27" Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 QHD Monitor + 64GB Flash Drive $891.72 (First Time App Buyer + Trade in) @ Samsung Education App


Long time lurker, first time poster. Please be nice. I'm fairly sure this is a good deal on a launch product. Personally, i'm holding off for a 49", but this will have an audience.

Third generation, 2024 Samsung QD-OLED monitor (LS27DG602SEXXY), only just launched on the Samsung Education store; not available yet on the main site. I'm unsure if available through other partner websites. Part of a 'Monitor One Launch' promotion that is a "Get 25% off new Monitors, with an extra 10% off when you bundle memory storage". The following 2024 monitors also available in the same deal (M80D, M70D, M50D, S80UD, S70UD, S60UD).

G6 Specs:
* QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440)
* Max 360Hz refresh rate
* Advanced technologies to prevent burn-ins (whatever that means)

Cheapest RRP on memory is the Bar Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 64GB ($22). Personally, I'd go for something more functional.

Discounts include factoring:

  • $50 trade-in (find a free broken monitor on marketplace). Follow steps in check out.
  • 5% First time app buyer - "Samsung shop" on play store. Make sure you're logged into your education store account, and have selected the Education Store via the Menu.

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    LS27DG602 SEXXY

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    Tempted, but its too new so no reviews yet, bit of a risky buy.

    • Me too, very tempting considering it's $100 less than the alienware but feels too risky. Especially with the warranty, doesn't look like they really cover burn in :(

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        Burn in warranty is a life saver, had a launch aw3423dw and had burn in 18 months in, had a replacement next day no questions asked

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          do you get a refreshed burn in warranty on the replacement or no warranty after that?

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        Every single OLED monitor has coverage for burn-in past a certain point. None of them will refuse you.

        What some others have done as a marketing gimmick is push beyond that based on estimated usage. But glaring burn in will be honoured, it's even codified into ACL here.

      • and sSamsung offers Burn in warranty?

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      Linus has done an overview on the monitor - https://youtu.be/00D_hw9w9Ms?feature=shared

      But you're right no proper reviews that I've seen online

      • thats not it

        • Yes it is, it's the third generation QD-OLED from Samsung, says so on the title of the video. He does an overview of this monitor starting at around 9:15

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            @Ema000: ah right - I only saw the beginning and the 4k one - my bad :)

            • @botchie: All good, I do that sometimes as well myself when I check out video reviews haha

    • Actually there’s a Chinese review with full subs that addresses a lot of questions I can see people having. Found it randomly a little while back.


  • Is it the third-gen panel? But aren't those supposed to be 2160p?

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    Good thing it's not curved, mine arrived yesterday with a huge crack right in the centre.

  • looking for a deal on 34 inch curved

  • Just give an another thoughts when buying Samsung products, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/847640

  • This does look quite nice. Currently using an LG 42" C2 as my WFH monitor, and while its definitely nice, I could see something like this as a good vertical monitor addition. OLED is definitely a game changer!

  • Going rate of the new G8 32” 4K using this method?

    • ~$1250 ish

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        To my knowledge, it's OOS, least on education store. Could be available via other partnership stores.

        It's showing 25% off (1499, pre discounts), but not in terms and conditions of 25%+10% promo.

      • Damn. That’d be pretty good compared to other 32” 4K entrants!

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    Wanted to purchase but not available in Perth metro area??

    • Yep, same for me? I don't understand why

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        I posted a comment below. I am trying to escalate to their Head office in Sydney.
        I have tried to escalate many times and no luck.
        If you can make a support call:

        8am-8pm AEST / 7days a week
        For general enquires and technical support
        1300 362 603

        It is simply a problem with their system and they don't want to fix it.
        It is ALL Western Australia and South Australia postcodes.
        I was told by one consultant that it is a problem with their logistics partner not uploading all the postcodes (but I have not heard back yet from him).
        Everyone else I spoke to just didn't want to help. I have tried escalating many times.
        I encourage you to escalate as well, and maybe they might listen and realise that there is a problem.

        BTW. .you can purchase ANY other monitor on the website so its not an issue with their logistics provider not servicing your area!

  • I've been trying to register for Samsung Education account with my child's Victorian School email address. But looks like Samsung email might be blocked by Department of Education. Anyone in a similar boat?

  • can I trade-in TVs? I see a few big TVs lying around nearby hard rubbish

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    Banger deal. This or the AW2725DF for 100 bucks more when it comes on sale again?

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      Absolutely Alienware one, as Samsung has not clearly stated their warranty will cover burn-in of OLED panel which is a risk.

  • Really tempting, but had so many issues with flicker, vrr and software with g9 and g9 neo when it came out, idk if i want to be burned again

    • I believe this is the new 2024 model, no? (i.e. not 34" G8)

  • Hey can you get loyalty codes for this?

    Edit: Loyalty vouchers don't apply to the samsung education store is that correct?

  • Took the plunge, should be arriving on Thursday, shout out if you want me to do any testing of any kind.

  • Anyone know if this monitor supports VESA mounting such as for use with a monitor arm?

  • Would this be good for xbox series x?

    Reviews are not out yet so it is a gamble… previous gen was good for xbox though.

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    The new monitors both the G6 and now the G8 (which is available for pre-order) are great monitors.

    The only problem is that if you live in Western Australia or South Australia you cannot buy them!!!!
    For some reason Samsung's website has not been setup with WA/SA postcodes, so if you try to buy them or pre-order you are simply out of luck.
    I have spent days speaking to various support team members, half who have no clue and the other just give up or desire to help.
    It's funny, any other monitors on the website you can buy, but not these.
    Also this does not work for the public online store either.

    So if you live in WA or SA and want one, try and lodge a complaint or escalate the matter. They cannot ignore many people calling their support lines or chat sessions!
    When I asked to speak to a supervisor was told that they didn't want to talk to me about the issue.

    Honestly this is a shame, I really like Samsung products, but this is a joke for WA and SA consumers.

  • Here's another short video with a preview of this G6 model.


  • Apparently Samsung developed a new technology called "Safeguard+" that is built in the new G6 and G8 ("OLED Safeguard+ technology includes a groundbreaking Dynamic Cooling System and thermal modulation that auto-controls brightness to prevent burn-in").

    There is also a gaming competition to win a PC and Secretlab chair : "Purchase an Odyssey OLED G8 or G6 gaming monitor and stand a chance to win an Aftershock x Samsung Odyssey Gaming PC & Secretlab Gaming chair."


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