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½ Price Lotus Biscoff Spread 380g-400g $3.75 @ Coles


Rejoice! Don't even remember last time these were on sale let alone half price. Both smooth and crunchy on sale. Begins Wednesday. Good chance amazon will price match

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    this with vegemite on toast… yeah it's a beautiful abomination

    also, this on the actual biscuit

    • yeah man, thats the way to go.

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      This, mixed with a tin of condensed milk, some white chocolate and some broken up biscuits makes an amazing fudge. Give it a go!

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        Damn - you managed to get the whole food pyramid into a meal!

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        Damn heart attack recipe saved Thanks

        • I reckon you'd get type 2 diabetes before a heart attack, but it's a lose/lose situation I guess

    • Man, this thing is so addictive!

  • Finally it’s on sale

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    C'mon Amazon S&S

    • f5ing amazon, patiently waiting for bezos pricematch

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    Amazing. Thanks OP.

    I haven't seen it half price since the first week it was available in Coles which was years ago.
    $6 is the best since then.
    I have never seen it reduced in Woolies at all.

    Love this stuff so I will stock up if I can.

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      Can I be your mate pls?

    • Yum!! Someone at my work bought one from Woolies - but I've never been able to find it in stock :(

        • Nice. Might give it a go!

  • Will give it a crack at half off

  • Jokes aside, what is the use case for this stuff?

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      Normally you consume it. Ymmv.

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      Get a spoon, eat out of jar. Similar level of culinary sophistication to eating nutella out of the jar.

      I've heard people put it in their coffees as well but I'm yet to try this.

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      It's very very sweet for actual spread, but it's great for baking. Have used for scrolls and banoffee.

    • Couple of scoops with glass of milk. Whizz in microwave stir and drink. Better than hot chocolate over winter

      • I've seen this for sale at kids cafes!

    • I use it for biscoff cheesecake my friends seem to love it

    • I haven't used it before, but I did buy the Lotus hot cross buns and thought they were good, so I'd extrapolate that it should work well on a warm brioche bun

    • It's good on crumpets

  • What would be the shelf life? Like you would stock up supply for how long?

    • I've bought multiple jars off Amazon Warehouse which were about to hit their best before date, and had no issues eating them months and months later.

      There's so much sugar in it, it'll be fine.

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    I never really got into this I don't know why people love it so much

  • Last time it was on sale for something like $6, the shelf was always empty despite me going in there several times during the promo period.

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      You can do rain check at coles if an item on catalogue specials is not in stock.

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        Important to note that Woolies no longer honour their specials once OOS and blame it on covid

  • I think I got scammed on these. There was an Amazon deal, I got them on subscribe and save, and they took like 6 months to show up, at which point they showed as over $6 each. Idk if that was the original deal or not, but doesn't seem cheap when seeing this one.

  • IGA had these for half price a few weeks ago, bought a jar then.

    • Does IGA have an app for super market? I don't think its covered by pricehipster.

  • Check freezer sections - am sure there will be plenty of jars hidden there 🥴

    • coles still offer rain checks

  • may be Amazon will price match S&S will make more sweeter.

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    How to eat this without becoming fat bastard from Austin Powers? Legit don't know how, it's sweet asf 😂

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    Coles. Make you login to veiw the catalog now. Fckn bullshit.

  • Still full price in WA

    • Not in WA it seems
      What a damned shame, I signed up for Coles and everything just for this

  • Was told limit of 6 and no rain check

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    Cmon where is the amazon price match!?!?

  • 6 per person limit at my local store.

    one store has no stock of crunchy version and other store has both available in limited quantity.

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    Just picked this up my local Coles, didn't have the yellow sticker special pricing amongst the other spreads around it but was half price at checkout. Cheeky.

  • Sorry didnt mean to negative vote cant seem to unselect it

  • Amazon has price matched for the smooth variety only plus subscribe and save option.

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    Crunchy now on sale at Amazon

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