Arlec 700lm Rechargeable Utility Light with Tripod $12 (in-Store Only) @ Bunnings Warehouse


Spotted this on clearance at the Notting Hill(Vic) store last night and bought one to test out if it was any good(In my experience, Arlec brand products can be hit or miss) before sharing as a deal. At least 15 remaining on the shelf.

Available in-store only but looks to be nationwide, indicative store stock can be checked on

A cheap alternative to the popular Wuben F5 at almost a third of the price.

Comparing specs between this and the F5:
✅Higher max lumens (700LM vs 500LM)
✅4 different Colour temp outputs (6500K, 5500K, 4500K, 3500K) vs 5700K,4500K,3000K)
✅Comes with a free tripod
⛔Battery capacity 3k mAh vs 5k mAh
⛔No built in magnet(but there is a stand that is quite useful for propping up)

Other notes:
- Also charges using USB-C (there were a few other models on the shelf that looked to be still using Micro-USB so this is a worthy update- FYI, it's USB-C input only, not to discharge(that has to be from the USB-A port)
- Battery bank functionality(though will be less useful due to the lower battery capacity of the unit)
- I'm very pleased with it considering the price. It doesn't feel cheap(can't compare to the F5 as I don't have one) and intend on going back today to grab another one spare to bring out camping next time.

10:20am - Product page is back up again for me but regardless, it's in-Store stock only so I'd suggest checking nrby in the first instance to see if there is any reported around you before going in to scout it out(they're in the electrical section next to all the floodlights and lighting gear)

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    Nice gift for fathers day, don't need to hold the flashlight for him anymore.

    • +4

      and won't get yelled at anymore for aiming at the wrong area

    • hahaha. Sounds like a gift for yourself.

  • +4

    700lm oh that's dark.

  • +16

    Aziz, light!

    • +2

      Battery, Aziz.

    • +1

      Leeloo Dallas, Multipass.

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  • So I call up Bunnings Edwardstown.

    Me: "Hey there, I'm just looking to put this item on hold please." …. Bunnings Crew: "We've got 20 here, you'll be fine, we don't need to put it aside." Me: "I cant pickup till after work, would you mind placing the item aside for me" BC: "We don't really have anywhere to put it though……we don't actually really do holds here….does that make sense?".

    • +1

      Can’t you do click and collect?

      • +5

        "This item is no longer available to buy online or in-store." You can only place them on hold or pickup in person at stores with stock.

    • +4

      I wonder where they put all their click and collect orders. Do they call each customer and let them know they don't have anywhere to put their order.

      • +5

        This. Having worked in retail myself early days, she clearly attempted to come up with 3-4 different reasons not to take the small walk to the lighting section, pick up the box and place it at the C&C area.

        • +1

          Easy fix, hang up and call back to get someone else.

          • +4

            @richadam: And get that same girl each of the next 17 call attempts 😁

    • +2

      $12 item, juice isn't worth the squeeze. Doesn't matter if they lose your sale cause the next bloke that happens to drop in will buy yours.

      • so instead of having two people come to the store, you have one. good logic.

        • +2

          Again, over a $12 item. Its not worth their effort.

          • -2

            @doobey1231: I was just making the point that two customers coming into a store will tend to spend more than one.

            • +1

              @Dealr: Not exactly sure why so neg'd but I agree with you. Clearance item is not profitable to the business but shoppers tend to buy more if they are around or in the store. Costco's roast chicken is a well-known example where they make substantial losses on the chicken alone but easily make up as it gets customers through the door. Similarly, Aldi's weekly sales.

              However, I wouldn't count on a worker to care about Bunnings' bottom line let alone bargain hunter customers.

    • +1

      If there's 20 you should be right

    • +1

      Still 15 on the shelf at Edwardstown. No clearance sticker on them, so doubt they will disappear quickly.

    • +12

      I worked at bunnings in the back. I wouldn't be exaggerating to say MOST times a staff member put something aside for a customer they would never come back for it. Waste of everyone's time

  • +2

    showing 6 bucks for me

    • OOS but which store was that?

  • 404

  • And page gone.

  • Page not found

  • +1

    Page exists but it won't allow you to buy (despite stores showing as in stock). Probably shut down for pricing error.

    • +2

      shut down because its clearance stock - having it on website is pointless as you cannot order.

      • Ah, I should have read the original post that it was clearance. Still think clearance should be up as there is 22 at my local apparently and I would have ordered one for click and collect if it was possible.

        • No click and collect on this product - that's why it was removed from web

  • +1

    We have stock in Casula Bunnings: total qty left :12

    • Was there 30mins ago plenty left. Got one and tested. Decent quality (not the tripod though) and brightness pretty good. USB-C charging is a big yes for me!

      • Agreed - tripod is crap but light isn't bad at all

        • Wouldn't say it's crap. Nothing special but does the job of holding up these itty bitty lights fine. Rather have it than not.

          • @bamzero: Just got one, not bad at all. Nothing like crap. $12, it's a bargain. The tripod is functional enough to hold the light securely.

  • -6

    This item is no longer available to buy online or in-store.


  • Eastgardens has stock. I've got mine, and saw at least 10 after that. In Electrical area.

    Thanks op!

  • +1

    4 left at Bunnings Melville (WA). Aisle 57.

    Thanks OP!

  • I picked one up off the shelf for $12, its not bad at all. Good buy

  • Thanks OP, I bought it and it was $12 but I showed the price on the website and they put $6 for me

  • -1

    Thanks op, bought 4.

  • Any good for only fans to highlight the product?

    • +2

      Is the product what she had for breakfast? Because its pretty bright..

  • +17

    Uploaded some pics to compare this to the Wuben F5 considering they were compared in OP.

    Chose Med brightness as its probably the most used

    Control Buttons
    Tripod Mount
    Stand Back
    Stand Side
    Med Brightness - Warm
    Med Brightness Warm - Wall

    If this can get 7hrs in Med like stated in the manual, it will be very useful.

    • Arlec one looks nice

    • +1

      Adjustable Kelvin? Wonder if these would be ok for grow lights.

    • How do you rate the two, is there any noticeable difference between them? I've been holding off purchasing the F5 everytime there has been a sale in recent months and saw this as a good compromise to buy in to this type of light.

      • +2

        Its a good comprimise. But the F5 also has infinitly variable brightness too.

        Gripes about the Arlec are things like, no CCT memory. If you set a CCT then try and change brightness it reverts back to 6500k, so you have to really select your brightness first then select your CCT. You also have to cycle through low, med high, off - with the F5 you can select brightness levels up and down with seperate buttons and also has mode memory, you change CCT by double clicking the on button, so its much nicer in its UI. In saying that, most use cases for these lights is get to desirable CCT and brightness (set and forget) so the UI isn't really a big talking point when deciding between each when there is a such a price difference.
        Love the magnet on the F5 too, something that is missing on the Arlec. But Arlec still has a nice stand, and a tripod.

        The runtime specs on the F5 on paper are a lot better, am yet to run one of the Arlecs for any extended period of time to compare yet. Might do that over the weekend.

        If you are in something just for light, and can live with the runtimes, the Arlecs are excellent lights. The Wuben F5 is a category above them easily, fit and finish is nicer too. Wuben will let you charge with a USB PD adapter, most of the cheaper USB C inputs like on the Arlec won't take a USB C - USB C charger, need to use a USB A - USB C charger.

        Can't beat the Arlec for the price, especially if you need/want more than 1. If you are willing to spend more, the Wuben F5 is great when its on special and is a better light overall, but not 3 x better.

  • I’ve grabbed the last 2 from Virginia QLD.

    • Ok, so I'm not going there after work then…

  • Picked 2 from Windsor Gardens SA called and placed them on hold. Ask for Richard from lights department, was helpful. He said there were few more in stock

  • Managed to get 3 for $6 each while the website listing was still up. They were hidden away pretty good.

    • Nice, give it another week or so and I'm sure any remaining stock will be auto-marked down to $6 to offload them.

      • Except there wont be any remaining stock :)

        • Unless you place one or two up on a shelf where they wont get found.

          • @DarwinBoy: That's some hardcore OzBargaining :D

            • @bamzero: Its not a popular opinion shared by all. Ive been dragged pretty hard before when ive said it.
              But if it saves me money…

  • Anyone have a screenshot of the website showing $6?

    • +1

      Saw this earlier when I went over to Bunnings, got it and wanting to show them it was gone. 404 page not found. So paid $12

    • All good, was able to get them marked down to $6. Just said the website showed $6 and now is down

      • Wow nice. Should have tried that just now…

  • Picked up from Bundamba. 9 left

  • +1

    8 left at Bibra Lake

    • six left there now

  • Few , approx 10 at clyde north vic 12.50pm

  • +3

    9 left at castle Hill, aisle. 50, far corner

    • All gone now :(

  • +2

    There were 13 left in Edwardstown (SA), was there with a fellow Ozbargainer, we both took one. Then saw him with at least 7 at checkout later on so count that as about 6 left!

    • +1

      Just went there and only saw the 650lumen ones

      • This was at 12pm so not surprised if they're all gone now.

    • Must have just got in before you. I took the 16th, leaving 15 behind.

  • 2 Left at Chadstone! 12:30pm.

  • Now 6 left at Gungalhin ACT at 2pm. They're not ticketed at the $12 price though so you might have some luck.

  • Got the last one at Notting Hill. Someone has kindly stolen the light out of the other box left. Disgusting

  • +3

    Won't charge with a PD charger (with USB-C to USB-C cable). Need to use a USB A charger with the bundled cable or another USB A to USB-C cable.

    • Just tried it, you are right, thanks for the info.

    • Annoying how PD won't do regular 5V…

      • +1

        USB PD can do 5V and many other voltages, it's Arlec who cheaped out and didn't put the 5c circuitry to make a USB PD power supply request 5V

  • Did the Click 1200 lm work light go on clearance too?

    I used one side-by-side with a Wuben F5 and the Click 1200 lasted longer.

    It has two knobs for cool white and warm white. Magnetic swivel stand with a tripod hole. USB-A to USB-C charging.

    There's some PWM after 5 minutes. I chucked it on my lumen tube to measure it. I haven't done a full review. I wonder if folks want to read reviews of Bunnings torches. 🤔

    I was going to suggest getting that and putting it on the Arlec tripod.…

    EDIT: Looks like it's on sale for $20

    • Frankly, I don't know who is running the Bunnings website, page not found is too common now.

  • -8

    I got 10 @ $6
    Good deal for $6, but I probably wouldn’t have bought them at $12.

    • +1
      • +1

        You must be the brightest shopper around

        • 1 for each of my staff and 2 for me
          Everyone's happy except the OzBargainers that missed out
          Thanks for posting the deal OP

      • +1

        A photo showing the price on the receipt would have been more useful.

        • He did. I can see $60 there.

      • Thanks for dis, managed to snag the last one sitting pretty on Special Desk, after browsing around near electricals and half the store in Bibra Lake WA (prolly last in AUS) and mentioned my friend got it for $6… so price matched… so proud what a haul 🤩

  • +2

    4 cartons left at Thomastown this evening, couldn't tell if there were 3 or 4 per carton so either 12 or 16 remaining.

    Scanned at $12 but I mentioned they were $6 on the website earlier and they checked their system. Apparently they're listed as a 'deleted' item which means they can do them at half price. Paid $6 each.

  • 6 now left at Padstow. Aisle 50.

  • Thanks for spotting and posting this OP.

    My local Bunnjngs now has this marked down to $7 so it’s even more of a bargain (41% price reduction from $12!)

    I’ve bought a few as these are nice practical Xmas gifts and I kind of have a tradition of giving some sort of torch or light at every Xmas as a token gift (as we don't do real presents for grown ups..)

  • Picked up two at Mornington this afternoon, and left four on the shelf. They were on the end of the rack for $8. Ashamed to say I didn't negotiate down to the $6 mentioned within this post.

  • Bought one from Dural Nsw scanned for $6.

  • +2

    I just want to post some technical details about this Awesome little light.

    Firstly it can function as a Powerbank as the OP mention. The charging rate is about ~500mA / 2.5W or so. Slow but works.

    It's glued and ultrasonic welded all around the only way to open it is to pry from the white diffuser. Be very careful when you do so there are many LEDs to be damaged. Why would you want to do so? Keep reading…

    There are 30 cool white and 20 warm whites that produce the CCT output. You can certainly swap them for higher CRI LEDs from Nichia or Yujileds. They are 3528 sized LEDs. 3535 size may work as well

    The energy storage is 2x 18650 wired in parallel or 1S2P in R/C lingo. These cells don't go balloon bloated like your typical flat powerbank. However they are only 1500mA per cell.…

    My modding itch kicked in as soon as I saw the ample amount of space. It fits three cells with a bit of bodge. You can now raise it to 9000mAh with three premium Panasonic/Samsung 3000mAh cells. I suspect there's battery protection circuit in the Arlec battery pack so it's wise to use it if you are modding.

    I measured the power draw at battery(with a power supply) these are results

    Battery at 3.95V
    Low 0.133A
    Mid 0.879A
    High 1.788A

    Battery at 3.90V
    Low 0.08A
    Mid 0.63A
    High 1.43A

    The power consumption depends on the forward voltage of the LEDs and the result is from one of my unit.
    As you can see the current to the LED is not regulated, the light output drops as the battery level drops.

    • +1

      Battery at 3.50V (NOT 3.90V)
      Low 0.08A
      Mid 0.63A
      High 1.43A

      The vampire current is negligible at 0.067mA or 67uA. Just remember to charge it once every 3 years or so :P

      I ran the unit on Medium with the LED piece seperated from the case for 15 minutes the heatsink was warm to the touch. With the battery fully charged and output on HIGH mode, the LED heatsink heated up quickly to uncomfortable(to my fingers) temperature. There is a thin layer of foam between the battery pack and the LED heatsink.

      The PWM dimming frequency exceeds my eye capability of capturing the flicker so it's a nice driving circuit. To sum up, this is now my favourite camping light / emergency powerbank.

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