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Stay 3 Nights by 31 Dec 2024 for Accor Gold Status (Normally 30 Nights) @ Accor (Link to Qantas Frequent Flyer Required)


Register the offer
then stay 3 nights only by 31 December 2024 to achieve Accor Gold Status (normally required 30 nights)

existing gold status member can also earn 10 status night by staying for 5 nights

Gold Status perks:

  • Early check-in or late checkout (subject to availability)
  • Room upgrade (subject to availability)
  • Guaranteed room availability
  • Welcome amenity
  • Free welcome drink
  • Priority check-in


To participate in the Accor Live Limitless Gold status fast track offer, you must be:

  • a Qantas Frequent Flyer member,
  • link your Qantas Frequent Flyer and Accor Live Limitless accounts,
  • register for the promotion (the registration must be made prior to the hotel stay), and
  • make an Eligible Stay of 3 nights or more at hotels participating in the Accor Live Limitless Loyalty program

The registration and the Eligible Stay must be made between 12:01am on 23 May 2024 and 11:59pm on 31 December 2024.

An Eligible Stay is a reservation made directly via Accor (via the official Accor websites ALL.com, the Accor mobile apps, the Accor call centre, directly at a hotel). Stays booked via a reseller, tour operator or third-party online travel agent (such as expedia.com, booking.com, etc.) will not be eligible for this promotion. Any stay partly or entirely paid with Accor Live Limitless Reward points will not be eligible for this promotion.

The Accor Live Limitless Gold status will be processed after the completion of the 3 nights Eligible Stay. The Gold status will remain in effect until the end of December 2025.

If you have achieved the requirements for the Accor Live Limitless Gold Fast Track Promotion in accordance with these terms and conditions, then your Accor Live Limitless membership account will be credited with Status Nights such that total balance will be 30 Status Nights (being the total currently required to achieve Gold status). Your Accor Live Limitless membership account will retain Gold status until the end of the 2025 calendar year.

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  • +13

    Platinum is where the great perks start. Free Brekky, executive club access etc.

    • +1

      yea, complimentary breakfast is great, lounge access is good too but not many hotels have lounge
      given said that, gold status that gives room upgrade is not bad either

    • Or you can be Limitless Status ;)

      • +12

        Is that where you unlock the other 90% of your brain to help you find every bargain possible?

      • +3

        Well, Mr Chairman (or Clooney Bingham ;), given you're a hard-earning WP FF and probably LTG/P from your regular travel, you've clearly been loyal enough with Accor to unlock their vvip! Have you seen / experienced much difference to the standard Diamond?

        PS kudos & thanks also for the frequent occasions I've seen you being kind & generous to folks, along with being helpful in flight/accom deal/forum threads!

        • +1

          I am indeed Chairman Xijing Ping :)

          Just crossed over 75k SCs the other month and now moving over to SQ for my international work, and just other carriers in general, flying with every bird in the sky and there is a difference. I’m still CLPO but I’ll most likely loose come November 2025 it which was expected with a new job I took up.

          Only at top tier hotels/resorts, especially in Asia - where I’ve felt there being a difference between Diamond and Limitless, the Sofitel in Sydney couldn’t give two shits haha. The CS is great as there’s a 24/7 hotline with an Australian who’s ready to pick up at any given time.

          • +1

            @AircraftFreight: Yikes, 75K, that is an awful lot of flying and an incredibly rare crowd! I wasn't sure anyone could get there without a decade of frequent International business travel… so I say sincerely: genuinely well done (mostly because that much flying is just an extremely demanding life to experience). CLPO reflects that amount of high-value travel but, I guess you probably also got well over that hurdle each year. I am quite fond of SQ and several of the Gulf carriers have extraordinary products & services.

            My experience of ALL Plat/Diamond was similar - Asia (and occasionally Europe) provided superb additional benefits. AU was generally: you can grab your drink from the bar and, generally, we've bumped you up a room-class.

            Congratulations on taking on a new role, hope it brings you lots of new challenges, opportunities, and great experiences!

        • Random question - what kind of job do you get to travel so much.

    • +1

      Yeah I remember about ten years ago we had a promo posted on OzBargain for instant upgrade to plat status. Made use of that in my overseas travel to stay at their hotels and it was awesome.

  • +1

    It is surely an error
    Sorry, the link you followed seems wrong. Check your link and try again

    Well darn. What am I doing wrong?

    • I am getting the same error message

      • +1

        sorry, i think when I copy the link it requires the promo code too
        just updated the link

    • +1

      Got the same error several times. Kept trying, it went through on the 7th or 8th go.

  • Sign out of your Accor account, click the link, subscribe and it should then work.

  • Thanks OP, subscribed

  • Btw, I just made 3 bookings last weekend for somewhere after mid of this year, would that count?

    • +2

      my past experience was that, only bookings after offer activation will be counted
      if your bookings has free cancellation, probably worth cancel and rebook

      • +1

        Yeah same boat here too - not holding my breath
        'The registration and the Eligible Stay must be made between 12:01am on 23 May 2024 and 11:59pm on 31 December 2024.'

        which (to me at least) sounds like if you havent booked today or later - it doesnt count

        • +2

          To me it sounds like it counts as the stay will be during that period. Doesn't say anything there about having to book it after May 23, only register.

          • +1

            @harper: I hope you're right - i really do!
            Whatever is correct - its vague and not crystal clear. thats for sure

          • @harper: Hope that's the case too

      • +1

        Unfortunately, not this one, I booked from the red hot room which is nonrefundable. Thanks anyway

    • I’m in the same boat.

    • Same, have existing booking for July. Curious to see if it will go through

    • +2

      "The registration and the Eligible Stay must be made between 12:01am on 23 May 2024 and 11:59pm on 31 December 2024"

      • +3

        so the terms do not specify the stays are for new bookings after activating offer. Old bookings should probably be eligible?

    • Cancel and rebook if you can.

  • so how do you link your Qantas Frequent Flyer and Accor Live Limitless account

  • +4

    According to T&C, stay plus night will be counted as “ Eligible Stay”

  • Do we get complementary nights every year?

    • no, thats a different membership scheme, Accor plus

      • Bit confused, I thought both are connected

        • What accor plus perks are mainly:

          • Stay plus (complementary night)
          • up to 50% dinning discount
          • red hot room discount (up to 50%)
          • 20 status nights (which auto fast track to ALL silver)

          only the 20 status nights is linked to your Accor status

      • So if you have Accor Plus Silver, you don't really need this, right? Same perks from what I can see

        • Gold status give you 1 class room upgrade

          • +7

            @littlesoldier: If there is space. Which there probably won't be once everyone is Gold from this promo!

  • My Gold status expires on the 31st Aug. Am I correct in thinking that I will only need to stay 3 nights by 31st December to achieve Gold again?

    • correct, once you stay 3 nights, you will auto reach the status night total balance to 30, which give you gold status

    • No actually, it says in the fine print. So if you're already gold you get this:

      • Existing Gold members will receive 10 status nights with five nights stay.
  • -6

    an Eligible Stay of 3 nights or more

    That is one stay of 3 nights. Not 3 stays of 1 night each.

    • +2

      No, it can be across multiple stays:

      "book and stay 3 nights at over 1,200 Asia Pacific properties by 31 December.* Your 3 nights can be booked in one stay or across multiple stays."

  • Does anyone know red hot room is "Eligible Stay" or not ?

    • +1

      yes it counts
      just be sure to activate this offer before booking red hot room

      • Thank you very much.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Fast Track showing up on my account.

  • If I book a 4 night stay (with one of them being a free stay plus night), would that be eligible to hit gold?

  • +1

    A free drink is fairly consistent but that is pretty much all you get.

    2000: Loyalty programs actively encourage loyalty by providing attractive benefits
    2024: Loyalty programs passively thank-you for loyalty with the cheapest-possible benefit

    It's the same with everything in business. Build a great concept, then accountants kill it.

    • +3

      Which you get with silver. The upgrade is always pending availability and rarely given. I didn't even get late checkout when Silver which most hotels do if available anyway without status

    • +1

      I'm ALL Diamond due to frequent work travel, and your experience is the same as mine: I've genuinely never had a complementary upgrade.

      When I was Gold/Diamond with Hilton, they gave them out all the time.

      • I’m Platinum, gold before that, I’ve had upgrades in 4/4 stays.

  • +1

    I am an accor plus silver member and it says I am not eligible for this offer

    • +1

      I got Accor Plus and Silver too, but I managed to activate the offer. I just clicked on the link from the Qantas email.

      • Thanks I did get an email though titled 'Ascend by leaps and bounds' thanks for your subscription . How do I check this in my account?

  • I don’t have Qantas FF. Do I need $99 to register ?

  • Shoot just booked a stay which won't be eligible

    • +1

      You have till end of December

  • Subscribe to only one Privileged Airline Partner offer at a time
    Once you have subscribed to a Privileged Airline Partner offer, you can switch to another Privileged Airline Partner offer only once per calendar year, but you must wait 12 months from your subscription date before doing so.

  • A bit silly but can't seem to see the page to link QF. Can someone point me to the right direction?

  • +2

    Anyone registering through OP's link may be disqualified?

    You must not share the registration page for the Accor Live Limitless Gold Fast Track Promotion sent to you – if you do so, you or any person to whom you share the registration page will not be eligible for the promotion.

    • Luckily I subscribed using the link in my email

    • Oh no! Didn't see that. But everyone seems to be eligible, so hopefully it won't be a problem.

  • Interestingly I got an automated response from Accor that seems to imply I'll get extra status points each night that is booked - As you need a total of 30, I'm assuming that maybe you get 10 points per night….

    "Thanks to your subscription to the Qantas Fast Track 2024 offer, your next status will arrive much sooner than you think! Simply book one night with us, and your account will be credited with many more Status nights."

    • Yes was thinking / speculating the same. I've got 20 from the Accor+ plan, and so need 10 to reach the gold @ 30. Email text from offer and then confirmation appears to imply 1nt = 10x and so 1 stay to reach 30. Also wondered if my unredeemed 1nt free stay from Accor+ would qualify and track.

  • Have already booked the first half and my return to Tokyo hotels for my trip to Japan early next month, but haven't booked for my 4-5 days leg of the journey for Osaka/Kyoto yet. Looks like Ibis will be my option if I have to put this to use. Well, I hope it won't be worse than APA hotels. 🤞

  • Offer says the eligible stays are at Asia-Pacific properties, but I cannot find anywhere which countries are included in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Noob question.
    So if I stay 3 nights, in August, get Gold status, how long will I stay on Gold for?
    Does it reset back to Silver on 1st Jan 2025?

    • I think the email mentioned gold applies from when your stay processes & you hit the 30 Gold status nights [which is only 3nts stay/s under this offer], until 31 Dec 2025. So up to 17mths if you qualify within the next couple of weeks. From email small print text:

      The ALL - Accor Live Limitless Gold status will be processed after the completion of the three nights Eligible Stay. Gold status will remain in effect until 31 December 2025.

    • It should be till 31 Dec 2025

      If you get 30 status night in August 2024
      on 1st Jan 2025, it will access the entire year of 2024 how many nights you have achieved

      Here's more explanation: https://help.accor.com/s/article/What-happens-to-my-status-o…

      • Amazing, thank you and @xdpx too for making it so clear. 👍

  • Somehow I'm already Gold (i had no idea, thought I was silver), so i'm not eligible unfortunately.

    • Maybe via a credit card? Anyhow, check when your Gold status expires. Might as well hit the apply button and see what happens - if your gold status expires this year then it should keep you at gold for next.

      • Gold members also get 10 status nights for 5 night stay according to OP.

        I wonder if that is 10+5 or 10 instead of 5.

    • Mine expires in Nov and the website says I'm not eligible for this. Darn

  • +2

    As a deal, it's a good one, and I will certainly register and take advantage, as will presumably 100K+ other QFF members, possibly even 1M+, given that QFF has 14 million members.

    Given that many of these benefits are "subject to availability"… will be interesting to see how it goes.

    If everyone has status… then no one has status.

    • Yeah this one seems a bit too easy… the bonus 20 status nights for Accor Plus renewal was better. You still needed 10 nights to get to Gold.

  • Is there any way to check if the offer is applied to your account? Or once you click on 'Subscribe now' from the deal link you assume it's enabled? I'm afraid to make a booking and later realize the offer hasn't been applied (I already followed the link and subscribed, but after clicking on it again it returns an error and says either not eligible, or already subscribed, but I can't see how to verify that I've already subscribed).

    • +3

      In the app, under account you’ll see your accelerators

      • Cheers. Did it on their site. I guess I need to download the app.

      • thanks

    • +1

      In the All app under account, it shows which accelerators are activated. Mine shows this one.

      • Ta. Will download the app now.

      • +1

        What does your app say exactly?
        Under my accelerators I see QFF and Fast Track Nights Advance but the stays dates are different to this promo

        To benefit from your statutory nights advance, book before 31/12/24 for stays between 22/4/24 and 31/12/24. New fast track only possible after 31/12/24

        • Yea mine says this too but not sure if that is this offer

  • +1

    Does it count if you use the stay plus benefit to book for 2 nights?

    • +1

      I don't know what the terms of this offer say. But usually stay plus counts as a stay night as long as you charge something to the room (i.e. a coffee).

  • I'm already linked to Qatar Privilege Club. When I unlinked Qatar, I'm got locked out of linking to Qantas for 12 months. Might head back to Hilton Honors…

  • +1

    Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer

  • If hit gold status will it be forever thingy?

    • +1

      If you get gold status with this offer
      Your gold status will last till 31 Dec 2025

      • My Gold status is saying that it'll last till 31/07/2024. Is this because I'm on Accor Plus?

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