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Acer Swift GO 14": AMD Ryzen 5 8645HS, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 2.8k OLED $1,099.00 Delivered @ Acer



Windows 11 Home

  • AMD Ryzen™ 5 8645HS Processor
  • 14" 2.8K OLED 90Hz 2880x1800
  • AMD Radeon 760m iGPU.
  • 16GB & 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • 1.25kg,
  • Finger Print Reader Included
  • HDMI, USB Type-C 4.0, USB 3.2

Alternatively the Ryzen 7 model can be had for $200 more - $1,299.00

This can be price matched and reduced for an extra 5% at Officeworks (link here) - which comes to $1044.05 Note: price matches have been declined due to differences in model numbers

Price beat from Officeworks brings Ryzen 7 model to $1234.05

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    I'm guessing OW will be dropping these back to $999 tomorrow.

  • +9

    Ryzen 7 model to $1234.05

    The number nerd inside me is frothing right now

  • +3

    That’s retail I think as they were $997.


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    Watch out for the Acer specs on their website. Says it is touchscreen.

    • Also, titles on ACER site say OLED but specs sections say IPS. (14" WUXGA IPS 16:10 Touch)
      Officeworks says OLED

      • +2

        100% OLED and no touchscreen. Woeful how a manufacturer can’t get specs right.

    • Also noticed OW says the Ryzen 7 model has wifi 7, but the Acer website says wifi 6E. Gut feeling is it would be 6/6E not 7.

      • Yeah its 6E .. maybe officeworks are just rounding up :D

  • Great laptops but I am looking for 32GB ram and these can't be upgraded. Why is everyone going the apple route with soldered ram?

    • +8

      It is physically impossible to fit sodimm slots on these laptops, with the form factor & weight they are at. The only 14' laptop capable of two sodimm slots is the 2023 Razer Blade 14, which is a thicker, a whopping 1.8kg and goes for 4 grand dollaroos. Zephyrus is going full soldered this year as well and no more single slot sodimm.

      Moving on, you will see fewer and fewer laptops with unsoldered ram (apart from gaming/workstation laptops). With both intel and amd pushing the need for faster ram (tied to igpu performance), and intel already implemented SoM on newer laptop models and something thats likely to see widespread adoption. using lpddrx is also a power saving feature in itself, every bit count when it comes down to maximising battery life.

      Unfortunately just the way market is moving towards

      • -1

        Framework would like a word with you

      • thanks for the detail!

    • +2

      You're going to need to wait a bit before manufacturers implement LPCAMM into their products.

  • +1

    Tempting. I've been eyeing this laptop from two different Ali stores. You may see coupons on each of their storefronts for $168 and $122 off respectively.
    Slightly more expensive, but can get 32gb RAM.

  • No thunderbolt 4, not so straightforward if want to connect to external monitor more than 4k 60hz

    • +2

      Thunderbolt is for intel. USB 4 is the AMD equivalent

  • i suggest ppl get extended warranty with Acers, had my laptop play up 1.5 years after buying it and out of warranty
    looking online for a solution there seems to be lots of issues

    • Does Acer do extended warranty? Or do you get it through the store ie officeworks

      • I think throught officerworks etc, they have a 3 year premium plan you can add on for few hundred, well worth it

      • Yep Officeworks can extend additional 2 years.

        For the Ryzen 5 it was around $165 so they Ryzen 7 will be slighly more

    • what were the issues?

      • turns off by itself, then wont turn back on for like a day then does the same again, random and very bad if your kid needs to use it in class

    • Wilp the ACCC consumer rights card not work or hard to get Acer to fix it after 2 years?

      • not too sure that's the law for everything? says 12 months on Acer website

        • +1

          I mean I remember consumer law saying the manufacturers should repair the laptop for a reasonable period. This period is up for interpretation but you might be able argue the life should be longer than 12 months


          • @The1WhoGotAway: Yes you can usually argue for 2-3 years for laptops. Also, it's your local state OFT who will sort it out, ACCC is just data collection they won't help you.

  • What's the bloatware like on acer laptops? I usually buy dells and they're not too bad

  • Had for a few weeks now, fantastic laptop. Had gone the Lenovo E14 AMD Gen 5, but had multiple issues and five months of fighting eventually got a refund.

    Only disappointment the AMD does NOT have a second M2 slot for another drive, apparently the intel does.

    Bloatware wasn’t too bad, manually deleted what was annoying me. Started a windows reinstall but Windows didn’t like the default wifi chip so parked it for now (Have since replaced wifi with an AX210)

    • How was the battery life on average use?
      And what issues did you experience (or was that for the Lenovo)

    • The BIOS says there is a second drive but I've not opened mine (8845HS version).

  • Tend to be mains powered where ever I go, battery has shown 12 hours remaining when I’ve unplugged it. Weight is 1.35kg on my scales, not 1.25kg

    Issues were with Lenovo. Can’t fault the Acer, very happy with it.

    • Thanks for the info mate. Do let me know how the battery goes if you do take this out for a spin one day!

      Looking for a replacement laptop that lasts more than 2 hours (my current MSI prestige) and is light.

      • It's powered by basically the most efficient windows laptop CPU available, with a decent battery size and oled screen; I doubt you'll get anything better (for the price anyway). I have tested the previous model which is essentially the same cpu but with lower power limit and it has fantastic battery life. About 3w power usage at medium brightness idle (22hrs) and 9.5w with firefox open at max brightness (7hrs).

        • Good to know cpus have gotten good. 3w power seems so low since I saw the specs saying it's 35-45W sustained low. They don't really report the idle watt usage I guess?
          But thanks for the 7hr estimate for web browsing use

          • @The1WhoGotAway: Yes maxed out under a heavy load/gaming it would draw up to 54w, and thermal throttle at 40w as I tested but that is not the normal use case. I believe they are limited to 20w on battery. (Previous U model was 15w, other laptops are around 20). Also doubling the wattage from 20w only gives 25% more performance anyway.

      • I have the 8845HS version and it gets about 5-6 hours with general usage, 100% screen brightness, performance mode. In silent mode you could get about 10-12 hours and it still feels snappy. May not the best battery life but I'm fairly satisfied that it gets me through a day without having to find a charger. 8645HS may be a little bit better on the battery.

  • Just tried price beating office works on the phone and they said the ryzen 7 model they have and the ryzen 7 model on the Acer site are different.

    Acer website model number: SFG14-63-R0GV
    Office works model number SFG14-63-R6PU

    Has anyone price matched successfully??

    • Colours appear to be different

      • Guess op is wrong about ryzen 7 price match then

    • +1

      SFG14-63-R0GV is the model for the Ryzen 5

      Though Acers own website has some incorrect information (for example Touchscreen) so I wouldn't be suprised it was just copied and pasted from the Ryzen 5 specs

      I guess the only way would to have an Acer rep confirm the actual model number but not sure if OW would act on that.

      Personally, I priced beat the Ryzen 5 which is the model SFG14-63-R0GV

      I was thinking of getting the Ryzen 7 also but performance difference seemed negligible


      • +2

        Looks like Acer has marked both ryzen 5 and 7 models with the ryzen 5 model number
        Oh well. Ended up with the 7 from the Acer site

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