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Ozito PXC 36V (2x 18V) Brushless Chainsaw (Skin Only) $138 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ In-Store/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


New low price for:
Ozito PXC 36V (2 x 18V) Brushless Chainsaw PXCCSS-0182 - Skin Only.

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  • Winter heating sorted

  • What is the best price battery for this?

  • I notice with another brand of saw using two 18V batteries that it has less lag when pulling the trigger and more torque when using larger amp/Hr batteries .
    Maybe someone can pipe in that has one already .

    • What it is the other brand and which one has less lag….?

      • Less lag when using larger batteries

      • I think they're asking if this chainsaw has less lag with bigger batteries

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      Don't have the chainsaw but definitely a real thing when you get to more powerful tools and I notice it on my other Ozito tools. I've heard specifically this chainsaw runs better with 2x5.2aH batteries than 2x4aH. It's something to do with maintaining the current when the batteries are wired in parallel

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      I have this saw, as well as a corded Ozito one as well as several prior petrol and electric saws. This is very comparable to the wired electric one. I took down a massive 10M tall Pine using this along with a the electric Ozito Pole saw, ran took probably an entire afternoon as I had to cut the branches individually. I used two 4AH batteries, but don't really notice much difference in torque or lag when using two 2.5AH batteries for other cutting jobs.

      • edit: nvm. Saw your response below.

        Did u have to stop and recharge the batteries or they lasted the whole time and more?

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          single charge, still had power left afterwards, but having said that the cutting isn't continuous as I had to stop start moving from branch to branch

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      I’ve got an earlier model of this saw which I use with either 2.5 or 4Ah batteries. No difference in torque or power when the batteries are fresh. Unlike other common chemistries, lithium batteries are designed to output maximum power (or as near to it as possible) for the entire life of the charge and you shouldn’t start seeing a drop until it’s nearing the end. Thus, smaller capacity batteries should theoretically deliver just as much power as larger ones, but the smaller ones will noticeably start dropping off sooner and require more frequent charging.

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        No it's not, power tool batteries are not the same, depending on what's inside it and how they're arranged. They all have 18650 cell in it and most can only sustain 20amp current per cell, so if the battery bank only has 1 set of cells in series for small 2.5ah one, most can only sustain 400w draw before it get cut out. If you use larger one 4 or 5ah, they have 2 cells in parallel each so they can sustain twice as much power. A chainsaw is very likely to draw huge current and get cut out when chain friction increases.

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          Yeah that's it.
          My old man forced Milwaulkee (via consumer affairs) to send him two 5Ah batteries. The kit he bought (with 2.5Ah batteries) states 1200nm torque (or something like that). But with the batteries provided only produced half the torque.

          P.S the Ozito brushless is so powerful/ efficient you won't notice the difference between the batteries in wood under say 50cm diameter.
          Rate this, as I do their SDS and whipper snipper. Battery life is some kind of wizardry.

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          To expand on that, drill batteries often use different cell sizes, or the same size but different rated outputs.

          For example, the Ozito PXC (Einhell) batteries use 25A rated 18650s in the 2Ah and 4Ah batteries. And 40A rated 2.6Ah 20650s in the 2.5Ah and 5.2Ah battery. And 40A rated 21700s in the 6Ah and 8Ah batteries.

          The wattage ratings are as follows.

          2.0AH 450 watts.
          2.5AH 720 watts
          4.0AH 900 watts
          5.2AH 1260 watts
          6.0AH 1350 watts
          8.0AH 1350 watts

          The Ozito 36V chainsaw runs the batteries in series, but of course this doesn't change how much power can be output. Just it is more efficient.

          The 4Ah batteries will give around 20% more power than the 2.5Ah batteries. Which will be noticeable under heavy load but won't make much difference most of the time. Especially when the batteries are fresh, and giving about 10% or so more than the rated power.

          A key noticeable thing with the higher wattage batteries is you get less voltage sag under extended heavy load, which makes quite a difference to the output wattage as the batteries drain towards the end of their capacity. Right before they cut out, they will be outputting 30% or so less than max output. If that output is significantly under the chainsaw motors rating, then the power loss will be quite noticeable.

          Ozito don't give a power rating IIRC, but my guess is the loaded motor wattage will easily exceed what the 4Ah and 2.5Ah batteries can supply as their remaining capacity drops. But It's likely much harder to load the chainsaw enough to exceed the rated output on the 5.2Ah, 6Ah and 8Ah batteries even when they are at low capacity, and reduced output.

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    How much was this originally?

    • +2


      • And then $148

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          Mine is still unopened. Shall I return?

          • @Bii: im going to mainly because it wont be long until I need to go to bunnings and I have one pass and not sure if I will even need/want it

    • When was this?

  • +6

    We all grabbed these when they were $105 with batteries. Absolute cracker chainsaw. Cuts through waist thick trunks like butter.

    But this is skin only. So you will need 2 batteries.

    • What kinda run time do you get with 2 full batteries?

      • I've cut all afternoon from 1pm to 6pm with two 4Ah batteries cutting a 10M Pine (albeit obviously not constantly cutting) and the batteries still had plenty of juice. In fact with fully charged batteries, I've never recalled managing to use it all up. I guess it will depend on what you are cutting, I don't usually deal with hardwood.

      • I cut up some peppercorn trees and got 2 hours of pretty much non-stop cutting off some not fully charged 4ah batteries. I was very happy with it, lasted long enough and cut like an absolute champ. I was surprised the chain is came with wasn't complete trash.

    • -6

      I got a similar for $60 with 4Ah battery. But they ended up giving me 2 in a box lol and I didn't complain 🤣🤣

      • +2

        So you're the one who'd harangued the staff all day to get what you wanted.

    • +3

      When was that? I did a search but couldn't see the deal.

      • +2

        I knew I wasn't imagining it. Ozito PXC 36V Brushless chainsaw kit for $95. It was pretty much impossible to obtain though. In the comments, someone scored it for $40 too.


        • Nice. I'll hold on for a bit longer as I don't currently have a use for the chainsaw. I'm happy enough to have picked up the multitool and recip saw for $44 each. I'd been waiting for the recip saw to go on sale for ages. I never thought it would get to $44! It seems pretty nice so far. I didn't even realise it could change angles! lol

    • dam, got a link? dont know how I missed it

  • +9

    Kinda hoping that no one buys this so they will drop the price further. It's hard to pay $138 when it has been so much lower in the past and I missed it.

    • But this is 0zito mate …. ozb fav brand ;-)
      [Don't need it but got one ]

      • +2

        We can rename the site OzItoBargain in its honour.

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      Pretty sure this will go back up to $199 again after Aldi pricmatch has finished, unless they are clearing it for a new model. It is very good for this price, especially considering the 18v model is usually around a similar price, and it is (while still capable) a fair bit shorter and obviously a lot less powerful.

    • I doubt they will, I've been looking at it since the last drop and it hasn't budged. They only seem to do a special when it is matching aldi or a deleted line. Really, it is well worth 138, or 238 with the double battery pack and charger deal.

    • But the previous deals were not brushless (more efficient and powerful), like this current one, I think ?

      • Previous deal was brushless + 2 x batteries.

  • Ryobi sale when :’)

    • Will never happen.

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    Have this - its awesome. Definite buy recommendation from me

  • An amazing price for an amazing tool

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    Have this saw too - bought it on a sale a few years back with batteries. Fantastic saw for around the garden or cutting a small load of fire wood (ie. home fire pit, camping, etc).

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    Just in time for my Resident Evil 4 cosplay party. Thanks OP.

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    Is this good for the zombie apocalypse?

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      Carl, hold them off while I change batteries.

  • I have 3 gas chainsaws, do i need another one?

    • It can be nice to not have to get a petrol one out if you're lazy (I am). These don't really vibrate which can be a big deal for some people. I smaller top handle battery one is probably more worthwhile if you already have a 14" little 2 stroke as the smaller battery ones are much lighter and easier to use if you're half way up the tree or to just keep in the ute.

    • +1

      Just buy more to clutter your house, the ozb no need but still buy consumerism way!

      • +1

        It's the new world Bargainism. If it's a bargain you gotta beat everyone to it.

    • Sell 2 and get this one for the collection.

  • Good deal.

  • is this small enough to take camping to chop fire wood?

  • I ordered it last week for $149. Should I do the thing to get $11 back?

    • In the same boat. I forgot to buy oil so was going in to buy some, but decided time was the more precious commodity here. I just ordered using OnePass. Otherwise I would have done it. If I end up going in, might give it a go. Good luck.

  • They cancelled my chainsaw but send out the battery :(

    • +1

      what they expect you to do with it? throw the battery to the branch hard enough and hoping it breaks?

      • Yea it’s really dumb move they do this, they should at least contact customer to offer the option to cancel the whole order instead. Now I need to return the battery

        • +1

          If you email them, they should organise a courier pickup of the battery. I have had similar where they sent the wrong thing, and they organised the return and I did not have to go into the store.

          • @Prong: that's right, not everyone lives 'nearby' to bunnings.

  • -2

    Most of the chain saws I've seen didn't need chain blade assembling; this 1 does. Probably that was the reason they couldn't clear the shelves at $148.

    • +4

      Bar and chain maintenance is essential, so I wouldn't be buying one of you expect not to learn how to disassemble it all.

    • +2

      Remember to re tighten the chain after first using for a short time. It stretches a bit at the start. If you don't, it will come off and bend the chain…ask me how I know …

    • I think your thinking of those in game chain blade saws for like .. fighting zombies with 🧟‍♂️⛓️🪚🧟🧟‍♀️

    • Because people are too afraid to ask. Take it to the tool shop counter, show them Aldi's current offering and see how you go. Bunnings price beat policy should get you 10% off Aldi's price.

      • negative…I did and the staff at the counter were talking about another Brand supplying Bunnings and ultimately they got the manager… The manager said that the price reducing items were to compete but they don’t need to price match everything as the Brand are different

    • Thats a good question - someone suggested they should be matching this too https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-brushless-pruning-…

    • Woo neat. Didn't know they had released an 8Ah one

    • I used a 4.0Ah battery on a pole chainsaw. Took down a 14m tree on one charge…which blows my mind…but an 8Ah…wow…

      P.S. not a fan of the Aldi charger. It's too fast and the battery gets super hot. They need to put a fan in it. Need to charge on a laptop cooling pad.

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    remember to buy the bar chain oil
    don't ask me why

  • -2


  • How much is it usually?

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