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[Zip] Valve Steam Deck OLED 512GB Handheld Gaming Console $924.80 Delivered @ My-Phonez eBay


Not as cheap as the Mobileciti deal a few days ago but a good price nevertheless.

1TB version can be had with 15% too

Original Coupon Deal

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  • +2

    Good price… it's great to see the Steam Deck OLED under $1k more often. The Steam Deck has historically been a little over priced in my opinion.

    • +19

      Blame Valve for not officially selling it here.

      It's been cheaper than every other PC handheld.

      • I wonder if they ever will?

        • +8

          Genuinely; what's in it for them? They still get the money for the sales here as people need to buy from them to import to sell.
          They also get around warranty obligations

          • +7

            @theguyrules: I'd have bought one by now for sure if they released it locally, so they must be missing out on some sales…

            • +2

              @TimR31: Also waiting for local release for warranty

              • +2

                @pekingduck: Good luck. Lots of us are still waiting for them to release a third game of anything

            • +1

              @TimR31: Fair call - both of you. It is a risk getting one now for sure.

        • +4

          Hard to say. I think Valve may still be a bit salty after being fined for violating Australia's consumer rights law after introducing the new refund policy.
          (Something I think they should have caught on before the policy got updated but oh well)

        • +1

          Valve will never sell hardware in Australia again due our strong consumer laws.
          They are a true American value company and don't want their customers to have any rights, so when they had their asses handed to them by our courts for violating consumer rights they pulled out all hardware and I highly doubt they will ever come back.

    • +6

      With these discounts we've been seeing, only very slightly. The 512GB is US$549 before any US state taxes are added, which is AU$833. Add GST and that's AU$916.30.

  • Good deal as no plus sub required

  • Fantastic deal, basically MSRP.

  • +10

    Things that I shouldn't buy, but want to buy so badly.

  • Is the display better on the 512gb or 1TB? 1TB has anti glare coating

    • No it's just the glass afaik

  • +1

    I'm getting code not working - anyone else?

    edit: nvm, requires zip

    • +1

      FYI, it looks like you can get around the zip pay requirement by using a gift card if you’re still keen. It’s discussed in the overall 15% off zip pay deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/850385

      • +1

        got one, cheers

  • +3

    Thanks, now I have to figure out if I'd be happier with the steamdeck, or with the $924.80

  • I bought one when it was 899. No regrets. Not using it as my main PC gaming of course, but it's actually impressive what this thing can do at the price range / size / form factor. Have really enjoyed just loading up titles and testing how well you can get them running / looking.

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