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Bose Headset and Earphone Sale from $65.95 (+$7.95 Delivery)



I was looking for some new earphones and saw these on DealFox, it is the cheapest I could find Bose at.

Bose® OE2i On-Ear Audio Headphones - $99.95 normal RRP $249
Bose® OE2 On-Ear Audio Headphones - $89.95 normal RRP $199
Bose® AE2i around-ear headphones - $99.95 normal RRP $249
Bose® IE2 audio headphones - $65.95 normal RRP $149

EDIT - $7.95 Delivery, I would hate to get negative votes again because I forgot to add this information..

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  • +1

    Amazing prices. Great post.

  • +1

    Yea pretty good prices, P/H is $7.95…

    Blackbox i10, for $35 ! (Sell for $100+) Link
    Diddybeats, for $75 ! (Sell for $150+) Link

    • the first one is quite tempting. Is it good for the value?

      • It is ipod use only - wouldn't recommend

    • anyone use the diddybeats before? and also is this the genuine one ><

  • -1

    $7.95 for delivery Australia Wide.

    I hope they are genuine and not too good to be true.

    • at the bottom of the page. i guess it's real deal

      The headphones also feature a hologram label inside the headband, which provides a visual identifier and unique product code to signify that the headphones are a genuine Bose® product. It also has security features that allow Bose to confirm product authenticity.

    • I got the IE2 about a year ago from dealfox for $100, now the price is even better. Dealfox is very good to buy from but they had some issues when they bought the troubled wow sight and sound company at the start of the year, hopefully they have solved the issues with the counterfet goods.

  • yeah how come very cheap? great find OP

    • Because they're Bose.

    • Because bose is overpriced to begin with.

  • +6

    Please read this first - from dealfox should note in the OP - BUY WITH CAUTION

    • That was was their Beats stock and is completely unrelated to this though.

      I bought the AE2i from an earlier deal by dealfox (April/May this year) and their explanation for the low price was that they acquired the stock from a store that was recently liquadated.

      I took mine to the Bose store in Westfield Sydney and they confirmed that they were genuine. Assuming that what is on sale now is the same batch/stock as what I bought, you should be safe.

    • haven't purchased from them but looks like they handled it quite well given the circumstances.

    • +2

      Wow that looked painful, apart from a couple of people complaining, one which looked like they were having a really bad day, it sounds like DealFox dealt with a bad situation pretty well. I expect they would have learnt from that expensive lesson! I will check mine with a Bose shop when I get them but I am confident they are genuine.

    • Dealfox's handling of the matter is awesome, if ever I had to have a problem, I'd rather with someone who'd own up and fix the issue.

      Thanks for pointing it out.

      • if someone sold you fakes, you best believe that they are going to bend over backwards to rectify the situation as best possible. thats how you do sustainable business

  • Was looking for an on-ear one for less. Unfortunately, Bose is still too expensive. How is this one http://www.dealfox.com.au/electronics/active-noise-cancellat... ?

  • haha …I bought ae2i before few months for 220$ ….its for 99$…wow

    • +1

      I am thinking about the AE2i, is it good on sound? Light and comfortable?

  • They have had a few fakes up on here buyers beware

  • I need some help with similar on the ear ones but bluetooth :) Any ideas?

    • I have the Plantronics BackBeat Go, I know they are not on ear but they are very good for Bluetooth earphones

      • Oh I ment earphones!

  • If these are genuine, then great deal.

    If there is an issue, I think we know Dealfox handle the situation well.

    I am very tempted, my wife will not be.

    • "My wife will not be (very tempted)". Good to know!

  • So many choices here and I'm a totally newbie, which one gives the greatest bass? I read the reviews of them from CNET but they all seem quite good which make it so harder to choose :(

    • +1

      Can't comment about all of them but I've listened to the OE2 before instore and the bass was not heavy at all, if that is what you're after. By all reports the OE2i is similar.

      It was, however, by far one of the most comfortable set of headphones I've ever tried - barely noticeable, featherweight really.

  • +2

    I just called the Dealfox helpline and was assured they are all genuine and are Australian stock. They noted that they are just left over stock being liquidated for suppliers.

    Always wanted one and have made an order

    • yay, just ordered a AE2i. Not sure when will they ship it. My ears cannot wait. :P

  • Are the Bose® AE2i around-ear headphones good for gaming?

  • only wish they are fully compatible with Android devices, ie, volume control

  • +1

    How long does it normally take to deliver though?

    • +1

      From their website
      Goods will be dispatched from our warehouse within 14 -21 days from completion of sale (sales run for approximately 7 days), Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm.

      • +3

        Probably a month until we receive it? How is nobody else outraged by this?

        • Because if people don't like it then they shouldn't buy it.

      • Mine arrived about 10 mins ago… I only ordered yesterday..

  • I've been frequenting ozbargain.com for a while now but just signed up recently. Do these headphones come with a manufacturers warranty? I couldn't find much on the dealfox website. I've been using cheap, average headphones for a long time now and I think my ears deserve better. I'm interested in buying the IE2 model. Thanks.

  • Ordered.

    I'm in sooo much trouble.

  • Hi guys which model above is suitable for a bass-head? Very tempting price…

    • None of these are for bass-head, bose is good for noise cancelling and clarity. Also, the headphone is very comfortable and light.

      • Awww what a shame. Then maybe got to skip this deal :(

  • Ozbargain is bleeding me dry this week…. such a great price… can't resist… i gave in and got 1…

    • op accidentally click the rep box…. i am not associated with Dealfox…

  • Great deal! I am bleeding too in this month! just a few days after the $219 Nexus 7!

  • +1

    Bose Quietcomforts please!!!!!!!!

  • i have a pair of px-200 ii. how does Bose® OE2 On-Ear Audio Headphones compare to it?

  • +1

    Hmmm the beats seem like a really cheap price at $75 I've been burnt with fake ones off ebay… Can anyone confirm they are 100% legit? I've seen ones that are with a red cable that retail for $199 at apple and claim to be noise cancelation how do these $75 ones they are offering compare to it? I've already got the beats hd solo which i picked up in germany recently but they sfe full headphones which are a pain to lug around every day on the train.

  • +5

    Oh C'mon!! I have bought AudioTechnica ATH-M50 from an Amazon deal on Ozbargain when i already had bought ATH-A700 from another Ozbargain deal & 2 Pure-Fi earbud headphones from ANOTHER Ozbargain deal…..

    I only have one pair of ears!!!! But because i have ten fingers to click the mouse, so SOMEHOW i am making the purchase now…..

    • +2


      People, go to bed and it will save you $107.90….true story..

    • You bought great headphones, these are not great.

      Calm down, and don't bother.

  • I have a pair of IE2 In-Ear headphones which I got for Catchoftheday for $90 and I thought I got a bargain. Definitely a good buy!

  • Man been looking at the Blackbox M10 for a while for while I am on the plane trips. Purchased Ailex. See how it goes.

  • -2

    So many people fall for this "deal", lol. the prices are too good to be true. i can guarantee you these are 100% refurbished and re-packaged headphones from China. they've been selling these (at much lower prices) over there for quite a long time. e.g both AE2 and OE2 at around $55.

    • But at least they are genuine, right?

    • I will let you when I get mine, DealFox has reassured me they are new and genuine, they just need to clear stock.

      • did you really expect DF to tell you that they were not brand new and they were fake?

        that being said, i do believe DF selling genuine stuff.

        • I would expect them to tell me if they were refub's.

    • I am glad to say, you were wrong

    • +1

      You can guarantee without having even seen the product or dealing with the company. That's like me guaranteeing you are full of s***

  • I will have one question "how to differentiate it is refurbished??" any tips??

    • Keen an eye out for crawling head lice, strands of ear/facial hair stuck within the ear padding, odour (from bogans who only shower once a day) and undone packaging.

      Hope this helps!

  • Anyone knows if the inline remote control and the microphone on OE2i work on normal mobile phones other than iphone, like android phones?

    • I know the IE2 work with android - although mine broke after a month. I am pretty rough with gadgets etc. so if you use it normally it will be fine

  • What is it with OZB users that love Beats and Bose so much?

    • Beats - no one cares about, except if they want a cheap but expensive gift to give someone who only knows about Beats
      Bose - they actually make AMAZING audio products - you get what you pay for here :)

  • +1

    Mine just arrived, off to Bose to see if they are genuine

    • Be waiting for you.

    • They are real!!!!! Wooo Hooo

      • that was fast, which courier do they use?

        • Australian Air Express, I got them delivered to my work address in Melbourne, looks like it is shipped from QLD

        • Mine one still in progress… :(

        • I got a shipment notification today, hopefully i get it by tomorrow.

      • which one you got? and is it a brand new or refurbished?

        • +1

          Brand New and in a fully heat sealed internal box. I got the IE2

        • thanks.

    • I want to buy the IE2 but don't know if they're good value for the money, because I don't know much about headphones. In other words, why should I opt to buy the IE2 over these: http://www.jbhifi.com.au/portable/mp3-players/head-phones/mo...

      I just want something that is excellent quality with decent bass; I will be using it at the gym.

  • Finally give up and decide to buy one AEi2 only to find that they're out of stock…. NOOOOOO :(

    • right……

    • +1

      Harry Potter has beaten you to it…ha ha ha.

  • Also worth noting the security buzzer when off when I walked into a shop with the retail packaging, I am sure fakes would not bother putting security tags in the product.

  • anyone knows where i can find a store that stocks the Bose stuff and i can try?

    • If you are in Sydney, you may go to Westfield on Pitt st. There is a Bose store on L6.

  • I missed out as well, any chance more stock will come in. I am after the AE2i.

  • +1

    Got my OEi2 just now, enjoy it, it looks genuine.

  • interesting to note, the picture for the IE2 headphones are actually the MIE2 mobile handset

  • been watching the beats @ $75 for a few days now… hoping they would sell out before i gave in… grrr… it didn't sell out so I gave in and brought them dammit lol!!

    • same here, but i haven't order yet. plz let me knw the feedback once u got it will be appreciate :)

      • +1

        Well according to a friend who has then she swears by them but the only down fall is the cable gets dirty that's all she said!

  • is this company legit? I ordered a hugo boss watch of them on November 1. Still nothing. Tried contacting them yesterday and today…no one picking up phone just goes to message saying office is currently closed (regardless of what time i call) and no responses to my email either?

  • received my OE2i this morning. it is GENUINE. ordered 30 hours ago, delivered at 9:45am this morning. Faster than the Apple Store.
    Very happy with the quality and service.

  • +1

    Got my OE2i this morning. Super fast.

    Quality is hard to gauge. Very very comfy. Work better on the iPhone than on my Mac. Not enough bass for my tastes, but very clear. The mic and controls work well.

    I'll stick with my TDKs for the computer but these are certainly the choice for iDevices.

    Not sunning. 7/10 IMHO.

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