from my Garlo lunch taste test as promised

            Garlo's Lean Beef
            Pastry - good, held together well after heating, soft and flaky. 8/10
            Filling taste and texture - generous amount, basically 'mince' (meat fragments) and dark gravy, not unpleasant to the eye but a strange taste of nothing in particular. 3/10
            Overall 4/10. Thankfully didn't pay the full $4.80!!! and will not buy again.

            • @Igaf: Update
              Not a nice aftertaste. Revised score 3.5/10

    • +5

      Don't know what you were eating but it wasn't these pies.

    • +3

      You have to be careful with the cooking method/timing with the HA. They certainly can become rock hard if over cooked and I agree this brand is more sensitive to this. Also agree filling is variable, sometimes good, sometimes not.

      • Hi, would you happen to have some recommendations for temperature and duration to heat these with an air fryer (no oven sadly)? I've tried this brand a few times when they're on sale, I do like them but I'm still struggling to find a sweet spot

        • I microwave them for 2 minutes (@ 900W) to cook the inside and then put them in the oven for 10 minutes (@ 200C) to cook the pastry.

          Never tried them in an air fryer, but you could try something similar to my method. I would personally check on it after 8 minutes in the air fryer to make sure that it's not burning.

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    The Aldi chunky beef pies far outstrip the current day Herbert Adams pies. What we get now is your basic meat pie with a fancy box.

    • +2


      Don't seem to get the greatest reviews… (I didn't neg you)

      • +1

        76% negative! But it is Product Review - where people go mainly to complain.

      • That's a surprise to me!

        I had a terrible experience with Herbert Adams recently so that's when I switched over. Evidently mileage varies.

        • +1

          Tastes do vary widely. Don't buy HA often since the massive price rises but can't say I've noticed any quality drop.

    • +2

      Yeh, Aldi pies very good especially the sous vide variety. Always some in the freezer for a lazy weekend lunch.

    • -1

      Elmsbury Gourmet? Almost certainly from the same company (Patties) but with a very limited range. The two usual varieites Chunky Sous Vide and Chicken and Leek? are so so - 6/10. Ditto for the Aldi special varieties - Butter Chicken and Red Thai Curry. All passable, but wouldn't buy again.

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    The price gouge people?

  • +2

    The massaman curry pies were inedible, absolutely gross, tasted weird and sweet with a horrible hard pastry.

    Avoid, totally not worth it, go to your local bakery instead.

    • +4

      Where does a local bakery pie cost $2.85?

      • +1

        I think people still think it's 1996 or something.

        I'm someone who stocks up on good pies for the winter, but I still chow down the odd herbert adam for lunch. They're good value for the price.

    • Mushroom and peppercorn pies are okay, but the fancier they get the nastier they get. Even the mrs macs pies are awful imo

  • Haven't bought HA for a while. Used to like them a lot but usually ended up having the Aldi ones instead cos they were never on special those occasions.

    Might grab some to see this decline in quality people are talking about.

    • I'm going to buy a half-price Garlo at Coles when I pick up my cheap cashews tomorrow. Will report back.

  • I always have a box of these in the freezer for an emergency feed.

    Best supermarket pies are National Pies though.

    • Reng is my emergency feed of choice. Tastes much better and only 50c a pack!

    • Agreed with @heytherehoney. The two best pie brands IMO.

  • My fav supermarket pies are Bocastle, but I think WW have deleted them. In the meantime, waiting till the next 1/2 price special on National Pies.

  • National Pies are the best imo. I used to like HA but National is much better.

  • national pies very good

  • Bought the Beef and Peppercorn so have to give the deal a vote

  • not even 50% cmon herbert

  • Always bought them on special during the Covid days in the past. They were my go to pies. The rest were not up to par. At Coles

  • Happy to report that the Beef and Peppercorn are still as good as ever, albeit significantly more expensive - 50% more at discount price (doubt we'll ever see 1/2 price again) than 3 yrs ago.

    BUT….if you expect what you see on the box you'll be disappointed. If they were ever like that then I missed out.

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