My NRMA Blue Membership Free for 12 Months (Usually $60, New & Inactive Members Only) @ My NRMA


This is not for NRMA car service. My NRMA gives you free offers, kind of like Entertainment book, etc.

Useful for things like Gelatissimo, Sushi discounts, etc etc. Not as good value for gift card discounts as other plans (eg Entertainment book) but this is free and Entertainment book isn't.

Free is free

Offer is My NRMA Membership for $0 valid for NRMA Parks & Resorts customers who currently are not a Member of NRMA and have no active subscription(s). One My NRMA Membership is offered per eligible customer. Not valid for existing Members with an active Membership. Total minimum cost of $0 for the first 12 months. After the first 12 months, reverts to full price of $60 per year or $5 per month over 12 month contract. Option to renew and continue the My NRMA subscription is at the discretion of the Member. This offer is valid until 30 June 2024.

Offer terms and conditions

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NRMA (National Roads and Motorists' Association)
NRMA (National Roads and Motorists' Association)


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    I was once involved in a car accident on my way to get ice cream at Gelatissimo. True story.

    • +3

      So did you ended up getting the ice cream? Hanging in suspense.

    • +5

      Cold story bro ;-p

    • Did you get a discount on the accident?

  • -7

    Free is definitely NOT free.

    Your details will definitely be used for internal datamining/analytics at best and sold to marketing companies at worst.

    (actually worst would be a data breach where your details would be exposed to bad actors)

    • +2

      So… use a fake name and second email addres?!

      • Phone number is where the spam and scams hit.

        • burner sim

        • Yes those nasty spams and scams that come through the portal!

    • i mean even if u dont take it they will still analysis ur data anyway, that is literally a part of marketing and how they figure out which plan is better for u and keep showing u ads

    • Im already getting like 10 spam texts daily… few more couldnt hurt

    • How bad are we talking? Kristin Stewart? Jerry Seinfeld?

  • Does it work for expired memberships.

    • New email account?

    • -3

      Post should have steps to get it. For expired members.

      Offer is My NRMA Membership for $0 valid for NRMA Parks & Resorts customers

      WTF is "NRMA Parks & Resorts" lol

      • Discounts for parks and resorts, for families. But you don't need to show proof of any membership with NRMA Parks and Resorts

        • +1

          No proof fine, ok. So how do I get this deal as an expired Blue member? I tried to login and paste the deal URL into browser. It went hard on New Member routine.

        • don't need to show proof of any membership with NRMA Parks and Resorts

          Deal says otherwise.

  • Anyone actually has this already - what kind of deals are there?

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      It's like Entertainment book, sometimes useful
      25% of some cafes / restaurants, some GC discounts which you can get with other memberships.

    • +1

      Car rental

      Get it if you go to pancake parlor

    • +5

      I've been using it to redeem complimentary food and services. Such as a complimentary sushi roll when you buy 1 sushi roll. Doubling my purchases is pretty good in this economy. You also get at most 5% off selected gift cards and food/entertainment discounts (most I've seen is 25% off). These offers change depending on your location, and the big brands usually have some sort of discount or offer.

      • Its pretty lacking gift card wise and i reckon the entertainment book is better than this for the other stuff but this is free so wins.
        I wish the $1 for 3 months entertainment book deal was still going.

      • +1

        Used to be 25% off at sushi hub, now bogof 😭

        • Yeah now i have to split up my purchases between family members

    • +6

      BOGOF at a few food outlets such as Sushi hub (free roll), Nene chicken (free burger and free wrap), san churro (free churro for one), bubble cup (free cup)… 25% off at a heap of other outlets/restaurants such as TGIF, vapiano, master lanzhour noddle bar.

      Using app you can search by suburb so these are just some that appeared in Melbourne 3000

      Def worth it for free.

    • +1

      Thanks all. It does sound like worthwhile. My data is worth shit…been leaked twice in last 2 weeks.

      RSL one and Dell order.

    • +1

      It's geared towards the eastern states, so there wasn't a lot of offers I could use here in SA despite SGIC being taken over by them.

      My year was just about to end and was sent an email renewal for $60. Aside from fuel discount offers which I can get from the EG or Origin apps, I didn't get any value from it. I called up to cancel… a half hour wait. In the year I had it on my phone, don't think I used it once.

      • -1

        ?! I'm in SA and quite a few places in the cbd and eastern suburbs

      • I'm in SA and the best bit was when they offered ten cents per litre fuel discount.

      • My savings in SA for the past 12 months…$5.20. I'll still sign up again though!

    • -1

      I use it for 5% off dan murphys gift cards, since RACWA removed it because they didn't want to be seen suggesting you drink and drive or some other woke reason.

  • how long does the verify email take to come through and has anyone ever had any issue claiming the discounts ?

    • just did it for another account and email came through in <30 min, have had this for a while and discounts normally work fine, however did have 1 restaurant (din tai fung) decline it and say they did not participate despite being listed.

    • I've had this for a while as it's included in NRMA roadside assistance. I have used it twice for 15 per cent off tickets to Featherdale Wildlife Park, which we did as a break on our way to the Blue Mountains.

      That said, this post prompted me to look and there is actually more useful benefits than I thought, esp if it's free. Punching it into the restaurant search on their site shows some 25% off restaurants that coudl be a big saving - Catalina Rose Bay (ok, this would just reduce the price from outrageous to super expensive), Maya da Dhaba in Surry Hills.

      Also there are 5c/L Ampol Premium fuel vouchers.

      The eMovie voucher tickets to Event ($34 Gold Class, $18 normal adult, inc Sat night - there's an $8.50 offer on now till end of May if outside Sat night) go alright, if you don't have Telstra Plus ($13.50 adult, Gold Glass Thursdays $32, V Max $16.50 with no Sat night restriction).

      Finally, there is 9% cashback (via their app, need to link your credit card) on Bonds and 5% on The Iconic. Limited time offers acc to Ts and Cs.

  • Ozbargained??? Two browsers and I get stalled at review details..

    • I reckon just give it a break, and click again

      • +1

        Doesn't work. Cannot proceed. No deal for me.

        • Just tried it on my iPhone and it went to the details page

        • boo hoos

    • Me too, won't continue past details page

  • +2

    Signed up with name jo flogs. Local Aus Post for my address. Worked fine. Spam free 4 me

  • +2

    So I have a MyNRMA login from the last free offer (expired), and it says for inactive members also, but here seems to be no way to re-active my old membership with this link - it only wants to create new.

    "Not valid for existing Members with an active Membership"

    I don't have an active membership but can't renew so yeah bit vague??

    And yes I know I can put in a fake account but just pointing pointing out their description is a bit misleading on their terms.

    • New name, old email address
      Or new name, new email address

  • +3

    For us, the most valuable benefit of the membership by far is purchasing of Woolworths egiftcards at a discount! 3% discount for use in EG Ampol, Big W and Dan Murphy's, 4% on Woolies supermarkets. Just noticed currently there's 5% discount on Dan Murphy's egiftcards.

    • What’s the Woolies gift card process like? I use Macquarie marketplace but they dropped their discount to 3.5%.

      With Macquarie I can literally ring up my items at the checkout, buy a custom gift card for the total amount, and use it on the spot. It takes like 30 seconds. Would it be just as quick and easy with this mob?

  • Can I club NRMA Ampol Discount with 4c Woolworths Discount to get 9c off?

  • Tried to use this at zambrero. They refused to honour it. Staff had no idea what it even was.

    • Escalate to the manager. It's run by "Frequent Values Entertainment (Book)"

  • I signed up then downloaded the app where you can login using membership ID or mobile phone but if I try to access my profile to link my credit card for cashback it requires another login to mynrma account using my email/password which doesn't work at all from inside the app. It keeps loading without any progress.

    Does anyone face this login issue within the app?
    Note.I can login to mynrma account on browser.

  • Showing only 3 months free now

  • I used the offer but no option to cancel auto renewal online, anyone else have this issue?

    • Also can't find a cancel button, but I don't remember putting in any card details so maybe it doesnt auto-renew?

      • -1

        Auto renew at… $0?

        • Well it says after 12 months it reverts back to full price.. and I don't want to pay that, but there doesn't seem to be an option to cancel?

          • @sydonk: If you didn't put in any payment details, they can charge you $60 to your imaginary payment method

          • +2

            @sydonk: I was in the same boat.

            I just let it expire and now that it has it just says “You don't have coverage until payment is made” with a “Pay and renew” button. No auto payment was made as I didn’t (have to) put in any payment details when I initially signed up for the 12-month free trial.

  • After the initial free first year, they have renew my membership for free for the past 2 years. Could be based on how much you spend annually as my wife wasn't offered another free membership year after her first free year ended

  • Anyone else still waiting for their confirmation email/SMS after signing up? Can't login or via the app…. CBF calling them so does it takes a while or was it almost instant? Cheers

    • <30min

      • Ahhhh FML calling them now.

        • I called this morning they said it’s not auto renew but seems sus

          • @Coolguygamer: So last night about 2 am (yeah I know) they (website) were in maintenance and I thought the deal is gonna go for whatever reason. So I managed to sign up in the brief 2 mins it came up. Whilst the signup completed never got the email or SMS and couldn't login which is almost instant. So had to them to push a 'button' and boom all. Set up and signed in a min.

            Moral - too (profanity) to write but yeah if you signed up and never got confirmation call them they answer instantly /psa

    • mine wont go past the details page 1st step.

      Vpn- tried it with it off

      new email address- still no luck

      • +1

        Change browsers or open incognito, different devices or just give me your details lol will sign ya up

  • +1

    I used it for Luna Park tickets discount

  • plus point, if you are aged between 16-20, you get free2go membership for free too.

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