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Watch Every Match on Every Court of Roland Garros / French Open Free @ France TV (VPN Req.)


Bonjour. Looking to watch the French Open / Roland Garros? Well, Nine and Nine Now only show 1 match at a time. If you want to watch any other matches you'll have to subscribe to Stan (free trial available) & Stan Sport ($15/month).

However, France TV, the French national broadcaster shows every match on their website. The video quality is high however all commentary (if there is any) will be French. There are also some French ads depending on what match you watch. That Duolingo sub will finally pay off!

All you need to do is:

  • Register for an account
  • Set your VPN for France (I'm using Getflix but Tunnelbear, VPN Unlimited etc are other options) when watching.
  • Voilà

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    Merci Beaucoup !

  • +1

    Damnit! I just paid for a month of Stan Sport 😂

    • At least you'll be able to watch the 20/20 cricket World Cup

      • Amazon has cricket world cup rights till 2027.

    • English commentating will be worth it

  • Thanks OP.

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    That's awesome. Anything will do bar subscribing to stupid Stan.

    • +6

      Stan would be okay if they let you sub and pay for the sports alone. But instead you have to pay for their regular service too. It's dodgy as, and just motivates me to look for alternatives.

      • +3

        that's exactly why I hate them with all myself. They use their leverage on the exclusive rights they have on some sporting events (in particular tennis and football) to force you to subscribe to they lame movies and tv streaming service. I will NEVER, EVER, EVR give them my money.

        • +1

          Yep. Making customers pay for something they don't want and don't use because they don't have any other choice, might make them an extra 16 bucks, but I question whether it's worth leaving these customers feeling exploited. Can't be good business practice in the long run.

        • +1

          ensh*tifications. getting more common

  • Is there a France tv app for Chromecast?

    • +1

      Yes. But you need to sideload the APK as it's not available if your Google account is set to Australia.

      • could you explain in few words how to do this ? I have an iPhone and cannot send files to my Chromecast directly. I downloaded Downloader app on my Chromecast

  • +3

    dang it, the one time i go to see it live, this deal comes up. i could have saved so much money.

  • I’m on a vpn, and trying to register an account, but it won’t accept the date format ( did/mm/yyyy) any advice?

    • +5

      My birthday is set to 01/01/1980 and 75004 as postal code.

  • Yeh, nothing worked on the laptop, but did on an ipad

  • Haven't had much luck making this work with the o'l AppleTV. Getflix doesnt have a tvOS app. Thinking of setting up my. PC as an exit node for Tailscale and running the vpn on my computer. Then install Tailscale on AppleTV and tell it to use my computer as the exit node. But then also, no easy way to get the French TV streaming app on the TV. Then I realise Channel 9 is playing the match I want to watch anyway.

    • -1

      You can lock Getflix into your router settings instead which auto assigns the DNS to your AppleTV. Keep it permanently there - it will only route relevant traffic through the DNS and keep everything else AU.

      • Yeah the Getflix smart dns doesn’t seem to work for this purpose. Had to use full vpn

        • -1

          I think the stream type is selected by location. The France.TV app may use similar stream type to another channel range - if you toy with the Geo settings (USA / UK / Other) it may fall into one of those categories ?

          • @IgorPrev: Thanks for the tip. I don't think its possible with Getflix Smart VPN. Only one of the Channel Categories can be set to France, and that had no effect.

            • @djsweet: Yeah, I couldn't get it to work with Getflix DNS when I tried last year. Only VPN seems to work.

  • I have VPN and after registered, still got blocked from my Chrome and Iphone.

    • Some VPNs don't properly get detected as the country they should. Getflix's France endpoint does however I've had issues with their Singapore one getting detected properly.

  • Nadal v Zverev tonight at 1030 AEDT is arguably the most anticipated round 1 match in a major ever. Hopefully it’ll be on FTA.

    • Yeah, that's on Nine Now/Nine.

      Tonight's matches include Saville v Paolini, Sinner v Eubanks, Swiatek v Jeanjean and Zverev v Nadal.

      It's going to be rough if Nadal bounces out at the 1st round but never underestimate a champion.

  • Anyone know where to watch highlights where no spoilers are posted, and relatively quick uploads? Roland-Garros on YouTube works but the videos are a bit short. I vaguely recall WWOS and Stan uploading longer highlights on YouTube. Are they not doing that anymore? Or was I thinking of something else/another tournament?

    • +1

      WWOS highlights are around 5 minutes. RG and Stan are 3.

  • Thanks OP working perfectly. Don't want to subscribe to stan just for this.

  • +3

    I don't remember wwos/9 ever having such poor coverage. It's been like 1 match from 7-10pm.

    They used to show a few games till early morning previously.

    • true, what kind of coverage stops at 10 PM….doesn't even finish the match !

  • thanks, this is nice picture quality. any early advice for wimbledon stream? :D

    • +1

      Will have to test it out but I think BBC iPlayer with a smart DNS or VPN should work.

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