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[NSW, QLD, SA] $225 Electricity Credit & $50 Gas Credit on AGL Value Saver Plan (New or Moving Customers Only) @ AGL


Not sure if this is targeted, but i got this email from AGL for return customer for Gas/Electricity
$225 for Electricity
$50 for Gas

Not as good as some of the past AGL deals, but anyone looking to move might be useful.

Get a one-off $225 (GST incl.) credit for electricity and a $50 (GST incl.) credit for gas on your first bill when you sign up to this plan direct with AGL as a new or moving customer. Or get $50 per fuel if you’re already with us and switch to this plan. Offer for residential customers in NSW, QLD and SA only, where AGL operates. The credit amount reduces the price of supply of electricity or gas and is not transferable or refundable. AGL may exclude accounts from receiving more than one upfront credit per fuel in any 12-month period. Not available in conjunction with any other AGL offer, unless otherwise stated. Offer may be varied by AGL.

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    So basically I'm currently with agl.

    So I better move away ASAP, haha.

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      If you're not churning every few months for signup bonuses you're leaving money on the table!

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        That's the problem with modern marketing. All sorts of 'disloyalty bonuses' to attract customers, while making loyal customers pay more to do it. Loyal customers eventually get p'd and churn to someone who gives a joining bonus.

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      I moved off AGL two weeks ago and received a phone call a few days later with this offer, so I've just moved back to AGL until this credit runs out then I'll move away again.

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        me too, I got the call with the $225 offer so I took it. They also offered me $300 credit to switch broadband, havent done that yet

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      I complained that they give deals to new and nothing to existing and that id move to orign who will give me $200 credit and better deal unless they give me offer to retain me and they gave me the $225 credit. So its definitely worth a try over chat.

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        You should've moved to Origin and use $200 credit and then return to AGL for the new credit

        • Doesn't matter i got it anyway and already got credit on my first bill of month so now i can move to origin for $200 credit and then try to move back again for a credit with agl.

  • wow $225, i was happy with $175 when moved back.

  • We left 10 months ago and didn't get the email. Not sure how it's targeted. We're in VIC.

    • I didnt get any emails from them but got the $225 credit when I switched back to them from Simply Energy. I got it on the Solar saver plan
      Wasnt avail on every AGL plan though - wasnt on the EV Nightsaver. Was told I can switch to that after the first bill received and the $225 credit on it

      • Good to know. I might go back to them during them or Simply Energy during summer when my solar output is higher. I didn't pay for any electricity for 5 months on Simply Energy with the sign-up bonus and FIT but I'm on OVO for the winter so I can charge the car between 11am-2pm, even when my solar isn't producing much.

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    I've had a horror experience with AGL. Would not return for even $1000

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        I don't know how much exactly, but more.

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      Do tell!

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    All these companies don't give shit about existing customers

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      You need to be a sales guy to reveal the truth.

  • I can see only $175 + $50

    • Not sure if the link was updated, but I can see $225 + $50 now

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    They are absolute arseholes to deal with and it seems like they now need to buy customers but they will never get me back after the lies they told me. Customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with

  • I reckon you will get 1 month or less worth of gas and electricity with that bonus. Is it worth it?

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      I guess after you get the bonus churn to another provider with a bonus

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      I doubt it.

      • This deal and the Velocity deal both have a clause in their offer terms and conditions that says Not available in conjunction with any other AGL offer, unless otherwise stated. I cannot find anything that advertises that you can stack this deal with the Velocity deal.

      • The URL for this deal is the same as the one for the Velocity deal, except for the fact they use different web IDs at the end. This deal uses ?webid=BACK, whereas the Velocity deal uses ?webid=VELOCITY. I do not know how you can get the AGL website to accept both web IDs.

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        Simples :)

        • When signing up via that is the $225 credit on a later page? I get to that page put in the details and find a "sign up now" button before seeing the credit

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    AGL have horrible customer service. Pretty much lied to me about comparison prices to try and keep me on. Churn and burn if you take this offer.

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    Had a horrible experience attempting to sign up. Went through online. Then had to do again over phone. Still no connection. Went with red energy in the end. Hopeless company

    • Almost exactly my experience, but on top of that, they couldn't handle the fact that my property had a separate controlled load meter lol

    • Are you a high energy user? Why did they call you?

      • Nope. Low to medium user. Maybe it's related to my suburb, not sure

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      I got the same offer

      Plus an extra $300 per supply for signing up to their $59 nbn

      Low energy user

      also did the next mth sign up due to simply energy credits

    • wont share the hack? doesnt surprise me.

  • Ok time to move away from AGL now to switch back again, any good cheap providers in nsw?

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      Simply energy for $200 electricity credit

      • I find simply energy most expensive side and $200 credit isn't worth it 🤔

        • Worth it cause Agl with call you and offer you the plan they offered me above

  • Can you get this offer and choose their Netflix plan?

  • does anyone know if the credit rolls over to 2nd bill?

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    Compare your energy plans via https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/ stop dealing with shitty companies

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    Holy moly, just be wary, I tried to set up electricity with AGL last week for a new property I moved into.

    My account was in "we're setting it up, check back in a few minutes" for days - I contacted them through webchat and they made me give them ALL of the previous information I submitted through the webform. This literally took hours due to their slow response rate.

    They couldn't find my meter on the national database - no problem, I went out to the property and took photos of the two power meters. Sent them to AGL who asked which one was mine. I said both, the agent couldn't fathom this and said we can only use one (how has a power company not heard of a controlled load…).

    Finally, I gave up, as I had been in the property for 3 days and the power could be cut at any minute. I decided to go to Energy Australia instead, who had no issues. I contact AGL again, said cancel my order and delete my account. 24 hours later, I still have an account with them.

    Great for the discount if you can get it, horrible if it goes wrong. Discretion advised.

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      EXACTLY what happened to me. Crazy

  • Wont you have to pay connection and disconnect fees everytime you move from one provider to another?

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    Shamed to admit that these guys got me good and proper.

    Switched to them for the best market rate I could find. A year later my 22% discount expired and they send me a letter saying my discount is expiring, but no worries, because I’ve been loyal the discount is now 30%.

    Fool me didn’t check, they’d jacked the base rates so far beyond the other market rates that i was now paying ~25% more.

    Always always shop around. Headline prices are meaningless. And I think AGL are sneaky pricks.

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      How is it specifically AGL being sneaky pricks???

      It's been 1 year since you joined. Every retailers pricing went up due to national increase industry wide - the news and media covered this over and over.

      You admit to not checking the new rates after they "jacked it up" and it's their fault?

      Don't single out a business when it's not just them increasing prices. If they had increased and every other retailer remained the same then I understand your frustrations.

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        Yes, I admit that I didn’t check what they’d done to my base rates. The plan name went from something like “fair deal 22” to “fair deal 30” and figured it was just the discount changing. I was clear at the start of my comment that I should have checked, that’s on me. But i didn’t and I was tricked by the increasing discount.

        My point is that they jacked up the rates far far beyond what the rest of the market did, while increasing my discount to give the appearance I was still on a good plan. They were the best price for my usage when I signed up. People need to lookout for big headline discounts are are effectively a lie.

        “Everybody does it” does not make it ok. I still think they’re pricks. The existence of other pricks does not change this.

        I just hope my comments make people be very wary of energy company tactics. This is one of them that AGL got me with and I want everyone to know about it.

  • Do keep in mind that AGL does a credit check. Don't be caught off guard

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      Just first time you sign up. Then churn back and forth with no credit check

  • AGL may exclude accounts from receiving more than one upfront credit per fuel in any 12-month period

    Does this mean if I was with them in the past 12 months I am not eligible for this offer?

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      I've received over 1k in past 12 months

      • that's bloody great. Thanks for letting us know.

      • Is that by churning between providers, or by threatening them to leave?

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          Churning, then getting more credits to return back via retention team

  • AGL? Yeah…. nah…

    • I can see the following -

      No lock-in contract with variable rates
      Change your plan anytime and if you need to leave, we don’t charge an exit fee. Your rates can go up or down with written notice to you.

    • Not what I heard from phone call with them yesterday. On their website, they also said no lock-in contract. If their public facing site advisement can’t be trusted, they will have huge amount of customers complaining.

      • I just had a online chat, confirms no cancellation fee. I have taken a screenshot of the chat.

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    Embedded network. Sadly no choice to switch

  • Does AGL charge exit fee/cancellation fee/meter read fee after churning and leaving?

  • Does it stack up with the rebates Queensland is offering? I was afraid to change providers because I don't want to lose the rebates.

    • Wondering this too

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        Rebates are tied to the energy network and not provider

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    All these churning offers, do they trickle it into your account or withhold it til month X? I've got a good rate at the moment but is it really worth churning between bad rates with cashback?

  • So from what I can tell this plan is actually cheaper than the best that Globird could offer me so I'm keen. I don't think I've ever churned power providers - is it as simple as signing up for the new plan and they sort everything out with the previous supplier?

  • Currently have AGL gas and Energy Local for electricity.
    Pricing on these current plans saves me about $10 for last 3 month period for both.
    Might have to switch for the credit bonus I think

    • will there be a $58ish disconnect and connect fee charge by SA Power?

      • Nah. Haven't had that before when switching.

  • So I already have my gas with AGL. If I switch the electricity will I get the $225? Or just the $50? I am in South Australia.

    • I'm the exact same situation.

      Looks like I can only get $200 for switching electricity once signed into AGL account. Still worth it as will look to churn after a credit is applied

  • Just switched from EnergyAustralia, which is super expensive without discount. Great credit bonus and will be back when they offer 24% more discount

  • damn, just sign up their Netflix plan last week, only $200 bonus credit to the first bill.

    • Is it the same as this offer where it’s credit until consumed or just first bill?

  • When signing up, how do you know whether you got the sign up credit? It doesn't seem to reflect any info about it in the cart. Do you purchase the plan and claim afterwards or something?

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      I logged into my AGL dashboard and the $225 credit was displayed there as a sign up bonus to come off first bill

      I am curious, with Origin Energy also offering a $200 sign up credit until 30/06/24, if one could use AGL for this month and part of June to use up their $225 credit, then churn to Origin prior to 30/06/24 to take advantage of their sign up credit


      That sounds pretty appealing to me.

    • Just signed up - as with simplerick, it's showing the $225 credit in my account already.

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