Dinosaur, Planet, Cactus or Flamingo LED Neon Light $3 (Was $10) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass/ $65 Spend) @ Kmart

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      Your comment tells us more about you than you realise.

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        Was it something you wrote…🤣

        Don't tell me ec was embarrassed by their comment about seeing this in a strip club.
        Even Prime Ministers go there😉

        • Not sure, anyway they look bigger in the pics than what they really are.

          Most are 17.5cm tall. The flamingo is bigger at 28.5cm & cactus 26cm.

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            @WatchNerd: My Flamingo is rarely lit - far too pink! Very white if not turned on.

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              @INFIDEL: Went in store & had a look, they are very small. Didn't buy one. Saved $3, winning.

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          I guess he was worried about the Mrs seeing it

    • they usually use Kmart's spAnko brand

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    Have a FREE Flamingo, from JB with $10 Perks Voucher.
    VERY PINK, not much useful light.

    Bananas are better looking & good light source🍌 But not available.

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      Yes I got the banana one for free from JB Perks, very bright and cool looking

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        🍌Have 2 banana in bathroom🍌
        (for the look & good light)
        And eggplant beside bed🍆😉

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      I think I've seen bananas used at stripper clubs

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        Ummm… wouldn't know😉
        SBS Doco on strip clubs showed the same lit up banana🍌

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        You went to wrong one lol

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    Battery powered.

    Looks like they have a USB-A cable as well to power it.

    • They do

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    Peach, Cherry, & Dino are $5 @JB
    Get 2 FREE by signing up to JB with $10 Perks Voucher!

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    Vivid at home

    • And don't have to worry about the pickpockets.

      • or Botanical Garden money gouging exercise

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    LED Neon? Is that like Vegan Meat?


    • Poor you😜

    • This gets voted down but any time pleather/vegan leather is mentioned people have a fit..

      • I think that's because those products are just plastic.

        If your fabric is plastic, then just say so. Trying to associate it with leather is basically fraud 🤷🏼‍♂️

        • Almost like these LED neons are just LED. Which by your standards is also basically fraud. The entire point I am making.

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    Thanks op. I bought an investment cactus.

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    Cheers got the dinosaur one for my 2yo's dinosaur themed bedroom

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      Same, got 2 dino's and 2 planets for the boys

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      Haha will do same thing with my purchase.

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    I bought too many last time the lights were on clearance, but the On AIR is also on clearance, down (from $20) to $12, looks like usb only

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      but the On AIR(kmart.com.au) is also on clearance, down (from $20) to $12, looks like usb only

      Yes it is USB, I've got one my shelf.

    • Looks cool, bought one, thanks ;)

  • I've thought about getting the shaka one ironically for ages but never did

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    this shit been on clearance for like couple of years and they can't even clear them out

    saw them for 20c couple of times

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      so hurt by the negs

      it fuels me

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      The joy on my boys faces when they see these is priceless

      Disclaimer: this comment is not associated in any way with Mastercard

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        speaking of mastercard where did you hide those gift cards at Coles this time?

        • For 2000 points.. Yeah nah, only when it's 10% off

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    The amount of times I see these in garage sales, vinnies, nature strips on cleanup day…

    • what's your best score at garage sale?

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        A bought a box of vinyl's 4 years ago for $100, had about ~40 in there.

        One album, Lana Del Rey (Born to die) is worth $60 today!

        Another one, Sigur Ros worth similar…

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        I bought a $5 item, ended up selling on ebay for $980.

        It was some kinda tool used for testing cable connections

  • Is there no gift card payment option at the checkout? That's weird

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      Kmart gift cards can only be redeemed in store

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    birthday gifts sorted, thx OP, free shipping with one pass

  • Max Payne 2 childhood trauma flashbacks

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    @shxhshzhz Thankyou, I grabbed a few 👍

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