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Seagate Exos OEM 3.5" Hard Drive: 12TB from $219.95, 16TB from $339.95, 18TB from $479.95 + Postage @ Neology Technology


Update: Due to the popularity of this deal, we added another 50 coupons asked by the community.
Please use coupon EOFY24OZBV2 for the extra $20 off - expire 30/06/2024 23:59

Yo, OzB folks, here are some cheap hard drive for sale

Thanks for your ongoing support.
We are listening to your feedback from the boxing day sale and make this one simpler and eaiser.

OzB Special Coupon

In order to show appreciation to the OzB community, we have a speical coupon for the OzB members.
The coupon takes a further $20 discount on each eligible sale product. Redeem coupon at the checkout to apply discount.
Coupon valid from 07/06/2024 12:00-Midday, expiry 30/06/2024 23:59.
Limited 100 coupons. To ensure fair oppoutnity for more members to enjoy our product at sale price, coupon limited to one use per customer.

2024 EOFY Sales Event

Seagate Exos 3.5" CMR Enterprise HDD

Product Size Pack Regular Price EOFY Sale $/TB With OzB Coupon $/TB
Exos X16 16TB ST16000NM001G 3.5" 1 Pack $379.95 $359.95 $22.50 $339.95 $21.25
2 Pack $749.95 $699.95 $21.87 $679.95 $21.25
4 Pack $1,469.95 $1,359.95 $21.25 $1,339.95 $20.94
Exos X18 16TB ST16000NM000J 3.5" 1 Pack $399.95 $379.95 $23.75 $359.95 $22.50
2 Pack $789.95 $739.95 $23.12 $719.95 $22.50
4 Pack $1,539.95 $1,439.95 $22.50 $1,419.95 $22.19
Exos X18 18TB ST18000NM000J 3.5" 1 Pack $519.95 $499.95 $27.77 $479.95 $26.66
2 Pack $1,029.95 $979.95 $27.22 $959.95 $26.67
4 Pack $2,049.95 $1,919.95 $26.67 $1,899.95 $26.39

Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 v7 - Condition: New - Unused

Product Size Pack Regular Price EOFY Sale $/TB With OzB Coupon $/TB
12TB ST12000NM0127 3.5" 1 Pack $259.95 $239.95 $20.00 $219.95 $18.33
2 Pack $509.95 $459.95 $19.16 $439.95 $18.33
4 Pack $999.95 $879.95 $18.33 $859.95 $17.92

Product may have sign of mouting or installation: https://imgur.com/a/8R3u0s6
Power on hour and SMART: https://imgur.com/a/rqAs4ec
See details here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15378602/redir

Seagate Barracuda 2.5" 15mm Thickness HDD - Suitable for eufy homebase 3

Product Size Pack Regular Price EOFY Sale
Seagate Barracuda 5TB ST5000LM000 2.5" 15mm 1 Pack $259.95 $239.95
2 Pack $519.90 $459.95

Recertified Seagate Exos 3.5" CMR Enterprise HDD

Product Size Pack Regular Price EOFY Sale $/TB With OzB Coupon $/TB
R-ST16000NM000J 3.5" 1 Pack $339.95 $329.95 $20.62 $309.95 $19.37
2 Pack $659.95 $639.95 $20.00 $619.95 $19.37
4 Pack $1,319.80 $1,259.95 $19.69 $1,239.95 $19.37
R-ST18000NM003D 3.5" 1 Pack $409.95 $389.95 $21.66 $369.95 $20.55
2 Pack $779.95 $759.95 $21.11 $739.95 $20.55
4 Pack $1,509.95 $1,489.00 $20.68 $1,469.95 $20.42
R-ST20000NM007D 3.5" 1 Pack $499.95 $489.95 $24.50 $469.95 $23.50
2 Pack $989.95 $969.95 $24.25 $949.95 $23.75
4 Pack $1,999.80 $1,849.95 $23.12 $1,829.95 $22.87
R-ST22000NM001E 3.5" 1 Pack $579.95 $569.95 $25.91 $549.95 $25.00
2 Pack $1,139.95 $1,114.95 $25.34 $1,094.95 $24.89
4 Pack $2,319.80 $2,219.95 $25.23 $2,199.95 $25.00

Prices are GST inclusive


As usually, we provide 30 Days DoA protection: in case HDD is DoA in the first 30 days of delivery, we cover both way postage to replace the DoA product for you.
3 Years Australian Store Warranty, for details, please refer to our Warranty Policy


For more questions regarding compatibility, order processes, warranty etc, please see Q&A in one of our past deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/814724


We reserve the right to cancel orders under the following circumstances, including but not limited to:
* High-Risk Orders: If our anti-fraud system flags an order as high risk. This may occur if the order is placed using a VPN connection or if a specific credit card is identified as suspicious.
* Coupon Misuse: If a coupon is used in a manner that violates the terms and conditions, such as applying a coupon multiple times or using it for ineligible products.


Happy EOFY Shopping!

Warm Regards,
Neology Technology Team

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  • +9

    Can you do this sale again once I get my tax back 🤣

    • +4

      "Spend Your Returned Tax" Sale is now in the backlog :)

  • @Neology any specials on something smaller? I'm looking for 6-8TB, as a backup/storage drive for my mum.

    • +8

      Yo momma so big, she needs an 8tb backup drive

      • She also needs a sandwich….

    • +2

      Due to the HDD shortage, 8TB is now more expensive than 12TB at this stage. That's why we don't have 8TB in this sale.

      This is a sale in the past for your reference.

  • +21

    Your warranty policy doesn't trump ACCC law. Customer is not responsible for postage on warranty return. You are. Suggest you rewrite.

      • Read the section below that

        • +1

          Ok I just did, the paragraph is misleading and the next paragraph contradicts it, thanks for pointing that out.

        • The section below is for DOA products within 30 days of purchase. Not for the entirety of the warranty period.

    • Are you sure about this? Whilst I agree it is against the norm and it's not a good look, I don't think that's necessarily the law after the first 30 days

      • +2

        I have a feeling the comment that began this thread is right - see this explanation https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/problem-with-a-product-or-…
        Return costs
        If the business confirms that the product does have a problem, it must reimburse the consumer for any reasonable return costs they have already paid.

        Consumers should keep receipts for postage or transport costs so that they can be repaid by the business.

        If the business finds that the product does not have a problem, it can make the consumer pay the collection and inspection costs. To do this, the business must give the consumer a reasonable estimate of these costs before collecting the product.

        • You beat me whilst i was searching the ACCC site..

      • +4

        It is definitely the law.
        Return costs

        If the business confirms that the product does have a problem, it must reimburse the consumer for any reasonable return costs they have already paid.

        Consumers should keep receipts for postage or transport costs so that they can be repaid by the business.

        If the business finds that the product does not have a problem, it can make the consumer pay the collection and inspection costs. To do this, the business must give the consumer a reasonable estimate of these costs before collecting the product.
        From: ACCC Website

    • +5

      Thanks for your suggestion. I've raised your advice to our relevant team. They will review it and take actions accordingly.

  • +5

    What typical manufacture date are we looking at each drive for this batch? Knowing that in previous group buy, people mentioned receiving 2021 made drives.

    • +2

      We observed DOM across these models are range from 2020-2023 in the past few months.
      It depends on the model and the batch that we receive.

      • and yet, these are… 'new'?…despite…mass HDD shortages during 2020-2022…

        How do i know you're not just reselling east digital recertified drives for a premium?
        "OEM Packaging" is not a real thing.

    • August 2021 for me @seriousquokka

  • -1

    EOFY24OZB not working. ig all claimed by now

    • … the coupon doesn't start till midday

  • +6

    East digital is much cheaper on a regular day

    • fax. 6 day delivery time from there as well.
      30-50% cheaper

    • +5

      We used to run group buy for them on OzB. This is one of the past post you can refer to: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/790209
      They withdrawn supply in the middle of 5th group buy as they wanted to dodge the import process with duty and tax.
      They are operation is based in HK. Our team is based in Melbourne and provide GST Tax Invoice on each sale.

      We don't want to comment any further on ED, It's your choice.

  • Hi @Neology is there any certainty on delivery timing if I order the 18tb today please? I would need delivery before 21/6, and website says possibly delayed dispatch. Thanks!

    • +1

      We have 18TB stock in Melb. PM me your order number after placed one, I can help to processed it asap and make sure it arrives before 21/06.

  • -6

    Regardless cheap or expensive, farewell to HDD. Forever, period.

  • Hi OP, which would be the best for longevity. If I am looking to back up all my photos long term? Also are these external HDD? Would any of these be suitable? Cheers

  • Sorry bit off-topic…I'm looking for some cheaper NAS drives for my ancient HP microserver (G7 N54L), any recommendations? Kinda feel like these enterprise drives maybe a bit of an overkill (and expensive) for my needs.

    • +2

      Just remember G7 Microserver had a size limitation in the BIOS if you you're using the original HP firmware. Believe it was 3 or 4TB or something.

      • oh crap really? thanks will need to look into this bit more then… damn :(

        • +2

          Yeah they need a flashed aftermarket (not HP official) BIOS to recognise larger drives which would come with some risk to the old girl. Benefit would be possibly unlocking the optical sata for SSD use. Good luck whatever your choice, they were a nice form factor those things.

  • Hey OP, thinking of getting these to go with Synology DS923+, are they good for that? (This is my first time thinking of investing into NAS system so I’m not quite sure)

    • +1

      Hi mate, I think most of OzBer buy Seagate Exos or WD Ultrastar (both are enterprise grade hard drives) for their NAS or home server.

      I am using both Seagate Exos and WD Ultrastar for my own NAS.

      • +2

        Thanks mate, just placed the order for that. Looking forward to receiving it!

  • Hi @Neology,

    I just sent a PM regarding my order. Thank you!

    • +3

      Got you PM and replied. Cheers

  • Hey OP
    Some advice please.
    For my gaming pc, I want a 16TB drive.
    What is the difference between these two please?
    Seagate Exos X16 16TB ST16000NM001G
    Seagate Exos X18 16TB ST16000NM000J

    Thank you kindly.

    • +1

      X18 series have the maximum capacity of 18TB. X16 series have the maximum capacity of 16TB. In this case, X18 16TB has some bad sectors on the disks when manufactured, thus the available capacity can no longer be 18TB maximum. Then Seagate blocks these bad sectors in firmware and sells them as 16TB(or smaller) drives.

    • +1

      ST16000NM000J is a new model belongs to Exos X18 range.

      This is no difference in capacity.
      Plate density likely to be increased in the newer model and might have slightly performance improvement.

  • +1

    Orders from earlier today with 16TB and 18TB HDDs has dispatched just now

  • +1

    Subtotal - $359.95
    Shipping - $17.95
    Total - $377.90

    Thanks op!

  • Multiple attempts at applying the EOFY24OZB coupon all return “EOFY24OZB discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart”. The only Item in cart is the Seagate EXOS 12TB ST12000NM0127/ST12000NM001G SATA CMR 3.5" Enterprise HDD OEM.
    Is the coupon expired or is there a solution?

    • +1

      Hi There,

      Seagate EXOS 12TB ST12000NM0127/ST12000NM001G SATA CMR 3.5" Enterprise HDD OEM is the regular item without EOFY discount.

      Please add EOFY sale item to your cart: https://neology.com.au/collections/eofy24 , then apply coupon and it should work.

      Please let us know if there is still a question.


      • Thanks, solved. :)

  • +1

    Hi Guys,

    Just provide a clarification on Seagate ST12000NM0127 - this is a Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 v7 model, which comes with white label instead of the Exos version of label.

    Seagate renamed this series to Exos X12 in 2020 and change the model number. Source: https://branding.seagate.com/search/enterprise%20capacity%20… — "Exos X12 formerly Enterprise Capacity 3.5"

    Our staff made a mistake and mark it as a Exos X12 series instead. We have update the listing with more accurate product description.

    For members who already placed order and determine the item is not the one you intend to purchase, we will be happy to cancel the order and provide with full refund. Please PM me or reply to your order confirmation email.

    We apologise for the confusion and hope this clarifies the product on sale.

    Kind Regards,
    Neology Technology Team

  • They're cheap but noisy drives these things. Where's the WD Red+/WD Gold specials?

    • I'm using X18 18TB and WD DC HC550 18TB myself the noise level is alright to have NAS sitting in the study. I have also tested X16 and X18 16TB - not so noisy, and similar to X18 18TB, which is acceptable by myself.

      I used to have a Barracuda 3TB HDD many years ago….the noise level is terrible.

      • @Neology order placed.
        How loud is loud in terms of decibels, do you know?

        • -1

          Referring to X18 Product Manual: https://www.seagate.com/content/dam/seagate/migrated-assets/…

          Section 2.7:

          2.8 bels (typ)
          3.0 bels (max)

          Performance seek
          3.2 bels (typ)
          3.4 bels (max)

          Hope this info helps

          • @Neology: Is bels decibels?

            If so, that is nothing at all. Thanks for finding out for me.

            Looking forward to the order.

            • +1

              @lordra: No - 3.4 bels is 34 decibels.

              Multiply by 10 to convert.

              • @Nom: Thanks Nom, I learnt something new today.

            • +1

              @lordra: @lordra Thanks to Nom's comment: The decibel (dB) is one-tenth of a bel: 1 dB = 0.1 B

              So converted into dB:
              28 dB (typ)
              30 dB(max)

              Performance seek
              32 dB(typ)
              34 dB(max)

    • How much are those drives @buffalo bill?

      • +1

        Not as cheap, hence looking for specials. In my experience, they have been quieter and longer lasting. Many people use Seagate though so its personal preference and an acceptable trade off for many to get massive amounts of storage for less outlay.

  • How do we know these are not refurbed drives?

    • +2

      Brand new hard drives are sealed in the OEM package, has no power on records and can be verified via the QR code on the label. We run QA to test hard drives from each batch to ensure the quality of the HDDs match to the description from our suppliers.

      We describe brand new, recertified and refurbished HDD in the item title and description to ensure our customer makes the right selection of their purchase.
      We clearly describe if the hard drive is Recertified or Refurbished in the item title.

      For difference between "Recertified" and "Refurbished" hard drives
      Recertified is offiically refurbished by manufacturer, it has gone through manufacturer's QA process to reset SMART data and perform certain test before release to the market. Seagate replace the label and use "recertified" wording on the label for such products. Usually recertified products are provided as warranty replacement.
      Refurbished is renew by third party other than manufacturer. It may be formatted or tested to ensure the hard drive is healthy. Usually the label remains the same as the retail product and there are power on hours.

      For any brand new product, if you find it is a refurbished product, please feel free to contact us with relevant evidence, we will be happy to provide you with full refund and investigate further with the relevant supplier.

      Hope this info helps.

  • Description of the 12T says "Brand New - Sealed in anti-static bag in OEM package", so we are 100% sure these are brand new and not refurb or recertified drives?

    • +1

      You already asked the same question.

      If you want a definitive brand new drive, then you're welcome to spend 50% more and buy one from MWave.

      These are grey-market drives, and priced appropriately. You'll never find out the precise origin, and that's why they're cheap.

      • +1

        When I asked the question I got definition of the meaning of each grade of hdd. Typically hdd of this price is refurbed, hence I asked if it's really "new". If it's marketed as new, then it should not be refurbed.

  • How noisy is the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 v7 ST12000NM0127 drive compared to the X16?

    • Noise level should be identical according to Product Manuals of both models:
      ST12000NM0127 Section 2.7 Acoustics
      ST16000NM001G Section 2.7 Acoustics

      2.8 bels (typ) =28 dB (typ)
      3.0 bels (max) = 30 dB(max)

      Performance seek
      3.2 bels (typ) = 32 dB(typ)
      3.4 bels (max) = 34 dB(max)

  • Thanks. I'm actually looking at them to replace some WD Reds that I have in a NAS close to me so I want them to be reasonably quiet.

    Given this I'll do an order in the morning.

  • Just checking, seeing as you are in Melbourne, do you allow pick ups?

    • Unfortunately, we don't provide pickup due to the limitation of our facility and labour capacity.
      We usually dispatch orders within 24 hours.

      • Shame but fair enough.

  • Hi Guys,

    We are disappointed to announce that there is an unexpected situation with the Enterprise Capacity 3.5 v7 12TB ST12000NM0127 stock in the EOFY sale.

    ST12000NM0127 is a new model introduced to our range in the EOFY sale due to the great price point and $/TB value. The batch has arrived yesterday. Giving the community has concerns on "Is this 100% new hard drive and not refurbished", we paid extra attention during our QA process. Our staff have observed minor sign of scratch on some stock while testing showing the hard drive has 0 power on time and count.

    We had temporary taken the item offline, hold on order dispatch for all impact orders and investigated this situation with our supplier after the above is observed.
    The supplier admitted stock supplied of this model is in a new and unused condition which are pulled from unsold systems. Hard drive was repacked and sold as OEM. We also raised our concern with this supplier on if the "stock of this model could be refurbished and has SMART data reset", the supplier has denied the statement. We are shocked and disappointed with the descripency in condition description.

    In this case, we'd rather describe the condition of this product as "New - unused" instead of "Brand New".

    For customer who purchased this model in our EOFY sale, we provide the following options:
    1. Cancel your order and we will provide with full refund;
    2. Continue with order and we will dispatch your order ASAP. We have our commitment on the 30day DoA and 3 years warranty on these;
    3. Upgrade to a 16TB/18TB model with the gap payment, we will provide extra discount of $5 per item if you opt-in this option.

    We will also proactively reach out to customers whose order impacted by this situation.

    FYI, 16TB and 18TB models are not impacted as they are sourced from different suppliers. QA process did not find any sign of mounting/use.

    We sincerely apologies for what happened.

    Kind Regards,
    Neology Technology Team

    • We have list Enterprise Capacity 3.5 v7 12TB ST12000NM0127 separately in our EOFY sale, with updated condition description.

  • it seems like the code has expired.?

    • The code should still be working. Please try again with the EOFY product and apply the coupon code at checkout.
      Please PM me if it is not working.


  • You ask we deliver: Added 1&2 Pack Recerttified Seagate HDD into the sale

  • All coupons gone. Thanks guys for your support!

  • Got the drive, installed and partitioned it today.

    Got 14.9TB from the 16TB.

    @Neology, I'm getting a few clicking sounds on boot up and shut down (whirring noise is normal). It kinda sounds like the old school dial up modem. I have written any data to it yet.

    Is this normal?
    Should I send you an audio clip for you to have a listen?

    • You need to fully health check the drive before you put anything on it - there are many ways to do this, the easiest is https://www.seagate.com/au/en/support/downloads/seatools/ and make sure you do the Full test (which will likely take a whole day).

      • Thanks nom. I'll get to it tomorrow.

    • Hi there, With Exos 14TB, 16TB and 18TB, it is normal to a couple of minor clicking sound at the start-up. Assume it is the head initiation & calibrition.
      There will be a minor click at shutdown as the head need to park after the hard drive stopped spining.
      Feel free to email us the audio clip to [email protected] so we can diagnose it for you.

      To ensure the hard drive is healthy, there are few ways you can run to testing, on a PC or with a NAS. As suggested by Nom, SeaTools can be used for testing and diagnostics. Otherwise, HardDiskSentinel is a also a good tool for HDD testing.

      • I'll send you the clip, thanks @Neology
        I'm disappointed that the DOM is August 2021, but I'm hoping for better warranty from you since you're local and ED is not.

        • Thanks. Please include your order number in the email so we can identify the product and will reach out to you for further troubleshooting.

  • @Neology - will there be a 6th GB for this year?

    • Sorry. Unfortunately, there will be no more GB.

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