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Join & Hold Eligible Hospital & Extras Cover for 14 Months, Get 12 Weeks Free & Bonus 25000/50000 Live Better Points @ Medibank


This popular deal is back but with 12 weeks: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/847533

Want (6) 12 weeks free and up to $500 in gift cards?

Join and maintain eligible Bronze hospital and extras cover or above and get 6 weeks free after your first consecutive 42 days, and another 6 weeks free in month 15. Plus, by following the steps outlined below you could receive 50,000 Live Better points (couples and families) or 25,000 Live Better points (singles and single parents) to redeem on rewards like gift cards. We’ll also waive any 2&6 month waiting periods on eligible extras.

Use promo code: 12WEEKSPLUS. Offer ends 30 June 2024. New members only.

To get your bonus Live Better points, follow these steps:
Join Medibank: Join eligible Medibank Bronze hospital and extras cover or above, and maintain cover for 42 days.
Sign up to Live Better rewards: Sign up to Live Better rewards via the My Medibank app.
Track an activity with 42 days of joining: Connect your wearable device or mobile health app and start auto-tracking, or manually track an action within the app.
Redeem your Live Better points: Within 10 weeks of joining you will recieve your Live Better points which you can redeem for rewards.

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  • barefoot walkers do not wear socks

    • why not?

      • too many puppeteers to jump over

  • +2

    Does this offer come with an Optus subscription also?

  • +4

    Hopefully my premium will go some ways to paying their $21 trillion fine

    • +2

      Media sensationalism yet again. The legal leeches are out in force with at least 3 groups vying for part of a class action.

  • But my free bupa hasn't ended yet. I better go check when i can cancel that one.

  • Ooh let me give you more info to leak… 'Connect your wearable device or mobile health app and start auto-tracking, or manually track an action within the app."

  • I am already a medibank member from a previous similar (but only 6 weeks free offer) from last Feb. I have received below email from them today.
    "True to our promise, we’re returning more COVID-19 claim savings back to our members. This time, you could get a minimum of $100 if you remain a Medibank member as of 30 June 2024.
    Make sure you get yours.
    We’ll deposit your cash back payment into the same bank account we pay your claims to by the end of September 2024^. Be sure to log in to My Medibank and check that your account details are up to date. Simple."

    • We got:
      "True to our promise, we’re returning no COVID-19 claim savings back to our long suffering long term members. Instead we're spending your recently increased subscription on subsidising new/er member incentives. We could have given you the same as we gave you previously but three fifths of four tenths of Sweet Fanny Adams would be insulting, almost as insulting as our promise to keep your personal health data secure. Ain't privatisation great!"

      • hahaha sounds to me like a pyramid scheme!

        • More likely executive remuneration schemes based entirely on total membership numbers as of 30 June every year. "Grow the membership each year and we'll treble the value* of your remuneration package." (* Based on current share price. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.)

  • I just tried to sign up and apply the '12WEEKSPLUS' in the promo section (under 'Special Offers' - Have you received a promotion code through one of our partners or a referral code?) but I keep getting an error message: "Could not verify the promo code"

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