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XFX Speedster MERC 319 Radeon RX 6950 XT Black 16GB Graphics Card $849 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ VIC, NSW, QLD C&C) @ Scorptec


Deal was previously shared with the card at $949. Its price has since been reduced to $899 for the past couple of weeks and now Scorptec is offering an additional $50 off with the coupon code above. Not sure how this compares to the other GPU deals like the 4070 series and 7900 GRE.

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    Based on a quick google it looks like this is slightly slower than the 7900GRE or 4070Ti. And slightly faster than a 4070 Super. Overall I would think the 7900 GRE at $888 would be a better buy for an AMD GPU at the moment


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      agrees I do

    • very comparable to 7900GRE, I'd just pick the cheaper one so I'd go this.
      For small form factor, the GRE uses less power so may be the better choice, otherwise I wouldn't worry.

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        In the long term, you'd be spending more money on the 6950XT. Takes 60W more.

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          I was curious so I did the maths, it's boring but if you ran it at full tilt 8 hours a day, you'd break even after 210 days, 28c a kw/h, $28 difference… Yeah it's not worth not getting the lower cost card at today's energy prices - for the same performance.

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            @conza: Also most likely longer support on the 7900GRE being one gen newer.

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        GRE uses less power, and overclocking capabilities are awesome. it's a better investment in terms of resale value, too

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    I like XFX, they're well put together

    • They're kinda sleek, honestly. On the big side, but that's just more cooling!

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    For the price, and even cheaper by a bit, I personally think one would be better off with the 7900 GRE and it's overclocking capabilities.

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    basically a 4070/3090 without proper raytracing and dlss, great for open source linux drivers though

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    I could never afford a Merc

    • Who you trying to get killed

  • Gigabyte 4070super for $880 @ebay plus member, maybe a better choice

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    My 6800xt red devil is still going strong. Plays everything 4k just fine. Probably upgrade late this year.

    • Same with my Saphire.. Probably can even skip this next gen and be ok another year or 2.

      • I was thinking about that too, waiting a year or 2 but now (profanity) it. Might as well sell it while it's still worth something and upgrade.

        • Yeh fair enough 🙂

        • yeah good idea probably, especially considering 2yrs ago I had to pay $1100 for a 6700xt merc and theyre like $300 now

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