Join & Hold Eligible Hospital & Extras Cover for 6 Weeks, Get 6 Weeks Free & Bonus 25,000/50,000 Live Better Points @ Medibank


This popular deal is back:

Want 6 weeks free and up to $500 in gift cards?

Join and maintain eligible Bronze hospital and extras cover or above for 6 weeks and you get the next 6 weeks free plus 50,000 Live Better Points (couples and families) or 25,000 Live Better Points (singles and single parents) to redeem on rewards like gift cards. We'll also waive 2&6 month waiting periods on extras.

Use promo code: 6WEEKSPLUS.

For new members on new memberships who join and start eligible combined Bronze hospital and extras cover or above from 22 April 2024 and who have not held Medibank health cover in previous 60 days (unless they are dependents coming off their parent’s cover). Must quote promo code ‘6WEEKSPLUS’ and set up direct debit when joining. Excludes Hospital only cover, Extras only cover, Basic covers, Corporate covers, Accident Cover, Ambulance Cover, Overseas Visitors Cover (OVC), Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC), Overseas Workers Health cover, Travel Insurance, Pet Insurance, Funeral Insurance, Life Insurance & Income Protection, ahm covers and all corporate covers. Not available with any other offer. Medibank may end this offer or amend these offer terms and conditions at any time without notice. Medibank employees are not eligible for this offer.

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  • Does medibank match bupa 100% cover?

    • -2

      What sort of a question is that? What specific thing is to be 'matched'?

      • -3

        Bupa has ultimate 100% cover with $0 excess.
        The ultimate offer that bupa offers is combined hospital and extras.
        Does Medibank also offer that

        • -8

          Prettttttttttttttttty sure you'll find the answer on the Medibank website.

    • Think they mean this… Pretty sure my Bupa Member first (or whatever it is) dentist is also a Medibank premium dentist. So probs basically the same thing..

      "100% back on dental check-ups twice a year on eligible extras=
      Here’s something to smile about – Medibank members with eligible extras cover for two months or more get 100% back on up to two dental check-ups every year, including x-rays, at any Members’ Choice Advantage dentist.=

  • +8

    Medibank Live Better Points are next to useless as there is a very limited range of redemption options. Thus, in my view, equating the points to dollars is highly illusory.

    • I thought they were decent. Last year got some clothes and shoes from The Iconic and Adidas.

    • Searched for 10 minutes….cannot find the 'rewards store' or whatever they call it.

      Can only see the summary on the main page.

      • +2

        Medibank is embarrassed by it.

        • +2

          Its amazing isn't it!

          FYI for others - front page examples

          $200 Premium Payment 25,000
          AirPods (2nd generation) 22,000
          adidas $200 e-Gift Card 20,000
          $200 Extras Limit Increase 20,000
          THE ICONIC $200 eGift Card 20,000
          Remedial massage up to $115 10,000
          HelloFresh $100 e-Gift Card 10,000
          $50 Specsavers Optical Out-of-Pocket Reward 5,000

          *Guessing you need to lodge with the PHIO to get them.

          But…it's better than nothing, and leading for me right now.

      • +5

        You can only view the rewards options for Live Better when you log in to the Medibank app with your Medibank account.

        I just had a look at the Live Better rewards section on the app and pulled out more examples for you:

        Reward option Points Required
        $50 Dental Out-of-Pocket Reward - MCA Provider 5,000
        $20 Specsavers Optical Out-of-Pocket Reward 2,000
        One Chiro/Osteo Service up to $115 10,000
        $100 Extras Limit Increase (excluding optical) 10,000
        $250 Hospital Excess Reduction 25,000
        AirTag (1 pack) 5,000
        AirTag (4 pack) 16,500
        AirPods Pro (2nd Gen, USB-C) 40,000
        Amcal $20 eGift Card (Single Use) 2,000
        Brooks $50 eGift Card (Single Use) 5,000
        Youfoodz $50 eGift Card 5,000
        EarPods with Lightning Connector 3,000
        Apple Watch SE GPS 44mm Midnight Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band (M/L) 45,000
        • +1

          Are you going to branch out your expertise to PHI loyalty rewards as well as gift cards Wookie? 😉

        • +1

          So i can redeem an apple watch SE once 50000 points are credited?

          • +1

            @hohoisme: Yes (except for the Apple Watch SE variant that costs 53,000 points).

            If you want to know the Apple Watch SE variants currently available through Live Better:

            Reward option Points Required
            Apple Watch SE GPS 40mm Starlight Aluminium Case with Starlight Sport Band (S/M) 40,000
            Apple Watch SE GPS 40mm Midnight Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band (M/L) 45,000
            Apple Watch SE GPS 44mm Starlight Aluminium Case with Starlight Sport Band (S/M) 45,000
            Apple Watch SE GPS 44mm Midnight Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band (M/L) 45,000
            Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular 40mm Starlight Aluminium Case with Starlight Sport Band (S/M) 40,000
            Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular 40mm Midnight Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band (M/L) 45,000
            Apple Watch SE GPS + Cellular 44mm Midnight Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band (M/L) 53,000

            There are also Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 available, but those cost a lot more than 50,000 points.

    • +4

      Yeah the store is very limited but I wouldn't say useless. I have redeemed a few pairs of shoes & recently an Apple Watch Ultra 2 - most of the points gained from challenges, walking, sleeping etc.

      • Your opinion is valid :)

      • ultra 2 needs 140K of points! How did you make it?

        • Took a while - completed every challenge/task, had a linked payment card, and my partner donated some points.

          • +1

            @mlakmlak: … and overpaid by staying with Medibank longer than you needed to (which is the idea of these 'rewards' schemes).

            It is highly likely that if you churned, you would have saved much more than the reward you received.

            Of course, if you and your partner are not interested in churning (preferring instead to overpay), you may as well get something for that.

    • Disagree, I’ve gotten an Apple Watch and several $200 gift cards.

      • Mist have been a fat cover you’d gotten.

        • Not at all, I do all the challenges and earn partner points from parkrun and a couple of other providers

    • Yes unless you shop at adidas or wants to convert the points to cover premiums.

    • I used the points for another month free premium so the thing ended up being 10 weeks free and 10k points left.

    • AirPods are quite popular if you don’t mind reselling

    • Adidas is the best option but of course u can get liars of adidas cards for 10-15% off at shops.
      I found the Medibank adidas voucher only works on full priced items so u can’t buy discounted stuff or use your adiclub vouchers. So essentially it’s worth less than face value…but not useless.

  • +4

    I signed up when this deal was last on offer. I got the 6 weeks free but still waiting on my sign-up live better points, which I plan to use for extra weeks of free premium (I hear the gift cards are pretty useless). That said, my live better points have been highly delayed, and I've had to follow-up twice now and they've assigned a case manager to sort this out, which is pretty annoying.

    • +3

      Yep, as I have pointed out previously, Medibank and Bupa are the worst funds to deal with.

      I have also had to chase Medibank for Live Better points. I see you have a case manager now, but this email might be of use to you: Live Better <[email protected]>

        • Use the email above and get your points. They can also do the redemption on your behalf, if your access has been disabled.

    • +2

      Twice only? That's nothing. I had to follow up 5 times. Always told me that a case manager will call me back but they never do.

      • Then submit a complaint to the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman.

  • +1

    Very limited choice to redeem and if you want an apple watch se, you will have to stay for another month minimum to accumulate enough points.

    Would not recommend unless it was last choice to churn and no other better offers

    • Extra's reset on Jan 1.

      Need a July reset deal.

      AHM seems to be a July reset, but only long term bonus offers

      • As does PeopleCare.

      • Do you need to switch before July to reset? Or anytime after the reset time?

        • +1

          Ideally switch to a provider that resets in July, then switch to another that resets in Jan (most are the latter).

        • The fund resets extras on 1 July regardless of whether you are a member.

          @easternculture's response below is correct.

          • @YesPleaseThankYou: Say I've used half of my general dental with Medibank then switch to AHM after July 1. Is it only the left over that will go across to AHM when I switch or will it reset? Hope that makes sense.

  • So if I've say maxed out my dentist, eye-care and physio at my current provider, I can join this and start claiming in full again?

    • +2

      No. You need a fund that resets extras on 1 July. See discussion immediately above.

  • +2

    The issue with "gift cards" is most are discount codes that can't be used with the website's discounts. Most if not all are for stores that are overpriced at full prices, so you cant get the full value.

    I found the best option is the $100 and $200 Premium Payments which is basically cash. You can use 1x $200 and 2x $100 in a year per member (if it's a couple/family membership you can transfer the points to the other adult and redeem the 2x$100 + 1x $200 again if you have more points to use).

    join all the challenges to get lots more points, just log in every few days to make them as complete :)

    • So what happens if you take the premium payment, then leave? Get refunded back to you, or do you simply lose it?

      • Presumably it can't be refunded as that would be redeeming it for cash.

        Check the Live Better Terms :)

    • If my premium is less than the $200 premium payment reward, does the unused amount roll over to next month or is it forfeited?

      • The $200 will be fully used to cover whatever many weeks

  • It's a good deal. Signed up for the same deal last time.

    Live better rewards point came through after 42 days. Requirement is to download Medibank app and sign up for live better rewards and connecting your health app.

  • +5

    "Velocity" is also another promo code that gives you up to 120,000 velocity points. Although for the average single user, it'll be more like 20,000 points if your weekly premium is <$48. IMO, a better option than this. Also includes 6 weeks free and 2 and 6 months waivers.

  • Can you transfer to different insurance providers just like a mobile provider? Cheers

  • +2

    Still waiting for my bupa points to land

    • Me too, will then be on the lookout for another provider that has a good offer on and resets their extras in July.

      • Do you know if you can join after July 1st and it resets or do you have to hold through the period?

        • I am not sure but I believe you have to switch before July 1st to reset?

          But there are no good offers from providers that reset in July…

  • Is it worth it OP?

    • +3

      Seems decent option to churn insurers. Most other offers atm offer 6 weeks free and with Medibank you get the extra points which is additional $200 value. I’m in exclusion period for bupa’s recent deal with 6 weeks and Woolworths everyday points so this is next best option I think

      • Has your woolies pints arrived yet?

        • I jumped on the deal last year - got my points after approximately 3 months post sign up

  • +1

    Nothing for existing user… sigh…

    • Not true. As an existing user you receive the Loyalty Tax. Please enjoy it.

  • -2

    Signed up last year family cover, finding it very expensive and thinking to switch. They call sometimes for 'complementary health check' and ask too many questions, just to find out if there is any possibility to claim in near future. If they call you just tell them you are fit and fine, otherwise the premium will go up.

    • +1

      otherwise the premium will go up


      It says on the Medibank health checks page:

      Will the health check results change my premium?
      In Australia, a health fund can’t charge a person more based on their health or how often they’ve claimed.
      Learn why the health check will not impact your premium.

      See also:

      Private health insurance in Australia is community rated, not risk rated like other insurance products such as life insurance. Community rating requires that private health insurance policies be offered at the same price irrespective of an individual’s risk factors such as age (apart from the LHC age loading), health status, previous claiming history or how frequently they need health care. Private health insurers participate in a risk equalisation scheme which partially compensates insurers with a riskier membership profile.

      Source: Private Health Insurance: a quick guide (4 August 2017)

  • Are you guys keep churning? How long do you stay at one provider usually?

    • +1

      Yes. No longer than is required to qualify for the promotion and to exhaust the related benefit. Under this promo, your last day of membership would be at the conclusion of 12 weeks.

      This promo isn't quite as generous as the usual pay 1 month get 6 weeks free promos. The Live Better points are of questionable benefit, see discussion above.

  • Has anyone tried redeeming more than the allowed maximum for premium payments in a year? Is it enforced?

  • +3

    FYI Medibank is giving at least $100 cashback if you have an active policy as at 30/6/2024…

    • Can I claim this and switch to AHM 1 July? Will that reset my extras or do I need to switch prior to 1 July when the reset happens?

      • I would like to know too

        • Have you been able to find out?

  • I just switched from AHM to Bupa and claimed 6 weeks free until 5 June. Is it good idea to churn to this and then AHM later? Thanks for your advice.

  • +1

    Isn’t Medibank the one that got hacked and sold everyone’s data to everyone twice?

  • I just finished bupa and now on this, once this finishes I will go to the next offer available, do that 4 times a year and you pay only 70% of what you normally pay

    • do that 4 times a year and you pay only 70% of what you normally pay

      Did you mean to say "30% of what you normally pay"? PHI churners would save at least 50% a year on premiums and probably more if careful.

    • do that 4 times a year and you pay only 70% of what you normally pay

      Yes, what are your calculations for this?

  • If I subscribe to an health insurance that reset every 12 months from the joining date, does that mean I get the extras as soon as I join even if I have used with the previous provider?

    • -1

      How many times are you going to questions extras reset dates?

  • Does it include the bonus distribution of your SPI on the dark web ? ( )

  • Not happy that the offer is only for new members. Existing members should be rewarded too

    • You are rewarded through receipt of the Loyalty Tax. This is something only existing members are entitled to and certainly deserve to receive.

  • Join and maintain eligible Medibank hospital and extras cover or hospital only cover for 90 consecutive days to receive up to 140,000 Velocity Points plus 6 weeks free cover.* We'll also waive the 2&6 month waiting periods on extras.

    Medibank Gold Extra Health policy will get you 140,000 Velocity points for a cost of $313.70 fortnight for a single policy without a government rebate. Or it will reduce to as low as $236.50 fortnight for families or relationships earning a combined income less than $186,000p.a

    Use promo code VELOCITY. New Medibank members only. Must be a current Velocity member. Offer ends 30 June 2024.

    Medibank Weekly Premium Range
    Velocity Points Earned
    $155+ 140,000
    $135 - $154 120,000
    $119 - $134 90,000
    $99 - $118 60,000
    $69- $98 45,000
    $49- $68 30,000
    <$48 20,000

    This is a fantastic deal considering you have no waiting periods and no limit 100% rebate on 3 dental visits per 12 months, including cleaning, xrays and fillings. Plus $500 worth of massage therapy. I've been lazy the last few years with dentists so I anticipate to get a few thousand dollars worth of fillings, $500 worth of massage and 140,000 velocity points which is a return flight to Europe! I'm entitled to the full 24% rebate so I will pay for 49 days of premium (42 days free/6 weeks) and cancel on the 91st day at an estimated cost of $827.75. $1097.95 without rebate, minus the savings on 91 days of 0% Medicare levy rebate which is about $500 for me =$327.75 BARGAIN! Plus previous comment mentioned a refund on some of the premiums paid due to covid refund scheme if you have a policy by June 30. I set my policy to start June 30 to maximise next financial years Medicare Levy savings.

    • Think you're better off posting a deal about this one

  • Hi All, I just switch from Bupa to Medibank. Can you please let me know whether I need to get any statements for tax purpose? Thanks

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