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- Extended Data Plans & Customisation: Recognising that every traveller's needs are unique, we offer data plans lasting up to 180 days or more for tailored requirements. From extended data plans to top-ups upon expiry, our services are tailored to cater to your specific travel demands.
- Tailored Solutions: We offer more than just standard plans. If you require a specific plan for a region not typically covered or a unique mix of destinations, our technical team is prepared to craft the perfect travel tech solution for you.
- Proudly Melbourne-Based: This local presence allows us to provide comprehensive technical support and ensures access to the finest products and services.

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  • Anybody here have a sour experience with them?

  • +5

    ive just come back from a trip using these guys.

    - cheap
    - one of the few that allows for hot spot

    but i probably wouldnt go with them again. i probably was unlucky that my SIM wasnt "activated" on their end and ended up getting a local SIM anyway.

    i landed at my destination and wasted half a day trying to get the sims to work (did all the trouble shooting steps), finally gave up and contacted support with what was done and trouble shooting performed and waited for melbourne offices hours. the first response from their "support" was a COPY and PASTE of the trouble shooting steps (which i have performed). i was pretty peeved that they didnt even read the email with the trouble shooting and screen shots. they could have also checked their end as well, but instead just tried to fob me off. in their defence, they probably get alot of emails of people not even checking the settings. but still, maybe it was a auto response mail bot? anyway, got it working after they reactivated the sim and i went through a few restarts.

    this was a day later and i ended up getting a local sim anyway. and used this sim in another phone.

    another annoying thing was that the 7 day sim is NOT 168hrs (24hrs*7 days) but counts the days. eg if you activate anytime on saturday, it lasts till friday. i activated saturday afternoon 2:00pm and was expecting the sim to function till the following saturday (7 days later) afternoon 2:00pm. but it stopped working late friday night (approx). to be fair, some other travel sims also do this, but would have been nice to be told up front.

    there wasnt enough pros (price) with these guys and the other travel sims. they seem (speculating here) to be china sims (like everyone else) with local mebourne white washing. they arent bad, and maybe i was just unlucky. but the conbination of poor support, couldnt use it as soon as i landed (the whole point of buying the travel sim), got less time than what i thought i bought. made the experience rather sub par.

    not down voting deal because it offered hotspot while others didnt at that price point.

    • +1

      Thanks for the review. I might not purchase a sim if it's caused that much trouble for you. Can OP respond and confirm if the support has improved?

    • Hi, thank you for your feedback, and our apologies if you are not satisfied with our products.. Allow us to clarify a few points:

      1. While most of our SIM cards or eSIMs are plug-and-play or scan-and-play, there are occasional exceptions, often due to device configurations. We typically provide a standard troubleshooting guide before escalating to our technical team.

      2. Concerning re-activation, as we own the products and technology, we have the capability to assign a new line for you. However, if you purchased from companies that solely rely on third-party sourcing, they may not be able to offer network resources.

      3. Our local network coverage is provided by local carriers, and their policies may vary regarding how they define a day. In some cases, it may be until midnight on the calendar day.

      Please contact us if you have any concerns or comments. Our team is here to assist you. Thanks

  • +2

    Currently aboard

    As Joshua mentioned above my sim was also not supported or activated and it couldn't be used.
    The hassle while aboard and needing the internet while traveling finding a wifi spot to email support just to ask where's my product that's purchased.

    emailed support and was giving a e-sim as I was aboard already.
    after a day of use it stopped working.
    At this point I gave up and just bought another local sim.

    I'm guessing the esim they provided was not the same as purchased with unlimited data for x days.

    Would not use these guys again

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    Just wanted to add my 2c

    Bought it to use in America last week, it absolutely did not work at all on landing and in the immigration line, an hour of resetting over and over, different settings and all, and trying all the different settings didn't work, had to use the free wifi to get in touch with my pick up who had to park instead of just collecting me at pick up

    once outside the airport for whatever reason it worked but it was really spotty and slow for most of the trip. Don't give me the 'local provider' blah blah because every other aussie in the immigration queue was on instagram as soon as the plane landed.

    I've since sent 2 emails and no reply (back in Aus now) Had it not worked itself out I would have had to buy a local sim, if I had to reply on their support then I'd be outta luck. Okay I understand it worked in the end for me but seeing others with the same experience I had is made me comment

    I have another issue which I'm waiting for them to clarify if they ever reply to me before I speculate/comment here

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